Belize Travel

Belize Vacation Information

The following pages provide important information about our Belize all inclusive packages.

Yes the water really is that color!
David Arnold

Belize Travel FAQ

Get all of your questions answered, including:

  • Is This the Right Trip for Me?
  • Understanding Slickrock’s Trip Schedule
  • What If I Can’t Arrive the Day Your Trip Starts?
  • How Do I Get Ready For My Trip?
  • I Want More Info About the Beachfront Cottages and Other Facilities
  • How’s The Food?
  • What Gear Do I Need To Bring?
  • What About Emergencies?
Kids love our island! (And parents do too.)
Keith Fialcowitz

Belize Family Adventure Vacations

  • Minimum Age Restrictions
  • Special Documentation Required When Taking Kids To Belize
  • Age Ranges for Kids Prices
  • Parental Responsibilities for Younger Kids
  • Kids and Group Discounts
  • Guidelines for Children on Our Private Island
  • Hiring a Babysitter
  • Kayaking and Scuba Diving With Kids
  • Older Children
The better your gear, the better your snorkel
Carol Cashion

Sports Gear You Need to Bring

  • Fins
  • Snorkels
  • Masks
  • Booties
  • Dive Skin, Rash Guard, or Wetsuit?
  • Dive Lights
Dinner in the island dining hall
Jamie Roth

Island Menu

  • Day-by-Day Island Menu
  • Drinks Provided
Pico de gallo, made fresh on the island
Wil Thijssen

Gluten Free and Vegetarian Menu

  • Day-by-Day Gluten Free and Vegetarian Menu
  • How We Can (and Cannot) Accommodate Special Diets
The boat ride to the island
Max Nohel

Transport to the Island

  • Distance and Time Spent While Travelling to the Island
  • More Info on Our Triple Engine Boat, Batfish
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