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Please sit down and look through this information before you commit yourself to a trip with us; you will be glad that you did! It includes information on how to reserve a spot on a trip and what the costs would be if you cancelled your trip with us or had to change to another date.


To sign up:

Give us a call (800.390.5715) or go to our secure On-Line Payment and Reservation Form.


If you are already signed up and need to fill out our registration-waiver of liability form, you can do it one of two ways:

1- Download and print the form to mail to us:

2- Request a secure link to fill out the form online.




Request complete information on our Belize adventure packages!

Safety and Assumption of Risk

We maintain a 41-year excellent safety record. However, all outdoor experiences involve risk and we all must recognize that accidents, bad weather, or illness may occur. We cannot guarantee your safety. We place final responsibility for your safety on your shoulders; you have to pay attention to what you are doing! Belize is not Disneyland; Mother Nature controls the weather, river water levels, ocean turbulence, wind speed, and air temperature, so there is a risk involved in all activities on our trips. Before you may join a trip you must sign a Waiver of Liability which is sent after your deposit is received. If you have questions regarding this document or would like to see one ahead of time, please feel free to request or download it. We assume no responsibility for personal belongings, injuries to trip members, or for time and expense incurred.

Before You Make Your Reservation

Make sure we have room

Before you commit yourself to airfare for a certain date, call us or check our availability page and make sure there is still room on that trip. During busy periods we can receive several reservations on the same day.


Make sure you know what days to book your air tickets

If you don’t read our literature closely enough you may misunderstand the days you need to fly in and out of Belize. If you confirm your flights on the wrong day you will have to pay a fee to change your tickets, so make sure you get the dates right before purchasing them. Visit our Belize flights page for airlines flying to Belize City.


Last minute reservations

Even if the trip date you want is not full, if it is less than four weeks before a trip departure we have already released our previously reserved hotel reservations so that the hotel can sell these rooms to other travelers. Therefore, before we can confirm your last minute spot we first have to contact the hotels where you will be staying to make sure that they also have room for you.


Don't hesitate once you have made up your mind

If you call and check that we have room for you, and then make your air reservations, call right back or fill out our on-line form and confirm your spot with a $450 pp deposit. We only hold spaces with a deposit, and the seat you are counting on could sell out from under you. We will hold seats with no penalty for 48 hours if you ask us to do so, so you can proceed with your air tickets and getting time off work, knowing your spots will not be sold. On extremely popular dates, or when only a few spots are left, the 48 hour period is reduced to 24. When you request a hold, together we agree on a specific time for the hold to expire, and this will be confirmed either by voice or by email. When the time of the hold expires, we reserve the right to sell those seats to the next person on the waiting list if we have not received a $450 pp deposit.


Payment of deposit implies acceptance of reservation and cancellation policies listed here. Once a deposit is received, or a reservation is made on behalf of a guest by an agent, any cancellations or transfers are subject to fees listed here.


Once you have confirmed a reservation with a deposit it activates our cancellation policy, so wait to make a deposit until you are sure that you can make it. Also, please purchase a travel insurance policy right away to avoid a loss if you must cancel.


About Travel Insurance

Related blog post: Why should you buy trip insurance?

We recommend Travelex insurance, but you may, of course purchase a policy from many different providers. Here's a link to their website: or call Travelex here: 800-228-9792; our location # is 44-0013. Please note they only provide travel insurance to US residents.


We have been recommending Travelex to our guests for over 10 years. We have received no complaints about their service beyond a somewhat expected “it’s a hassle to collect” from just a few who purchased a policy from them. It is an extra step, but if something goes wrong and you can’t make the trip you signed up for, you will be VERY glad you purchased a policy, because there are fees associated with any cancellation.


How to confirm a space

A $450 deposit confirms your space on each package you wish to join. Each separate itinerary with a unique departure date constitutes one package. You may make your reservation by telephone, fax, mail, on-line form, or e-mail. Checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted for all payments. If you qualify for any discounts, the discount comes out of the final balance, not the deposit.


Small trip surcharge

All trips run by Slickrock have a minimum requirement of 4 adult guests; however, we will run a trip for 2-3 adults for a surcharge of $350/person. When signing up for a trip, all guests need to be aware they will be charged this additional fee if the trip does not reach at least four adults. We will bill the guest two weeks prior to departure for this additional fee to avoid unnecessary refunding of fees.


After a reservation is made

A Registration and Waiver of Liability Form is sent (download .pdf version or request one to be sent by snail mail.) The completely-filled-out form and the final balance are both due 60 days prior to departure, except during the Christmas period (Dec. 15 - Jan. 5). For these packages the balance and form are due 90 days prior to departure.


Guests must familiarize themselves with trip parameters

Reservations received for individuals who actually would not be able to attend the trip due to age limits, medical conditions, or other factors will be canceled off the trip when the mistake is discovered. Cancellation fees will still apply.


If you have to cancel your trip

If you are concerned about a financial loss due to your late cancellation we recommend you purchase a travel insurance policy. US residents may call Travelex: (800) 228-9792 or visit We have not canceled a confirmed guest in our entire 31-year history in Belize.


Discounts offered

We offer discounts for some groups, private charters, kids, and returning guests; request further details to find out if you qualify.


Late arrival or departure

Any conditions out of our control that delay your arrival or departure may add to your cost; all extra charges caused by delays (late luggage, extra flights, or catching up with a trip in progress) or any variations from the itinerary (early departure, evacuation) will be at the customer’s expense.


No exceptions are made to our cancellation policy for any reason. All fees listed below are per person, per package.


How to cancel at trip

To cancel, please call us or send an email. Your cancellation is not complete until we have acknowledged receipt or spoken to you in person. Cancellations date from the day a Slickrock office staff member receives the message, so cancellations called in or sent on the weekend or during holidays will be dated the first business day after receipt. To compute cancellation fees, count the day prior to launch as one day prior to the trip, and proceed from that number to figure out the number of days prior to departure. Once you release your seats Slickrock reserves the right to resell them, cancellation fees still apply even if we are able to find others for these seats.


Cancellation fees for trips with a launch date between January 6 and December 14 of any year

If you must cancel, payments will be refunded, less a fee. For packages with a launch date between January 6 and December 14 of any year, the cancellation policy is as follows: If we receive notice of cancellation 75+ days before departure, the fee is $100; 74-60 days, $250; 59-46 days, $450; 45-30 days, 50% of trip cost; 29-11 days, 75% of trip cost; if notice is received within 10 days of departure, no refund will be given.


Cancellation fees for trips with a launch date between December 15 and January 5 of any year

Our reservation and cancellation policy is different during the Christmas-New Year’s season because during this time frame all flights fill extremely early. When a spot is vacated less than three months before the package date, it is difficult to re-sell because air tickets are prohibitively expensive or no longer available. For packages with a launch date between December 15 - January 5 the cancellation policy is as follows: If we received notice of cancellation 90+ days prior to departure the fee is $300; 89-61 days, 50% of trip cost; 60-45 days, 75% of trip cost; 44-0 days, 100% of trip cost.


Trip cancellation insurance

Should you cancel your trip because of illness, injury, or death of a family member, this insurance protects your payments. We strongly recommend the purchase of trip insurance. See the Travelex brochures linked above, the Travelex website, or call (800) 228-9792. We do not have a recommendation for non-US residents, but travel insurance is very easy to locate on the web.


Bookings received after the 60-day deadline (90-day for Christmas period) has passed

In case of late bookings full payment is required at the time of reservation. If payment has not been received by the deadline, we reserve the right to assume cancellation and fill the space from our waiting list (cancellation fees still apply).


Transferring to another date or selling your seat to lessen fees incurred

If you have signed up for a trip and find that you can’t attend, your travel insurance policy should provide at least some compensation. If you did not purchase such a policy, or if you would prefer to transfer to another date, you may switch to another trip during the same season only with penalties listed below. Slickrock’s season is December – May.


We cannot transfer reservations at no cost because once you sign up, numerous arrangements are made for you immediately. If you do transfer to another date and later cancel that trip, the cancellation fee reflects back to the original date and trip that you first transferred from, although the transfer fees incurred still apply. If you transfer from a trip that was put on sale to a trip that was not on sale, your balance will revert to the non-sale rate. You also may sell each seat you have a reservation for to another person you recruit at any time with a penalty to you of $50 per seat transferred.


Transfer fees for trips with a launch date between January 6 and December 14 of any year

In addition to the cost of the trip you are transferring to, the fees are as follows: If we receive notice of transfer 75+ days before the departure date of the trip you are transferring from, the fee is $50; 74-60 days, $100; 59-46 days, $150. No transfers are allowed for trips 45 days or less from departure, please see cancellation fees listed.


Transfer fees for trips with a launch date between December 15 and January 5 of any year

In addition to the trip cost of the trip you are transferring to, the fees are as follows: If we receive notice of transfer 90+ days before the departure date of the trip you are transferring from, the fee is $100; No transfers are allowed for trips 89 days or less from departure, see cancellation fees listed.


Slickrock trip cancellation

We have yet to cancel a trip we have collected deposits on, but we reserve the right to do so if unforeseen circumstances make trip cancellation unavoidable. If cancellation is necessary, all of your money will be refunded, but our financial liability shall be limited to the amount actually paid and shall not be extended to cover any other costs incurred by the trip member.


Itinerary changes

We reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary if necessary due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control. No refund is given if this occurs.


Unused services

No partial refunds or credits will be given for unused services such as hotel rooms or meals. Our trips are quoted as a package; credits are not given for services not used. No refunds will be given for any reason once the trip has begun.