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Belize Tour Availability

Belize Travel Availability

Vacation to Belize with Slickrock

We open each year in late November and close in early May.

We are closed mid May – mid November due to bad weather in the Caribbean, but our office is open year round. Hurricane season is August – October.

Scroll down to see availability chart below for all of our trips to Belize. Cells that have a light-green background indicate a trip that already has guests signed up and therefore is guaranteed to run. You definitely want to check availability for the date you want before booking your airfare to Belize.

A few holiday dates have specific restrictions and special parameters, see Holiday Restrictions listed below.

Adventure Island 9 Night Program Overview

Our all inclusive, Adventure Island Packages begin on Friday evening in Belize City at the Biltmore, Best Western Hotel. Our guests are transported to our private island by our boat on Saturday morning and will be on our island exclusively until the following Saturday when returned to Belize City. Sunday morning after our farewell breakfast our guests will be returned to the airport.

Trip Availability

Holiday restrictions

On holidays some of our trip parameters for our Belize packages change. This varies by the holiday, some holidays have more restrictions than others. Holiday dates are marked by asterisks above, which relate to these special provisions listed here:

No group rates or kids rates, only returning guest discounts and back to back trip discounts are honored

No half week trips or full week trips starting Tuesday offered these dates

No charters (a group that takes every available spot) offered these dates

No Early Bird discounts apply to these dates.

No commissions paid to agents or group organizers on these dates

Special 90 day due date on final balance

2020-2021 season: weeks of 12/18/20 and 12/25/20

2021-2022 season: weeks of 12/17/21 and 12/24/21

Group rates and commissions to agents or group organizers only offered to 10% off if any part of itinerary includes part of this week

No group rates for Half Week trips. Group rates available for Full Week and Adventure Week trips only.

No charters (a group that takes every available spot) offered these dates

No Early Bird discounts apply to these dates.

2020-2021 season: weeks of 3/12/21, 3/19/21, and 3/26/21

2021-2022 season: weeks of 3/18/22, 3/25/22 and 4/15/22

Off-peak season dates. Off peak discounts to the base rate applies on these dates. Full week trips only.