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Adventure Island at

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Belize Adventure Week


Sat start; 8 or 4 nights

$2795 pp, full week, all-inclusive

$1475 pp, 1st half, all-inclusive


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Calling Belize

If calling from the U.S., dial 011 for International access, then the country code: 501, then the number. Calls cost about $1.00/min.



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Portaging the Caves Branch River, Belize


The exchange is two Belize dollars to one U.S. dollar; U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere.



Belize five dollar bill.



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Altun Ha Mayan ruins in Belize.



If you prefer an on-line Belize travel guide, the Belizelogue site is part of a large network of ever-expanding and frequently-updated guides.


Belize Medical

Travel Insurance


Phone: (800) 228-9792




Sea turtle Belize stamp


Center for Disease Control

Malaria web page:



Question: I may go to Caye Caulker (or Ambergris Caye, or Punta Gorda, or Placencia, etc.) before joining your tour. Is it better to use the Belize International Airport (BZE) or Belize Municipal (TZA) to then get to the Belize Biltmore Hotel to meet you (or are they both quite near)?

Answer: If you flying elsewhere directly upon arrival in the country, you should fly from International, there's no point in taking a cab to Municipal to then fly to your destination. But if you are already in the country, or upon your return to Belize City, you should always use Municipal. Because International is a bigger airport, landing fees are higher, so those tickets are always more expensive. Also, the government has given cab drivers permission to charge more for cab rides from International. So, a cab ride from International to the Biltmore is about $35, but from Municipal to the Biltmore, is is about $10, even though the Biltmore is actually closer to the International airport.



Tamandura mexicana stamp

Crystal Car Rental


Belize phone: 011-501-223-1600, Email:


Coconut weevil Belize stamp

Maya-Island Air


Belize phone: 011-501-223-1140

USA phone: 1-800-225-6732

Email: regional@mayaislandair.com


Belize stamp

Tropic Air


Belize phone: 011-501-226-2012

USA phone: 1-800-422-3435

Email: reservations@tropicair.com


Belize beach cabana

Restaurants In Belize City

There are many wonderful Belize City restaurants; have fun exploring! The status of restaurants in Belize fluctuates often; this information was updated in June of 2017.


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Chon Saan Palace, Belize City, Belize


($) Marva's, corner of Water Ln. & E. Collet Canal: a semi-funky neighborhood, great Belizean food! Neri's, on the corner of Queen & Handyside Sts.: good Belizean food with seven kinds of fresh squeezed juice served daily. Neri's serves great Belizean standbys such as rice and beans, stew chicken, Oxtail Soup, Gibnut, and Cowfoot Soup. Yum! Le Petite Cafe, across from the Radisson and next to The Great House, open 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.: good coffee, pastries, and wine with a nice courtyard.


($$) Chon Saan Palace, 1 Nurse Seay/Kelly St.: our favorite restaurant in Belize. They now serve sushi and sashimi. Sahara Grill, across the street from the Biltmore hotel, this new Mediterranean restaurant has kabobs, kofta, falafel, hummus, etc. and plenty of vegetarian options.Sumathi,19 Baymen Ave.: excellent Indian food. Calypso, located on the dock behind the Princess Hotel: good burgers, great seaside location. The Victorian Room, at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel: convenient and good food but extremely slow service.


($$$) The Radisson-Ft. George, 2 Marine Parade: expensive but a very good breakfast and lunch buffet. Stonegrill, at the Radisson poolside. All food is grilled and served on a hot stone: appetizers, fajitas, steak, chicken saté, shrimp, etc. The Smokey Mermaid, 13 Cork St.: fantastic food. be sure to try the garlic mashed potatoes. Riverside Tavern, on the corner of North Front & Mapp Sts.: Although the outside of this place has an industrial look, don't let that deter you. This is a great restaurant and bar by the folks who brew Belikin Beer, Belize's own. It has a fabulous patio. Bird’s Isle Restaurant, go all the way south on Albert St. across the bridge and onto the small island of Bird’s Isle; a laid back thatched roof bar/restaurant: fantastic setting, great food and drink. Celebrity, on Marine Parade next to Memorial Park, Volta building. A nice restaurant in a nice setting. The food is good but not excellent.


Belize fishing


Further Information About Other Things to Do in Belize

This webpage is a list of our favorite things to do in Belize. If you plan to come early or stay late, you should consider getting a guidebook. There are well over a dozen guidebooks about Belize. It is important to search for the most recently updated information you can find when consulting a guidebook. You can view a list of all Belize guidebooks, with publication dates, on our Belize Books and Island Library page.

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Kayaking Glover's Reef Atoll, 35 miles off the coast of Belize.Belize, CA...

Is Belize a country?

Where is Belize?


Still undiscovered, often mis-located and usually misspelled... this is a fantastic country, and you DON'T want to miss it. This page will tell you everything about Belize that you want to know.


Tucked into a forgotten corner of the Caribbean, Belize has remained apart from the growth of the rest of the region. Belize is in Central America, and it harbors the region’s last unspoiled marine and rainforest environments and offers some of the most exciting adventure travel anywhere. Belize is also inexpensive to get to and easy to travel in. English is the official language, and US dollars are accepted throughout the country. There are enough incredible places to explore to keep you coming back for years to come!


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Belize time

"Belize Time"

The first thing we'd like to remind you is DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!! Belize travel can be wonderful, relaxing, frustrating, exciting, or dilatory. Much of what happens is out of your control, but your reaction to events can make a world of difference. Remember that everything always works out fine in the end; take a deep breath, slow down, and keep smiling! We have to remind ourselves of this all the time. It's a different latitude with different attitudes.


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Have questions about our island or about Belize?

Don't hesitate to give us a call: (800) 390-5715, or send us an email: slickrock@slickrock.com. We've been working in Belize since 1986 and would love to hear from you.

Fishing off Glover's Reef, Belize.


Belize Facts

Belize is a fantastic country. Not only is it a fascinating place to visit, but it is also easy and inexpensive to get to, English is the official language, and it is a great winter destination as it enjoys a warm winter climate. The population (330,000) is about the same as Tampa, Florida, and the country itself is about the size of New Hampshire. The society is multicultural, consisting of African-European Creoles, Spanish-Indian Mestizos, African-Indian Garinagus, Mayan Indians, and a few Europeans, North Americans, and Asians. Outside of the "troublemakers" in Belize City, Belizeans are, for the most part, genuinely friendly people, who lead a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.


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Belize is on Central Standard Time and they do not observe Daylight Savings Time. The water is safe to drink in most areas, and Belize health care is among the highest quality in Central America. Hawlover Creek, downtown Belize City

Belize Belize

The city so central to their country, they named it twice. Although the capital city is Belmopan, the largest city in the country is Belize City, with a population of about 65,000. Belize was known as British Honduras until 1981 when they gained their independence from Britain; at that time they named the country after their largest city. Even today, when locals say they are "going to Belize", they mean the city, not the country.


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Belize Weather

Belize enjoys a subtropical climate, somewhat similar to that of South Florida.The temperature in Belize is typically in the 70s to mid-90s. There is a "wet" and a "dry" season, with the dry season lasting approximately from early December through May. Rainstorms can occur during the dry season, but they are usually brief. Over the past few years, changes in global weather patterns have made the dry and wet seasons less predictable. Hurricanes are a potential threat from July to late October. The worst hurricane in recent memory that affected our island in a significant way was Hurricane Iris, which struck Placencia in southern Belize in October 2002. Visit our Belize weather page for a month-by-month weather description.


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Request complete information on our Belize adventure packages!

Tourism in Belize

Despite what you may have heard, Belize remains a little-visited country; the number of international visitors to Belize is about one-half the number that visits Costa Rica. Cancun alone gets four times the annual number of visitors to all of Belize. Only about 35% of Belizean visitors are from the United States and well over half of the tourists go to either Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker. The next most-popular destination is the Cayo District, the area around San Ignacio. The smartest thing the Belize tourist can do is avoid the crowded locations and avoid holiday travel if you can. If you cannot, go to a place with strict guest maximums rather than a place that takes as many people as they can possibly hold, without being able to adequately provide for everyone.


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Belize Money

The exchange rate is two Belize dollars to one U.S. dollar, but there is no need to change your money to Belize dollars from U.S. dollars; U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere. You will want small bills and it is best to have cash for cabs and isolated areas.


You need to continually use the Belize change you receive, because you will lose on the exchange if you have any left at the end. Traveler’s Checks are more of a problem than an asset because on our trips you are only in “civilization” when banks are closed.


Traveler’s Checks take six weeks to clear, so small businesses such as taxis, restaurants, or hotels in rural areas would be giving you a six-week loan by accepting them; consequently, few of them do. Getting cash is also difficult for our staff, so we cannot cash them for you; tipping your guides with Traveler’s Checks causes a problem for locals as personal checking accounts are not common in the country.


The few ATMs in Belize City are often out of order, and if you arrive right before your trip meeting you have no time to take a cab to an ATM anyway, so to rely on that system would be a mistake. US checks are not accepted in Belize.


For these reasons, it is best to bring cash only. You can carry some of your cash in a money belt, and the rest of it worn under your clothing when moving to and from the country. We use this system ourselves with great success.


Valuables are safe on our island, in our van, and in the hotels we use on our trips. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of your property. We cannot be held liable for any losses of property or cash while on a trip.


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Our all inclusive Belize trips cover everything except alcoholic beverages, Belize exit tax, scuba diving, tips, and taxis to and from the airport. All prices on this page are listed in US dollars.

Belize Medical & Belize Health

On all of our trips we are far from medical care. Guests should bring all medications for chronic or recurring ailments. Recent medical and dental exams should be completed to ensure that you are fit for travel, and you should carry health insurance documents. If you purchase a travel insurance policy it will cover medical costs in the country, as well as your last-minute trip cancellation and other risks of travel. Travel insurance is available from many providers. Our recommendation is Travelex, although they only offer insurance policies to US residents. Call Travelex: (800) 228-9792, and tell them that you are traveling with Slickrock. Slickrock’s location number is 44-0013. You may also visit Travelex's website.


Our trips are not overly-strenuous, you don’t need to be an athlete, but you must be capable of moderate to vigorous exercise a few hours each day. We cannot evaluate your fitness; you must determine if your own fitness is appropriate. If you are overweight, in poor physical condition, or have special medical considerations you should call us first and consult with your physician before signing up for a trip.

Out on our island we are somewhat isolated from the typical medical risks of the tropics. Everyone should be up-to-date on their tetanus shot. Tetanus shots are good for ten years unless you have an exposure; if so you should get another shot at five years. You should also talk to your doctor about allergic reactions to marine life, and bring appropriate medications that your doctor recommends. Those who travel inland should consider taking precautions to prevent malaria and/or hepatitis. Both zika and dengue fever have been reported, but there is no treatment for either. There is no threat of malaria, dengue fever, zika, or hepatitis on our island, and at the present (August of 2016) the risk is low for each of these diseases country-wide.

If considering malaria medication, you need to remember that a course needs to be started two weeks prior to departure. Most travel clinics and many Internet sites will recommend malaria protection for all parts of Belize, but mosquito control in larger metropolitan areas has eliminated mosquito habitats close to human population settlements. Both zika and dengue fever can be contracted from infected mosquitoes as well. Please don’t ask us to tell you whether to get protection for malaria, even doctors do not agree; it is a personal choice. Malaria pills are bad for you, but getting malaria is worse. As of July of 2016 there were 10 cases of zika reported in Belize. The only true protection against mosquito-borne illnesses is to not get bitten by a disease-infested mosquito. The best prevention for bites is to wear a bug repellent that contains at least 25% DEET and to wear long sleeve pants and shirts when in areas where mosquitoes are currently present (carry them in your daypack for quick access if mosquitoes show up.)

Hepatitis A is contracted through infected water; our drinking water is safe on all of our trips. If you plan to travel extensively in remote areas before or after our trip you should consider the Hepatitis A vaccination. For more info see: //wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/belize.


The biggest health hazard on our trips is the threat of sunburn. Be careful the first few days, a bad sunburn can ruin the rest of your trip. Also, seasickness can occur on travel days out to the island.

Our guides are trained in First Aid, but cannot be expected to serve as doctors. All participants should be sure their own medical coverage is adequate. We assume no responsibility regarding provision of medical care. Before your adventure, the best precautions are don’t get hurt and make sure you are in good health the week before the trip. For more details on avoidable problems, please refer to our sheet entitled Things You Need to Know Before Booking a Trip with Slickrock. Remember you will be in an isolated area 35 miles off shore with no medical helicopter available in the country; there is no emergency room and you can’t call 911, although we do have emergency contact with the mainland.

For more details on avoidable problems, please refer to our page: Our Hints for a Better Vacation

Belize Transportation

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Belize airports and airlines

Belize has two airports. The international airport call Philip Goldson International Airport (airport code BZE) and Belize Municipal which you use when flying in country (airport code TZA).


Two airlines service in-country flights in Belize, using both airports. There are daily flights between Belize International Airport, Belize Municipal Airport, Dangriga, Placencia, Big Creek, Punta Gorda, Corozol, Caye Caulker, Caye Chapel, Ambergris Caye, Flores, Guatemala, and Cancun, Mexico. Sample rates: Belize International Airport to Dangriga: one way: $63 US. Consult their excellent websites (at left) for exact prices and schedules.For a list of airlines to Belize, visit our Flying to Belize page.


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Belize car rental

Rental cars allow you to stop along the way without having to deal with storing your luggage. If planning to go to Tikal, be sure to ask if they will let you take their vehicle across the border. Check out their websites for specific rates.


The downside to renting a car in Belize City is you are probably taking it to some remote lodge where it will remain parked the whole time you are there, since you will probably be taking tours that provide transportation. We recommend flying or taking a bus or taxi to your destination to avoid paying several days for the car to just sit there, waiting for you to drive back to Belize City.



Belize bus

Busses are often the best way to go, and they are inexpensive. Bus prices and schedules change too often to include here, but remember, this is a country where most of its citizens depend on bus service. There are at least four bus companies in the country. Also be aware that busses don't run as often on Saturday or Sunday, for example, a route which has hourly service during the week may only have two choices on Sunday. The staff at your hotel will be familiar with busses in their area.


Belize cab

Taxis are available everywhere, are more expensive than the bus, but make a lot of sense under certain circumstances. If you are traveling with a group of four, taxis are a great deal. Some cab drivers also act as an impromptu guide, hoping for a tip.


An excellent Belize shuttle service is William's Belize Shuttle: parrot-nest.com/belize-shuttle or email, belizeshuttle@yahoo.com.

Belize City Tourism

I've heard bad things about Belize City, are they true?

Belize City has an unsavory reputation, which is somewhat deserved. You should not walk alone at night, but it is safe to walk around during the day provided you adopt a confident attitude. If you’re worried, stay at one of the better hotels and take cabs within the city. If approached by street people, ignore them or say, “Thanks, I’m all set.” They are rarely dangerous, but once you acknowledge them, they’re hard to get rid of. Act like you know where you are going, and watch out for scams like “fund-raisers.” When taking a cab in Belize, always settle the price before getting in (make clear it is per cab, not per person.) Surprises are common in this region and one should be prepared to accept canceled reservations, closed businesses, or broken commitments from locals. Our staff makes every effort to insulate you from these problems, but we too must live with their system.


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Belize Hotels

View our Belize City map to locate recommended hotels in Belize.


Where to stay in Belize City? It is impossible to completely avoid Belize City because you fly in and out of the city before and after your trip. We make all accommodation arrangements for your trip. If you arrive early or stay late, you’ll need to make your own reservations for the additional nights. These are our favorite hotels in Belize City. The Great House is downtown, the other three are near our dock and closer to the airport. There are taxes in Belize that are not included in room rates, and most lodges also tack on a 10% service charge. So expect a 15%-25% tax on top of the rates below. All rates can change without notice.

Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Belize City, Belize




Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel; Belize City, Belize

The Biltmore is where you will stay with us while in Belize City. It is a full-service hotel located on the outskirts of Belize City, three miles from downtown. Single or double rates are $97 for registered Slickrock guests only (regular rates are around $150.) If you are staying additional days and want to stay at the Biltmore, make your reservations in advance and directly with the Biltmore for the special rate to apply. Note: Do not try to use the Best Western on-line reservation system. You will not get the special Slickrock deal if you do; make reservations by email and phone (you can make the reservation by email, but you have to confirm with a credit card by phone). The Biltmore has a business center, swimming pool, gym, restaurant, bar, gift shop, and a tour desk. Their in-house tour company is the easiest place to arrange for day tours out of Belize City before or after your stay. All rooms are newly remodeled with excellent beds, flat screen TVs, wifi, hair dryers, coffee makers, safety deposit boxes large enough to hold laptops, and tiled throughout. 3-1/2 miles on the Northern Highway from Belize City. Phone, ask for Giselle: 011-501-223-2302, her e-mail is: reservations@belizebiltmore.com.


Red Hut Inn, Belize City, Belize


Villa Boscardi; Belize City, Belize

This is our favorite bed & breakfast in Belize City, and is located in a safe, quiet residential area about a mile from our dock and just a block from the ocean. A lush tropical garden surrounds the inn and gives it a real sense of privacy. Rates start at approximately $89 a night. All rooms have air conditioning, private bath, fan, desk, hair-drier, cable TV, wireless internet, telephone. They include a hot breakfast which varies daily. A typical breakfast menu is scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, fruits, coffee and fresh squeezed juice; 3-1/2 miles Northern Highway, Phone: 011-501-223-1691, e-mail: boscardi@btl.net. Website: www.villaboscardi.com.

D-Nest Inn Belize City




D'Nest Inn B&B; Belize City, Belize

Located only a few blocks from the Biltmore, this private home is a great alternative if you are arriving a day early, but still nearby our meeting place when you need to transfer over. This two-story private home with tropical gardens is richly decorated in a Caribbean style. They have only four rooms, and the rates are quite reasonable: from $82 US per night. The host couple is much praised on Trip Advisor, this is a hidden gem! 475 Cedar Street, Belama Extension, Phase 2, Phone: 011-501-223-5416, e-mail:info@dnestinn.com, website:dnestinn.com.


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