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Adventure Island at Glover's Reef

Adventure Island at

Glover's Reef


Tue/ Fri start, 9, 6 or 5 nights

$2250 pp, full week; all-inclusive

$1565 pp, 1st half; all-inclusive

$1395 pp, 2nd half; all-inclusive



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Discover Scuba
1/2 day

1/2 day (kids 8-11)

PADI Scuba Diver
2 days

Open Water Diver
4 days

Open Water Diver Referral
2 days

Adventure Diver
1-1/2 days

Advanced Open Water
2+ days

Rescue Diver
10+ days

Dive Master
21+ days

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Scuba Diving Vacations

This page contains information and prices for dive courses on our private island, which is 70 miles from Belize City. Diving at our island is not available without purchasing a Belize vacation package which includes hotels and meals in Belize City before and after the trip, transport to and from the island, accommodations and meals on the island, soda and beer on the island, and kayak, surfing, and windsurfing gear and instruction.


Our dive shop provides excellent instruction, it's the perfect place to learn to dive!Long Caye Dive Center provides PADI scuba diving classes and scuba diving certification. Our guests give rave reviews about our PADI program. Nowhere else in Belize, including Caye Caulker dive courses, give as much individual scuba diving instruction for each dive student. Here you can earn your PADI card and PADI certification tailored to fit your needs and schedule.


Belize scuba courses are paid for on location. The cost for windsurfing in Belize and other sports on our island are included in the trip price.


Please note that on our Belize Adventure Week package, as well as the Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Second Half package, there is not enough time to get certified for scuba. You need to look at the Full Week or First Half Adventure Island at Glover's Reef packages.


Send us an email or call 800-390-5715 to find out more.


Request complete information on our Belize adventure packages!

Scuba Diving Classes Offered on Long Caye

-All courses listed below include all gear needed to dive (excluding mask, fins, and snorkel)


-All course dives and instruction are with a certified PADI instructor. Once you are certified you may dive with a Dive Master, which is governed by the certified dive rates table elsewhere on our site.


-All course prices (except Discover Scuba and Bubblemaker) include the PADI Pic Card


-Published dive course rates are updated regularly. These rates are guaranteed through May 31, 2016.


-All course prices (except Bubblemaker, Discover Scuba, Referral courses, and Dive Master) include the required purchase of the scuba manual (PADI's regulations) which is included in the course price.


-All courses except Discover Scuba and Bubblemaker are lifetime certifications


-For more information on PADI courses you may also visit PADI's website


-Click on each course listed at left to jump to the full description below


-There is a 12.5% Belize General Sales Tax on all dives, gear rental, and courses in addition to the prices listed here. This rate could change without notice.

Medical Concerns

The PADI Medical Form must be filled out by every new diver or dive student regardless of what dive class they are taking with us, or their age.


This two-page form asks about many ailments and illnesses, and any "yes" answered on this form without an accompanying doctor's signature will mean that guests will not be eligible to take any dive class with us. Areas of concern for diving fitness include: diabetes, respiratory problems, circulation problems, heart problems, major surgery, and asthma. There are real risks of diving with certain medical conditions.

Even the short, half-day course allows you to dive The Wall!

If a person can honestly answer "no" to every single question on the form, then no doctor's signature is required, and guests may complete the form when here. If a "yes" is answered on the form, a doctor's signature is required, which would have to be filled out by the doctor and signed prior to coming on the trip.

PADI does not require certified divers to fill out this form prior to diving, unless taking a class or if they have had a medical issue or change in health since they originally got certified to dive. If there are any questions at all, it is recommended you fill out the form in advance and get a doctor's signature on the form if you want to dive and you have any possible medical concerns.


A guardian or parent will need to sign all dive documents, liability releases etc for any child under the age of 18, prior to that child diving or taking a PADI course with us.

Discover Scuba

$125, 1/2 day US$


Group discount for Discover Scuba: Five or more persons taking the course at the same time drops the cost to $110.


If you have never experienced scuba diving, this is the place to start. Before committing yourself to a more advanced course, make sure you like it! This short course combines classroom, shallow water skills, and a real dive at Long Caye Wall!


The classroom time is about 1 hour. This is followed by very shallow water skills (less than 6 feet deep). The amount of time this takes depends on how big the class is and if anyone in the class has trouble... they take as much time as they need to get everyone comfortable in the water. The 25-40 foot deep dive lasts about 45 minutes underwater but you are probably gone from the island about 1 hr and 15 minutes during the dive.


The Discover Scuba course allows non-divers to dive on Long Caye for the rest of the week without completing a longer certification course. After completing the course, you may continue to dive with an instructor for $80/dive, which includes BCD and regulator. This does not transfer to other resorts, so if you left Long Caye and went elsewhere you would not be able to dive without taking the Discover Scuba course again.


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If you are a certified diver but have not been diving in a long time, you can take this course as a dive refresher course. If the course is already being offered to others, the will allow certified divers to sit in on the lecture portion for free.



Can't find the answer to your question about Belize scuba diving centers?

Request more info on diving at our private island resort at Glover's Reef.


The Bubblemaker course is for kids from age 8 -9


$125 US$, 1/2 day


Short introduction to scuba for kids ages 8 - 9. This age group is restricted to a 6-foot depth and must be accompanied at all times by a dive instructor.





Your first dive, about about a 30 foot depth, in Belize.



PADI Scuba Diver

$365 US$, 2-1/2 days - Includes PADI Pic Card and manual


This is the lowest level of certification that PADI offers. It is a lifetime certification, but has some limitations. You can dive world-wide, but you must be accompanied by a Dive Master, and there is a maximum depth limit of forty feet. Many people don't want to dive without a Dive Master anyway, so that may not present a problem. If you want to rent tanks and dive on your own, you should take Open Water Diver rather than PADI Scuba Diver.


This course includes 2 open water dives. Students have the option to upgrade to full Open Water Diver at anytime after completion of the course. This course takes less time than the Full Open Water, and is a great option for those who want a certification, but intend to dive only at resorts where a Dive Master accompanies all divers.Short nosed batfish, we see these when diving.

Open Water Diver

$450 US$, 4 days - Includes PADI Pic card and manual


This is the standard certification for entry-level divers. This course covers all fundamentals of scuba diving and is recognized worldwide. The course includes classroom work, five confined water training dives (demonstrating a mastery of skills in shallow water), and four open water dives. As a certified Open Water Diver you have the freedom to dive with a buddy but without a Dive Master present.


Confined water training, just off Long Caye at Glover's Reef.


Open Water Referral

$325 US$, 2 days - Includes PADI Pic Card


"Referral" courses mean that you finish your certification after classroom and confined water training have been completed successfully back home. You bring your paperwork from your previous PADI instructor with you that shows you passed your tests and skills, and simply finish your four course dives on the island. This is a great option, no studying for tests while on vacation! Diving at The Wall





Q: I want to do the referral course, but my classroom and skill work will be with another organization other than PADI. Does your dive shop accept this referral so I can finish certfication on your island?

A: Yes, you can finish your certification with us, switching your completed certification to PADI, or you can carry home your paperwork stating you completed your certification with us and to send it into the other organization. It is more involved (and costs more) to switch over to PADI from the organization that did your initial course work, so it is more economical to take your paperwork back home.


We see moray eels when diving at The Abyss.




Adventure Diver

$255 US$, 1-1/2 days - Includes PADI Pic card and manual


A new level in-between Open Water and Advanced Open Water. You must have already completed the Open Water Diver course to take this course. This course includes 3 elective dives.


Dive boat



Advanced Open Water

$380 US$, 2+ days - Includes PADI Pic card and manual


Another step on your way to Dive Master. You must have already completed the full Open Water course to take this course. This course includes 3 elective and 2 core dives.



Caribbean lobster are often spotted while diving and snorkeling near Long Caye.

Rescue Diver

$620 US$, 10+ days - Includes PADI Pic card and manual


This course must be arranged in advance.


This is a performance based program and the duration depends on class size, logistics (such as weather), and candidate's performance.


-Proof of Advanced Open Water Certification
-Proof of 20 logged dives documenting experience in the following areas:
Night, Deep, and Navigation diving
-15 years or older
-Proof of current CPR and First Aid Training Dive master

Dive Master

$1000 US$, 21+ days - Includes PADI Pic Card


This course must be arranged in advance.


This is a performance based program and the duration depends on class size, logistics (such as weather), and candidate's performance.

-Proof of Rescue Diver Certification
-Proof of 60 logged dives documenting experience in the following areas: Night, Deep, and Navigation diving
-18 years or older
-Current Medical Clearance for diving signed by physician (PADI Medical Statement form #10063 found at -PADI's web site,
-Current proof of CPR and Medic First Aid Training






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