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Adventure Island at Glover's Reef








Adventure Island at

Glover's Reef


Fri/ Tue start; 9, 6, or 5 nights

$2350 pp, full week; all-inclusive

$1625 pp, 1st half; all-inclusive

$1475 pp, 2nd half; all-inclusive


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Looking for Help to Figure Out the Best Belize Vacation?

Belize vacation cabana


When people start shopping for a vacation offer in Belize they usually think of a traditional hotel (unless maybe they are thinking about Mayan Ruins!). Most Belize tours start or end with a traditional hotel, but our vacation setting is far different from a hotel. Before you book your room, let's see if you're a good fit for Slickrock Adventure vacations.


If you don't feel like exploring Belize from the lobby of a large, crowded hotel, you need to consider our private island paradise. It's uncrowded, quiet, packed with activities, and away from big resort bustle and hustle. We have the best diving up and down the cost, along with all the other things you expect from a Caribbean sea vacation: snorkeling, kayaking, scuba, surfing, and so many other sports. If you'd rather be less on the go and more on the mend from your stressful life, you will enjoy the uncrowded sand beaches and starlit night skies.


If you are decided on a unique experience for your next vacation, make sure you give us a call. We will patiently answer your questions, and we'll be honest with you about whether our island paradise is really what will make your vacation special.


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(800) 390-5715 slickrock@slickrock.com

Belize island



A Real Vacation

Take a true break away from everything on our remote Belize island. Only 4 - 34 guests at a time! You will never want to leave our thirteen-acre paradise.


Belize accommodation on private island





Private Island Packages

We do not sell individual days on the island, nor do we sell accommodations only. The only way to stay on our island is to purchase a Belize adventure package. Packages include lodging and meals on the mainland, transport to and from the island, lodging and meals on the island, beer and soda on the island, all national park fees, complete use of our sports gear, and instruction and daily guided activities.



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