Belize Adventure Week

Experience 15 sports in our 8-day active Belize vacation package

EXPLORE BELIZE BY PADDLE, SAIL, SURFBOARD, AND MORE! Belize Adventure Week — our ever-popular, action-packed Belize adventure tour — explores this fascinating country using a multi-sport format. This active vacation is the culmination of 33 years of our Belize discovery.

picture of kayakers on the Caves Branch river

Running the Caves Branch River
Sarah Moore

We start at a beach lodge in a coastal village, transferring to the jungle early the next morning for waterfall rappelling and ziplining on the longest zipline in Central America. From there we transfer to western Belize to spend two days learning to kayak on the Mopan River, exploring the Mayan Ruins of Xunantunich, and cave kayaking in Belize before finishing up in Belize City. If you only have 4 days in Belize you can join us for the first few days of this adventure as a stand-alone package.

Kayaking just off Long Caye
Keith Fialcowitz

Mid-week we travel far out to sea to Slickrock’s exclusive Long Caye Resort Belize at Glover’s Reef, a National Marine Reserve. Here we use sea kayaks to access snorkeling sites and other islands in the atoll. We have top-notch surf kayaks, surf boards, and paddleboards to take advantage of our private wave. Fully-outfitted fishing kayaks and windsurfing rigs for all levels complete our amazing fleet of sport gear. World-class kitesurfing and scuba diving are also available for an extra fee.

We spend 3 nights on the island, with guided sport activity and instruction sessions offered from early morning until late at night. The island portion of the package is also available as a stand alone, 5-night adventure tour.

We have the best set of sports gear in Belize!
Henry Georgi

Our Belize eco-resort is powered by the sun and wind, and our Belize beach bungalows are perched right on the shore. Our huge open-air dining hall is the center of island life, where you enjoy cold drinks and home-cooked meals. Our composting toilets and showers pumped by the sun complete our eco-friendly set-up. Long Caye offers a backdrop few locations can match. We are the only adventure tour operator in Belize with a private island!

No Experience Needed

This kayaking trip is designed for those looking for active vacations, and although no experience is required, some guests may find the activities strenuous (particularly the hike to the rappel and the portages on the Caves Branch River). Each sport is introduced, taught, and guided by expert guides, and each sport is suitable for a complete beginner in good shape. People who are in good physical shape and have a good attitude will do fine. Hundreds of our guests have commented that this Belize adventure vacation was the best of their lives. Come see for yourself why our guests return year after year!

[photo credit at top of page: Henry Georgi]


Belize Adventure Week

REGION: Jungle and Island
TRIP LENGTH: Full Week – 8 nights (1 at a beach lodge, 2 at a jungle lodge, 2 in Belize City, 3 on the island)
SEASON: December – April
DEPOSIT: $450 per person
GROUP SIZE: Minimum 4, Maximum 12

2018: Dec. 22, 29
2019: Jan. 26
Feb. 16
Mar. 2, 16, 23, 30

We will add any Saturday not listed for a group of 4 or more (December – April only).

We are closed May – November due to rainy season, followed by hurricane season.

To create a seamless, longer Belize trip, visit our Belize Itineraries page.

MEETS: Pelican Beach Resort, Dangriga, Belize

HOW TO GET THERE: 15 minute local flight from Belize International Airport.

Guests are responsible for their own transportation to Dangriga. Contact the airline directly to reserve: Tropic Air –,, 011-501-226-2012. Maya Island Air –,, 011-501-223-1140.

SCHEDULE FOR ARRIVAL: We meet at 6 pm on Day 1 of your trip. Your international flight should land in Belize City no later than 4:00 pm to ensure you will be able to catch the last flight to Dangriga; check local flights before confirming international flights. If you are late you will have to use a cab to catch up with the group (3 hour drive, approx. $200 US).

We do not offer individual days purchased separately. If you book two trips back-to-back (trips with overlapping overnight accommodations with Slickrock), you will receive an additional discount. Visit our extended stay deals page.

Min: 10*; max:70; no exceptions permitted to age limits

*Children ages 10 and 11 may not be able to participate in all activities. The guide will assess the child’s physical capabilities for each activity. If the guide decides that it is unsafe for the child to participate, a parent will either have to sit the activity out with the child, or hire a Belizean babysitter at a cost to the parent of $25 US/day. This assessment is weather-dependent (high water due to rain can drastically alter the difficulty.)

Minimum weight: There is a 100 pound limit for the Antelope Falls rappel; Bocawina Falls will be substituted. Kids under 18 doing Bocawina Falls must be accompanied by a parent.

Weight Limits: Sometimes prospective guests ask if we have boats that can hold a person of 240 lbs, for example. This is difficult to answer because it depends on the fitness of the individual. In general, persons over 200 lbs will not be able to do every sport we offer, unless they are young and very active already. Here are our best estimates for weight limits for each sport: river kayaks: 225 lbs; sea kayaks: 225 lbs; surf kayaks: 200 lbs; windsurfing: 225 lbs; fishing kayaks: 225 lbs; kitesurfing: 210 lbs, surfing: 200 lbs.

Height Limits Our gear does not extend to accommodate every single height. In general, persons over 6’4″ may not be able to do every sport we offer. We do have 2 sea kayaks for “tall men”, but they do not work for very tall people. We asked Sam Sturman, our tallest guest ever, to write about his experience on the island; here is his explanation of how our program works for very tall people:

“I attended the adventure island trip on February 8, 2013. It was an amazing week. What is unique about my experience is my height: 6’ 9” and weight 235 lbs. and a 36 inch inseam. I wasn’t able to fit into a sea kayak because you have to sit in the seat and then put your legs in and my legs wouldn’t fold up that much. I was able to use one of Slickrock’s fishing kayaks and that worked fine for paddling and going off on snorkeling adventures. I wasn’t able to do surf kayaking because my legs were too long for the kayak and my bent knees interfered with my ability to paddle. I tried using a ‘Versa Board’ that looks much like a paddleboard, but I as unable to ride the waves. I did paddle out and watched the wave surfers. If you are over 6’ 4” you are going to have to understand that your height might be a factor in certain activities.

I went to the island to snorkel, paddleboard, and sea kayak and my expectations were met. In spite of the limitations of my height, the Adventure Island trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I plan on returning.”


What’s Included?

  • Accommodations listed in itinerary (booked double occupancy if possible); includes all bedding
  • All transport and meals in itinerary
  • Cold beer, soda, juice, and water (other alcoholic beverages are available in Belize)
  • Guides and support staff
  • All kayaks, windsurfers, boards, and accessories
  • Sports instruction & guided activities (except as listed)
  • 3-8 staff, depends on group size
  • Park entrance fees and fishing licenses
  • Sales and hotel taxes, all other fees associated with travel package
  • Slickrock T-shirt
  • Flights to and from Belize
  • Flights to Dangriga, Belize on Day 1 see Domestic Flight Reservations
  • Taxis to airport at end of trip
  • The last night’s dinner in Belize City for both First Half and Full Week guests
  • Alcoholic beverages in restaurants, and any alcohol except for beer
  • Any services not listed in itinerary
  • Fees and equipment for scuba diving or scuba courses
  • Fees for kitesurfing lessons (not available in April)
  • Snorkeling gear (mask, fins, snorkel, booties, wetsuit or diveskin, rashguard) (see how to choose snorkeling gear)
  • Fishing gear (we provide fishing kayaks)
  • Tips for staff (see Note on Tipping)
  • Any extra expenses due to late arrivals or delays
  • Belize int’l departure tax: approx. $40

Caves Branch River Belize

“I liked day two in the jungle best – hike to the ruins and ride on sit-on-top kayaks on the Mopan River. It was a great combination of learning the history of the Mayans and the thrill of kayaking on the river in this amazing and beautiful setting. On the Island, I really loved the opportunity to make a choice about my activity each morning after breakfast and then after lunch. Then the staff would look at the numbers and assign the number of staff needed. The flexibility was phenomenal.”

Chris Richards

Millet AB, Belize Adventure Week, February 2012

Belize Adventure Vacations for Active People

Giant sponge at Long Caye Wall
Mark Webster

Xunantunich Mayan ruins
Bill Hatcher

Jungle Activities
(3 full days):

  • Kayak a whitewater river
  • Rappel a 200 foot waterfall
  • Fly on Central America’s longest zipline
  • Climb the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich
  • Descend an underground river by kayak, finding our way with headlamps.

Island Activities
(3 full days):

  • We use sea kayaks to access Caribbean snorkeling and other nearby islands
  • We also have surf kayaks, surf boards, and paddleboards for our private wave
  • Our fully-outfitted fishing kayaks allow you to fish right off our shore
  • We have complete windsurfing rigs for all levels
  • Kitesurfing lessons and Belize dive packages are at an additional cost.

Every day we paddle to snorkel sites near Long Caye
Victor Meyers

Learn to kitesurf on your Belize vacation!
Hani Notenboom


Pelican Beach Resort

1 Night

The perfect place to start your trip, Pelican Beach is located on the Belize coast in Dangriga. This charming lodge will remind you of the Florida Keys in the 1950s. Located only steps from the airstrip, you’ll be enjoying a cool drink on the edge of the Caribbean in just over one hour from landing in Belize.

Pelican Beach Resort, where we start our trip
Tony Rath

Windy Hill cabins
Kathe O’Donnelly

Windy Hill Resort grounds
Windy Hill Resort

Cassia Hill Resort

2 nights

Cassia Hill Resort is located in the Cayo District, the most popular inland destination in Belize. It’s the perfect location for our tours because it is accessible, and yet feels quite remote. They are located near several of Belize’s greatest natural attractions including well-known Maya Temples, caves, rainforests, and jungle rivers.

Cassia Hill Resort’s accommodations have all of the modern conveniences in a lush tropical setting. The resort property also features cable television, a restaurant with a bar and lounge, a recreation area and fitness center, a swimming pool, and an equestrian center. There’s also a gift shop and phone and internet are available.

Long Caye at Glover’s Reef

3 nights

When we first moved to Glover’s Reef in 1992 our goal was to create a facility that feels non-developed. Obviously if you build a building, that’s some level of development. But throughout the Caribbean there are very few facilities that are rustic by design

On Long Caye, development means sixteen cabanas, a well-stocked kitchen, solar-powered water pumps, a composting toilet, a hammock palapa, a dock just for watching the surfers from, three dozen sea kayaks, a bunch of sailboards, surf boards, and surf kayaks, a kitesurf center, and a dive shop (the only thing not owned by Slickrock).

There is no air conditioning, maid service, email, and no flush toilets (since we are an eco-resort, we flush nothing into the sea.) But there is a fridge permanently loaded with Fantas and Belikin beer, and we are so lucky to have one of the best Belize beaches. It’s the best in adventure travel — right down to the Belizean guides who guide you to new snorkel spots all day and then join you for dinner.

Depending on your experience, our Water Sports Center is either the cushiest camp or the most rustic resort you have seen. We keep the island in as natural a state as possible, and there is no standard electricity or plumbing. Cabanas are perched above the surf, and the ever-present breeze keeps the temperatures well below what they are on the mainland.

Each cabana has single or double beds, a solar-powered light, and a porch with hammocks and lounge chairs. To learn more about our Belize beach huts, visit this page on our site.

Our dining hall features solar and wind-powered lights and music, propane stoves and solar refrigerators (for cold beer and soda!), and our extensive library.

We drink collected rainwater, and we bathe with well water pumped by the sun (not heated, the showers are about 75 degrees). Composting toilets complete this ecologically friendly set-up. Our spacious island (13.5 acres) and rustic facilities ensure your comfort without compromising the adventure of living on an undeveloped and uncrowded island. Best of all, a hammock with your name on it is waiting under the palms. For more details on the sustainable facilities at our Belize eco resort, visit this page.

Every Adventure Island experience includes a Digital Detox. No cell phones or email! Wake to the sounds of nature; no alarm clocks either. You will experience a wonderful thing: Island Time.

Please visit our Long Caye page to view more photos of the island.

All of our cabanas sit right on the water's edge
Clayton Anderson

Long Caye cabana
Geoff Gourley

Long Caye dining hall
Lane Windsor

View from your cabana porch
Keith Fialcowitz

Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel
Allen Gurney

Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel

2 nights

The Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel is a full-service hotel located on the outskirts of Belize City, three miles from downtown near the airport. The Biltmore has a business center, beautifully landscaped courtyard, swimming pool, great restaurant, bar, gym, gift shop, tour desk, and internet cafe. It’s perfect for guests who arrive early, stay late, or who have just a few extra hours in the city.