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No other Belize outdoor adventure offers this much variety in outdoor activities. To see all of our sports in Belize on a single page visit the Belize Adventure Week adventure activities page for a summary of all Belizean sports that we offer. Or choose the sport that interests you in the table below. Each sport also has its own web page.


Belize scuba diving at a private island. Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715 has a complete PADI scuba center at Glover’s Reef that offers daily scuba diving tours. This Belize Sports website has a list of Belize dive sites and dive courses.

Scuba diving

Belize snorkeling trip at a private island. Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715 owns Long Caye at Glover’s Reef where you can snorkel right off shore or out of the sea kayaks. We offer snorkel tours every day!


Belize fly fishing vacations at our private island at Glover’s Reef. Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715 has the perfect sport fishing resort, just wade in and fish! No long boat rides, the bone fish live just feet from our shore.

Sport fishing

Belize fly fishing vacations at our private island at Glover’s Reef. Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715 owns the only fishing kayaks in the country. We have the perfect sport fishing resort, just paddle out a few feet and fish! No long boat rides, the bone fish live just feet from our shore.

Kayak fishing

Belize surfing at Glover’s Reef with Slickrock (800)390-5715. Long Caye has the only surf break in Belize that is both accessible and safe (not breaking over live coral). Located at the windward point of our private island and just in front of Slickrock’s cabanas, this point break is almost always active as it intercepts the swells driven by the prevailing trade winds of the Caribbean.


Belize kayak surfing at Glover’s Reef with Slickrock (800)390-5715. We have a fleet of high-tech, sit-on-tops surf kayaks at our private island. With this equipment, even those with no surfing experience can get out and enjoy riding the waves with only a short orientation session. Full instruction is provided in how to use these boats and how to read the waves.

Kayak surfing

Paddleboarding in Belize. Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715 has a complete water sport center at Glover’s Reef that offers elevan sports options: sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayak surfing, sport fishing, kayak fishing, paddleboarding, and board surfing (not to mention hammock surfing!).

Paddle boarding

Belize sea kayaking at a private island at Glover’s Reef with Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715. Belize kayak tour vacations provide an eco-sensitive method of exploring the off-shore islands and reefs that are teeming with colorful schools of tropical fish.

Sea kayaking

Belize windsurfing with Slickrock (800)390-5715. Belize's greatest attraction to board sailors is that nobody sails here! The country enjoys ideal conditions with steady trade winds, warm water temperatures, and a variety of accesses to the sea. Slickrock Adventures owns Long Caye at Glover’s Reef, a private island, which offers exceptional opportunities for wind surfing (best high-wind season: January - March).


Belize kite boarding at Glover’s Reef with Slickrock (800)390-5715. Bring your kiteboard to our island and experience perfect conditions, in fact the best in Belize for kite surfing! We encourage kitesurfers to bring down their gear and enjoy surfing the wide open spaces that surround our island. We see at least a 10 mph breeze 95% of the time, and above 20 mph about 50% of the time during the winter and spring seasons.


Learn to roll a kayak at Glover’s Reef in Belize with Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715. The water is 80 degrees, it's the perfect place to learn!

Kayak rolling

Everyone knows about Belize cave tubing, but cave rafting is far superior. Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715 has been running the Caves Branch River for 15 years, using both kayaks and rafts to explore this incredible underground river. The Belize Cave Branch River flows through four caves on its course from the Maya Mountains to its confluence with the Sibun River.

Cave Kayaking

Belize whitewater river kayaking with Slickrock (800)390-5715. Slickrock Adventures has specialized in whitewater kayak trips since its conception as a kayak school in 1977. That tradition continues with our kayak trip down the Mopan River in western Belize.

Whitewater kayaking

Belize caving with Slickrock (800)390-5715. Belize is internationally recognized as home of some of the premier caves in the world. Lost world cave systems are primarily found in limestone regions. Mayan ceremonial caves are hidden in the jungle and accessible to those who now where to find them.



Belize jungle hiking with Slickrock Adventures (800)390-5715. There are some fantastic hiking trails in Belize, although most of the hiking available is actually on the way to another activity, such as a Mayan ruin or Mayan ceremonial cave. Be sure to hire a competent guide who will point out the local plants and their medicinal uses, as well as jungle birds and animals.

Jungle Hiking



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