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Belize Travel FAQ – About the Island

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Belize Island

Our Belize island resort has been affectionately dubbed “Five Star Camping.” Exactly.

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Where do we sleep on the island?

Everyone sleeps in beach cabanas. We have eleven double beds and the rest are singles. Most cabanas sleep 2, some sleep 3 or 4. We provide linens, blankets, and pillows. Double occupancy is a necessity when trips are full, so single travelers may be roomed with another single traveler of the same gender. Families of 3 will all be roomed together. We cannot reserve specific cabanas in advance as the trip leader considers the needs of everyone before assigning cabanas; rooming is not confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. We only have so many cabanas, some have double beds, some are duplexes, some have single beds. We take each person’s special request into account and of course try to give everyone exactly what they want, but since we can’t know the makeup of the group in advance, we reserve the right to do the rooming to try to accommodate everyone, not each family or single traveler in order of reservation.

What are the bathroom facilities like on these trips?

On the island we have composting toilets, and bathe with well-water (not heated) pumped by the sun to a gravity flow tank; the shower stalls are completely private. Please note the bathroom facilities on our island are not attached to the rooms, requiring a walk of at least 50 feet. All inland lodging consists of standard guest rooms with flush toilets and hot showers. More information on all of our island facilities can be found elsewhere on our site.

How do people store valuables such as cash and passports while on the island?

We have no safes on the island, as they would rust shut in a matter of months. We keep cash ourselves on the island, we simply hide it somewhere in our luggage. We completely trust all of our staff and guests. All visitors to the island (there are not many) are met and escorted the entire time they are there. However, if we miss someone they are the only potential problem, they could be wandering un-escorted. That’s why we don’t leave our money sitting out in plain sight in our cabana.

Is it possible to send and receive e-mail on the trips?

Only when inland. On the island our communication systems are for staff and emergency use only, there is no internet. Please see the question below about emergency contact.

Can I charge my batteries for my digital camera, video, etc. on the trip?

Please note that the island is extremely hard on electronics; waves break directly on our shore and the air is permeated with salt. Do not bring your computer with you, it will definitely shorten its life. Inland all lodges have electrical outlets in the rooms, and all devices that work in the US will work in Belize. On the island we have a 12 Volt electric system and cigarette lighter outlets with USB ports in the Dining Hall available for charging. To charge devices and camera batteries that do not take a USB cord, you can either get a charger that plugs directly into a car cigarette lighter or purchase an inverter to plug your regular battery charger into. About 95% of battery chargers will work on small inverters. We do not provide inverters because devices could be ruined by the wrong inverter, and we cannot be responsible for your electrical devices. You should test your charger with your inverter in your car before you come. If it charges in your car, your setup will work on the island. Note that you can only charge devices during daylight hours.

Will insects be a problem?

Unlike other locations in Belize, we are blessed with a non-buggy island, and we treat for bugs if present. During periods of calm weather there could be a few bug present on the island. On the inland portion of Belize Adventure Week guests can expect a few mosquitoes in the evening, but accommodations are screened.