Belize Adventure Week Itinerary

First Half

4 Night Adventure Package in the Jungles of Belize

Our Belize Adventure Week First Half package is the first four days of our full Belize Adventure Week trip. This itinerary always begins on a Saturday. You stay at three different lodges during this exciting adventure; this is the shortest package that we offer. We meet late in the day on Day 1; guests are responsible for getting themselves to Dangriga, a 15-minute flight from Belize City. We do recommend for everyone fly in a full day early (so as to insure inadvertent delays don’t cause you to miss the first morning of your trip.) For more explanation on this option see Our Hints for a Better Vacation.

Although this is an accurate description of the Belize Adventure Week First Half itinerary, it can be subject to change. Belize weather, river levels, wind speed, and road conditions can cause delays and substitution of activities. The exact day-by-day activity schedule may vary a little from week to week. We sell a Belize map that will help you to better visualize all of the terrain we cover in one week.

[photo credit at top of page: Lucy Wallingford]

waterfall rappel

Rappel in Bocawina National Park
Rick Pratt

Day One



Fly to Belize International Airport then continue on a local flight to Dangriga (guest responsibility, see Domestic Flight Reservations).

Landing at the Dangriga airstrip, if you can carry your luggage about the length of a football field, walk directly toward the sea and you are at the lodge. If you have too much to carry, catch a cab one block to Pelican Beach Hotel. Note: your international flight should land in Belize no later than 4:00 pm to ensure you will be able to catch the last flight to Dangriga; check local flights before confirming international flights. If end up being late you will have to take a cab to catch up with the group. (Request the Belize Adventure Week information sheet for more info on catching up with the group if late.)

We meet at 6:00 pm for orientation, dinner, and overnight. Once we meet you all hotels, meals, and transport are covered. Our guide will wait for everyone before starting the orientation, and attendance this evening is required.

Landing in Dangriga, Belize
Mike Keller – Photo Kaz
Dangriga, Belize
Steve Hulsey
Rappelling Antelope Falls
Neri Chi
You can ride tandem with a guide if you are a bit timid :)
Neri Chi

Day Two


Starting early, we drive to Bocawina Rainforest Resort (45 min) for breakfast, then start out for the waterfall rappel. We hike  about 600’ up a steep, well-maintained jungle trail, where a plunge pool rewards our efforts. Everyone is trained on rappelling, and one-by-one each person descends through the waterfall. Guests can hike back down to opt out of this event if they choose, the pool is well worth the hike. This is a thrilling morning!

After lunch we go ziplining! Bocawina guides give thorough instruction on the zipline technique. Any guests feeling uncertain of their ability can ride tandem with a guide. This is the longest zipline in Central America, the longest run of the the seven stages is 2300 feet!

In the early afternoon we drive the Hummingbird Highway to western Belize (2 hrs). The drive takes us past citrus orchards and villages and miles of jungle; you get a real feel for rural Belize on this lovely drive.

Passing through the regional center of San Ignacio, we check into our lodging at Windy Hill Resort on the outskirts of town. We stay here for two nights.

Day Three


After breakfast we embark on a kayak run down the Mopan River. We use sit-on-top kayaks for this adventure, which are stable and easy to paddle. A land-training session is followed with further instruction on the river. You will learn to surf waves, dodge rocks, and run small drop-offs. We enjoy lunch at a riverside cafe.

After lunch we take a short drive to Xunantunich Ruins, where we climb The Castillo pyramid. Your guide (a Mayan himself) interprets the ruins and Mayan culture while exploring the site. We return to Windy Hill for the night.

Complete instruction is included before running the beginner-level rapids
Lucy Wallingford
Cimbing The Castillo at Xunantunich
Henry Georgi
Entering the first of four caves
Jannifer Carlson
Running the Caves Branch River, seven miles by headlamp!
Sandra Koch

Day Four


After breakfast we move out of Windy Hill and drive to the Caves Branch River. After a short orientation we launch on our underground journey in the same kayaks we used the day before, but this time navigating by headlamp. This unique trip combines caving and river running. Everyone must negotiate a quarter-mile portage on a jungle trail during this five-mile run. This is arguably the best one-day adventure in the country!

In the late afternoon we drive to the Belize Biltmore Plaza hotel in Belize City. After checking in, First Half guests are on their own for dinner and breakfast the next day, although your hotel is covered this night.