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Belize Family Vacations

Enjoy Family Adventure Vacations at Our All Inclusive Belize Resort

Our Belize all-inclusive family resort is the perfect vacation destination for adventurous families. We offer special rates for kids 11 and under (view tabs below) and we also have special discount vacation packages for groups of 4 or more. Kids also receive substantial discounts when you combine our Belize holiday packages for an extended stay. If you would like to charter a trip (reserved only for your group of 24+) please request our charter policy.

Kids are welcome on any trip we offer! There are no special “kids dates”. Families with kids mix well with singles and couples because your time on our Belize island resort is flexible, with several different activities offered simultaneously throughout the week. 


Adventure Island

REGION: Island
TRIP LENGTH: 5, 6, or 9 nights (first and last in Belize City, the rest on the island)
SEASON: November– April
DEPOSIT: $500 per person
GROUP SIZE: Minimum 4, Maximum 24


  • 3-6 years

      (Approx. 40% off)

      • Full-week itinerary: $1455
      • First-Half itinerary: $1005
      • Second-Half itinerary: $915


      -Have to be with one parent/guardian at all times; booked in the same hotel room/cabana as parents.

      -Parents are responsible for monitoring children; guides or island staff cannot serve as a baby-sitter.

      -Single parents intending to dive or participate in excursions/activities must have another adult in their party to stay with the kids, or hire a babysitter.


  • 7-11 years

      (Approx. 20% off)

      • Full-week itinerary: $1940
      • First-Half itinerary: $1340
      • Second-Half itinerary: $1220


      -Have to be within calling distance of one parent/guardian at all times.

      -May be booked in the same hotel room/cabana as parents.

      -Depending on the age, children are encouraged to participate in easier excursions.

      -Parents are responsible for monitoring participation and behavior; guide or island staff cannot serve as a baby-sitter.

      -This age group cannot join the adults while diving (they are limited to a 6 foot depth limit); therefore, children must be accompanied by more than one adult if one adult intends to dive.

  • 12+ years

      All rates the same as adult rates


      -Counted as an adult, full participation in all activities.


Belize Adventure Week

REGION: Jungle and Island
TRIP LENGTH: 4 nights (jungle only) and 8 nights (1/2 jungle, 1/2 island)
SEASON: December – April
DEPOSIT: $500 per person
GROUP SIZE: Minimum 4, Maximum 12

  • 10-11 years

      Prices are the same as for adults due to very limited trip sizes

      The minimum age on our Belize Adventure Week trip is 10. Children ages 10 and 11 may not be able to participate in all activities.

      It is at the discretion of the guide, based on safety reasons, to assess the child’s physical capabilities for each activity. If the guide decides that it is unsafe for the child to participate, a parent will either have to sit the activity out with the child, or hire a babysitter at a cost to the parent of $25 US/day. This assessment can only take place after the guide has met the child and also is weather-dependent (high water due to rain can drastically alter the difficulty level of our activities.)

      There is a 100 lb weight limit for the waterfall rappelling. If your child is below that weight, Bocawina Falls will be substituted and one parent must accompany the child on this activity.


      -Have to be with one parent/guardian at all times; booked in the same hotel room/cabana as parents.-Parents are responsible for monitoring children; guides or island staff cannot serve as a baby-sitter.-Single parents intending to dive or participate in off-island excursions/activities that the child cannot participate in must have another adult in their party to stay with the kids, or hire a babysitter.

  • 12+ years

      All rates the same as adult rates


      -Full participation in all activities.

Belize Family Resorts – Minimum age restrictions

Minimum ages are due to both the distance from medical care and also the difficulty of several of our sport activities.

*If you wish to bring children under the age of 3 on the Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, this may be arranged by both talking to our office beforehand, and by hiring a babysitter, read more about that option below. Please note: we require that all kids visiting the island be potty-trained.


Special Documentation Required When Taking Kids to Belize

Children under 18 traveling without both biological/legal parents will be required to show proof (in the form of a notarized letter) that the parent(s) not present give permission for the child to travel to Belize. YOU MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET ON THE PLANE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS PAPERWORK.

This is a difficult concept to pass on to our guests for two reasons: 1) Nowhere else in the world (that we have heard of) has these requirements so no one believes us, and 2) Sometimes it is enforced and sometimes it is not; it depends on your ticketing agent at the airline and how thorough he or she is.

This is due to a 2010 Belize law that is on the books, but no one in Belize ever asks for these documents. However, since it is official Belize law that appears on the screen of the ticketing agent, the airline will sometimes enforce this. Sometimes years go by and we hear nothing of this, and then suddenly a guest will call, panicked from an airport, that they are being refused entrance to their fight. Usually a simple notarized letter from the parent not present is sufficient. Once someone was required to produce her Divorce Decree. We cannot tell you exactly what they will ask for as this seems to vary and we do not have access to the language on the screen of each airline. Simply bring proof that you have permission from the other parent to travel out of the country with your children.

Here’s the official Belize government version of this law, travelling with children to Belize.

All Inclusive Family Vacation Discounts

Kids’ rates do not apply over the Christmas and New Years holiday

Kid’s discounts are not available during these weeks. All kids pay the adult rate, regardless of age. These are the most popular weeks of the year, and we turn away hundreds of guests every year for the Christmas holiday weeks. Our limited number of cabanas in Belize means that kids receiving a substantial discount displace full paying guests.


How to Figure out the Kids + Group Discount

We give a 10% discount for groups of 4 or more, but since children ages 3-11 are already receiving a substantial discount, the additional 10% will only apply if 4 guests paying regular fare are in the group. For example: for a family of 4 on our Full-week trip who want to join us with 2 adults and 2 children ages 7 and 10 the fare would be: $2425 + 2425 + 1940 + 1940. For a family of 6 on our Full-week trip who want to join us with 2 adults, 2 teenagers and 2 children ages 6 and 11 the fare would be $2182.50 + 2182.50 + 2182.50 + 2182.50 + 1455 + 1940.

These prices are for individuals booking directly, guests booking through an agent eligible for commissions will not receive the full discount listed. The kids and group discounts do not apply during Christmas or New Year’s.

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Belize Adventure Family Vacation


Bringing Your Kids

Kids love our island. There is plenty for kids to do right on shore if they are too young to paddle. Kids love exploring the new environment and playing on the beach. However, we do not have guided activities or sport equipment specifically for kids (with the exception of windsurfing), and each staff member has a full roster of duties on each trip. Our client to guide ratio is between 2 to 1 and 7 to 1, depending on the group size. This does not allow for guides to assist in the supervision that children require. Although Slickrock accepts children at a discount on trips, parents must be fully responsible for all aspects of monitoring their children. Due to safety concerns, we have set supervision procedures that parents are required to follow.

Required supervision procedures

Children between the ages of 3-8 must be with one adult in their party at all times (or with the hired babysitter.) Children between the ages of 9-11 must be within calling distance of one adult in their party at all times. Children 12 and over are still under the parent’s sole supervision, but may spend time away from the supervising adult for short periods. One adult must accompany each child — single parents may not bring more than one child under 12 years of age unless hiring a babysitter — although couples may bring up to four children as long as one adult stays with the children under age 12 at all times.

Kids must be supervised by a family member or babysitter – Parents may not ask any other guest not in their party to watch their children.

Kids must be supervised by an adult – Children under the age of 12 may not be supervised by other children under the age of 14.

Hiring a Babysitter

We do not provide child-care services, although we will help you hire a babysitter. Parents are encouraged to hire a Belizean sitter to assist with supervising their kids so the parents can take advantage of all that we have to offer. It will cost $25 US/day/child for up to 8 hours/day of babysitting for 3 kids (one sitter can watch 3 kids, max.) Slickrock will house (pending space) and feed the Belizean sitter at no additional cost, the only cost to the parent is paying the sitter in cash at the end of the trip ($200 US – Full Week, $125 US – First Half, $100 US – Second Half). Because all of our staff are already working all day with their regular duties, no one has extra time to babysit for just a few hours or just one day. Therefore the only way to hire a sitter is for the full week or half week as listed above. They come out on the boat with you and leave on the boat with you.

Hiring a sitter is a challenge, because anyone who would be an excellent sitter is likely to already have a job. We do our best to find good sitters, but we cannot guarantee that they will be your dream sitter, and be creative at thinking up things to do with your child. We do provide games and art supplies, but you should bring some too. The more notice you give, the more likely we can find a good sitter to help you.

Babysitter Activities – We have an island activity tub for little kids, which contains the following: Games: Candyland, Ring Toss, Old Maid, Go Fish, TicTacToe. Art and craft supplies: paper-large and small, markers, colored pencils, glue, sequence and foam shapes for gluing, scissors, origami kits, pipe cleaners, supplies to make shell necklaces and shell mobiles. Kid’s books. Sand castle equipment: buckets, shovels, digging forks. Adult or babysitter supervision is required to use these supplies.

Advance notice needed to hire a babysitter – Please do not wait until the last minute to request a babysitter. Communication is difficult in rural Belize where our staff lives. It can take many phone calls to find a person available to leave their home for several days.


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Kayaking with kids

Parents must be fit enough to paddle their young children in a double sea kayak if they plan to go kayaking. Guides cannot do this as they need to be available to rescue guests and they cannot effectively do this from a double kayak. Single parents who wish to kayak alone must travel with another adult or hire a babysitter to supervise their child under 12 years of age while they kayak. Some kids 9 and older (depends on body size and strength) will be able to surf kayak.

Scuba diving for kids

Kids ages 8 and 9 may take the Bubblemaker course which has a 6-foot depth limit and takes one-half day. Kids ages 10 and 11 may be able to dive as a regular diver, this age limit is under the discretion of our Dive Instructor. Kids ages 12 and over may get their PADI certification, or take the one-half day Discover Scuba course if they wish. Non-divers or snorkelers will not be able to join divers on the boat while divers are diving or taking courses.

If the child is in a dive course, he will not be able to dive with his parents until he is certified, unless the parents are also students in the same course. During courses students must dive with a Dive Instructor while certified divers dive with a Dive Master. The two groups may share the boat ride to a dive, but they will not be diving together. Also, when the student is doing skills with the Instructor, we have found in the past that having family members along who are just watching and not taking the course at the same time tend to distract from the lesson. After the course is completed, the child will be certified and then they can all dive together as certified divers.

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Older Kids

No unescorted minors – On all trips, minors, (under 18), must be accompanied by an adult.

Island drinking age – Parents are responsible for enforcing the island 21-year age drinking rule since we use a self-service beer and alcohol system



“I wanted to write and tell you ‘Thank You’…

…for all your help before our trip to Belize and let you know we had the time of our lives! Not only was everything exactly as described in your literature, we made so many new friends! Having a full group made for entertaining dinners, great volleyball matches, fun groups learning new skills and practicing together and most of all great conversations! Our 6 year-old daughter, Quincy, was made extremely welcome by her babysitter. Thankfully she was open to playing Candyland, repeatedly! It was a great relief to have someone so caring to look after Quincy while my husband and I took part in other activities. Also, Victor went above and beyond the call of duty when he included Quincy in our group activities. He took her out on the double kayak multiple times, out on the longboard, and also showed her how to roll the double kayak. All in all it was a grand adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.”

Laurie Higuera

Napa CA, Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007