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I'm Ready To Go, What Do I Do Next?

To begin the reservation process, simply fill out the secure form below. We will contact you during our next regular business day to confirm and finalize your request. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time.


Your reservation is not confirmed until we have contacted you in response to the receipt of this form. This is NOT an automatic form, your credit card will not be run until the form is checked by an actual human. If we have questions, or if your calculations are incorrect or if you enter questions in the comments field we will contact you before we make any charges to your card.


Before filling out the form:

1. Check availability on the trip and date you are interested in.

2. Review Reservation and Cancellation Policy. When you sign up for a trip it activates the policy, so be sure you can make it before filling out the form.

3. Review Trip Itinerary to make sure you understand which dates to book your flights: Adventure Island at Glover's Reef or Belize Adventure Week.

4. Review our four-page registration form you will need to fill out and return by 60 days prior to departure. This includes your diet, your medical concerns, your interest in scuba diving, and waivers of liability.

5. Consider purchasing a trip insurance policy to protect your investment. We strongly recommend that you do. You can read about why this is such a good idea on Our Hints for a Better Vacation page. US residents may contact TravelEx directly: (800) 228-9792 (Slickrock's location number is 44-0013) or visit their website. Residents of other countries will easily find an insurance provider in their own country.



This form can also be used for final payments by guests already signed up. All it does is send a secure email, it does not run your card automatically. Just fill out the form so we understand what you want us to charge and for which trip; you don't have to give us all of your contact info again if we already have it.

Reservation Form for a Belize Adventure Travel Package
Personal Information

Do not hit 'enter' until you are done, it clears the form and sends it unfinished, and then you have to start over. Hit 'tab' to jump from field to field.

First name

Last name

Names of Other Guests You Are Signing Up: Age if 21 or under:
  Age if 21 or under:
  Age if 21 or under:
  Age if 21 or under:
  Age if 21 or under:
Mailing Address City
State/Province Zip/Postal Code
Country Home Phone
Work Phone Cell Phone
E-mail Address

2nd E-mail Address

Trip Information

Select one, and then select the date you wish to go.


If you are signing up for more than one trip, indicate that in the comments section below, this form won't allow you to choose more than one trip and date at a time. The deposit is $450 per person per trip date, so two people signing up for two trips would pay a $1800 deposit. To see rates for two trips booked back to back, visit this page: Belize Extended Stay Deals.


*This date indicates no kitesurfing lessons available.


or Tue-Wed,

9 nights

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef
Full Week

$2350 /person


6 nights

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef
First Half

$1625 /person


5 nights

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef
Second Half

$1475 /person


8 nights

Belize Adventure Week

Full Week

$2795 /person


4 nights

Belize Adventure Week

First Half

$1575 /person

If two people signing up, indicate one bed or two. If 3+, indicate who rooms with who and how many beds in each room.


Include any special instructions here, including a 2nd trip and date. You can also enter a coupon code here.

Payment totals: What you pay now depends on how many days until your trip departure date


Fill this part out if it is now greater than 60 days to departure:

Number in your party x $450 US deposit to confirm your space(s) = =Total (charge my card this amount)
Credit Card No. Expiration Date Mth. Year
Card Code Full Name on CC


Fill this part out if it is now less than 60 days to departure:

Number in your party


per person price of trip =

=Total (charge my card this amount)
Credit Card No. Expiration Date Mth. Year
Card Code Full Name on CC

One last thing...because this is secure we have to check a special inbox.

Send us an email at our regular inbox: to tell us you have submitted a secure form. You won't lose the information you already entered.

Then hit the Submit Reservation button to send your form information securely. Thanks!


Note: the email link above does not work with on-line email accounts like yahoo, gmail, or hotmail. You have to fill in our email address by hand.