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Guest Testimonials – Belize Travel Reviews

Belize Adventure Travel Reviews

Guest Testimonials

I traveled with you in 1995 and it was hands down, one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We are planning a trip for 2020 when I turn 60 (ye gads!). Cheers and thanks for running such a fabulous business…

Heidi Siegelbaum, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, 1995

This was a great trip at a wonderful place, and a great value for the money. I loved the absence of electronic communication and the flexible program. I was blown away by the staff and their abilty to adapt depending on interests and conditions.

Gerard Morton, Toronto, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2018

The staff’s ability to create a warm atmosphere (particularly the very accomplished guides), the abundance of water toys, and the compatibility of the other families made the trip so enjoyable. It’s our second trip with you, and our daughter declared it the best Buchanan vacation ever! Both of our boys were busy and happy doing water sports the entire time, as were we. Yes, we would return, and yes, we would recommend. In fact, 3 families and counting have signed up for Slickrock trips after hearing about both of our trips. We enjoyed our experiences so much that we want to tell everyone with a personality like ours to BOOK NOW! The staff MADE the trip last time, and again this time, and we’ve talked about them multiple times since arriving home. It would not be as fun a trip without your awesome staff… from cooks, to guides, to Paul and Martin.

Rena Buchanan, Redondo Beach, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2017

Our trip was excellent, we loved our experience. Our whole reason for coming was we wanted good snorkeling and we found it! The variety of sea life and the abundant coral is not something you find many places. Our favorite part of the trip was the friendly, involved and very necessary guides. I thought that MJ did a great job communicating expectations and procedures. He was extremely friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. All his attention to teaching and safety was great. Well done! German, Steven and Neri were all wonderful too! And the cooks did an AMAZING job!!! Love the Belize food! Everyone we interacted with was fabulous.

Erin Brown, Cresskill, NJ
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2017

It was a trip of a lifetime for us. We had been looking at Belize all inclusive family resorts and your place was perfect for our family. We loved the snorkeling and the wonderful guiding done by Neri and German.
We loved the remoteness of the island.
We loved seeing all the wildlife from the Ospreys, Hermit crabs, reefs inhabitants, low tide creatures….
We loved our family time and so we appreciated that Cully adjusted which cabanas we were assigned so we could hang out together in the evenings on the common deck checking out the night skies and it made spending time together as a family that much more special.
We least enjoyed the total travel time required to get there but of course totally get that the remoteness of your location is one of the draws and having done the travel now understand that all your advice on travel was spot on.
Yes, we would return and yes, we would recommend to friends (already one is quite interested!). We feel it was a unique experience very well suited to some of our adventure seeking friends and while fairly expensive, still good “bang for the holiday buck “!

Carolyn Goddard, Red Deer, AB
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2017

The trip was fantastic. It was as advertised and met and/or exceeded our expectations. The food definitely exceeded our expectations. There was a nice variety and it was all so fresh. “Luxury Camping” was the perfect way to describe the accommodations and the variety of activities kept us engaged. All staff seemed to have smiles on their faces most of the time. That says a lot about how the island and trips are run. The island was clean and well maintained. The boat captains knew their job well, as they guided us through the bumpy waters outside of the reef. We will definitely recommend this trip to friends. It’s a great way to try a variety of water activities that we don’t always have the opportunity to try with instruction in a friendly and safe environment. It’s a great way to unplug.

Sandy Gareton, Cary, NC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2017

This was the best vacation I have ever had. It was perfectly paced. There was always cool stuff to do but enough downtime to chill between activities. I plan on returning and have already recommended to friends because getting intel from a friend is better than any brochure. I thought the packing list was crazy when I was getting all the stuff together but was impressed by how accurately it reflected the needs on the island. When my kids were little I told them I would take them anywhere in the world they wanted to go when they turned 13. This was my daughter’s 13 trip. When I heard about the island/slickrock, I knew that was the perfect fit.

Rob Orman, Bend, OR
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2017

We had an absolutely great week out on the island. I will send more photos, but this is a favorite, taken on Saturday just before we boarded the boat, titled “How You Feel When You Have to Leave the Island”

Thanks to all of you for giving us a place to gather as a family where we can unplug, adventure together, learn and play. Best place on earth!

Carol Cashion, Winchester, MA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef January 2016 and December 2016

Exactly what I was seeking. The locations, the equipment, the huts, the water temperature… EVERYTHING! Every need of mine was handled beautifully, with a sincere smile. I felt like I was part of the Slickrock Family. Neri and MJ were fantastic guides and, I felt, good friends.

Bob Olliver, Del Mar, CA
Belize Adventure Week and Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2017

This week was the ideal balance of stimulation, challenge, fun, relaxation, adventure, and reflection. Long Caye provides a beautiful lab for how to sustainably and respectfully engage “tourists” with a fragile ecosystem. I appreciate the systems you have developed to support this. And OMG the food was AWESOME!! I recommend that you add “cooking internships and instruction” to your list of daily activity options (I am serious). I enjoyed everything.

Nancy Murphy, Burton, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2017

I had an amazing time on my trip; from Lucy’s help and guidance to pick the trip right through to MJ and the team during the time on the island, everything beat my expectations. I thought the organization was excellent and the island was stunning. It’s a perfect match of activities and relaxation. Thanks for a great holiday.

Mark Killey, London, UK
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2017

Our trip with you was wonderful, relaxing and with a great “tempo” and options for activities and freedom. The guides made it possible to do all that we had hoped, including a night snorkel, fishing, kayaking, kayak self-rescue, kayak-surfing, etc. Attention to detail and safety were obviously a priority for for both MJ and Shane. All the guides were low-key, very knowledgeable and “present”. There were no negatives…. We are staring our Slickrock fund for 2018 already!

Chuck Harris & Karen Jerger, Jackson Hole, WY
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2017

WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!! Love the staff, the island, the ocean, the WHOLE experience. Very very impressed! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you have the vision, tenaciousness and capability to create this experience for others. I hope you continue for a long time!!! Your business is fantastic and I am so lucky to experience Long Caye in Glover’s Reef via Slickrock Adventures.
PS Charlie is a great rolling teacher and yes, I learned to roll:) And we laughed a great deal. MJ and Luis have great humor and knowledge. Plus they can dance….Martin too!

Sarah McEneany, Milwaukee, WI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2017

I just wanted you guys to know how much fun my friend and I had on your island last week, and how wonderful we thought the guides were – being Charlie, MJ, Elsa and Luis. They took care of us so well. You have such a smooth team working for you.MUCH appreciated. We will talk up Slickrock to all of our friends, and we will be back for sure!

Thank you!

Carol Sternkopf, Bend, OR
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2017

We had an incredible, wonderful, amazing, beautiful time in January. I know you hear this a lot. But, thanks for a wonderful time. We were well outfitted thanks to your packing checklist and answers to our questions.

Cathy Browder, Weddington, NC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2017

For our family to unplug and play just like when we are camping domestically or just as if you were a kid back at summer camp = perfect vacation! I wish there were more locations in other parts of the world such as this one. Thank you specifically to the kind staff that kept us laughing, playing and well fed.

We also loved making new friends and miss them after all that time together!

Anne Warren, Littleton, CO
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef Full Week, December 2016
On Facebook January 9, 2017

It was better than I even imagined! The atmosphere, the people, the attention we got and the true laid back, but learn all you want, when you want. Fantastic food and accommodations.

Rich Palermo, Charlottesville, VA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2016

We loved the island, the water activities, the food, and the staff. We do plan to return in a couple of years. We are recommending this trip to people who are active and enjoy being outdoors. The meals had an amazing variety of flavor; we couldn’t pass on anything. Everyone on the staff was great! It is very obvious that the people working for Slickrock enjoy what they do and care about the island and the visitors. You have a very well-run operation. Thank you for the wonderful introduction to Belize.

Mary von Koch, Moab, UT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2016

It’s a VERY hard pill to swallow stepping back into reality after such a wonderful 2 week experience in Belize. We feel so fortunate to have stumbled into the whole Slickrock experience and really feel that our guides made the experience so memorable and remarkable for us. We are talking about returning to the island next season and have labeled our suitcases Slickrock 2017!

Michelle Jones-Hughes, Cedar Falls, IA
Belize Adventure Week & Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2016

Our trip with you was well organized, challenging, fun; just a top quality experience in every way. I really appreciated how generous all the guides were with their time even “after hours,” playing games with us, telling us more about the island and the activities in informal ways. And I just want to say that the tips on where to source good quality equipment at a good price was invaluable. I am glad we listened to all the advice that was provided, especially as first -timers. I hope to return, and I can recommend the trip to friends who are comfortable with the “roughing it” aspect of life on the island, which suits us perfectly but isn’t for everyone! My only complaint is that you didn’t talk me out of only doing 1/2 week!

Carol Cashion, Winchester, MA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2016

We had the adventure of a lifetime with Slickrock on the island. Carlos, Louis, Mark, Jasmine and Kyle made our stay extra fun, educational and adventurous. Our girls, ages 11 and 7 really enjoyed participating in all their activities, talking with them, helping them and feeling really included with the group as we explored the area. Everyone was helpful and kind and there were lots of memories created. Our girls loved the snorkelling, the iMat, hermit crabs and crab races and all the activities ie: exploring the tidal areas, iMat wrestling, paddle boarding, and kayaking. The staff ensured they had fun !! Wow. The girls loved the island and want to come back again! Thanks again for a great adventure.

Say hi to everyone for us. Thanks again for a great adventure.

Danine, Joe, Georgia, and Jessa Rutter, Owensound, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2015

The trip was excellent. I appreciate that the guides had activities in the evening that engaged our son, they kept it fun with things like the olympics, crab races etc. !!!! I would love to come back for a full week on the island. I recommend the trip because it is special to have your own sea kayaking island, plus kayaking on the Mopan. And the Caves Branch is unique for paddlers! I heard about the trip many years ago. I used to guide paddling trips and this was on my bucket list I am so glad that I got to do this trip with my husband and son.

Julie Francis, Colorado Springs, CO
Belize Adventure Week, December 2015

We LOVED every second of the trip and the only thing we would change was to do the whole week instead of first half, we weren’t ready to leave! The packing list was spot on and very helpful, everything on it we used. The food was outstanding and all the staff were so friendly. Our lead guide Mark was awesome, his lectures in the evening were very informative and fun. He made sure to accommodate the activities we wanted to make sure we could do them in the time frame we were there, specifically SUP to south caye, wasn’t originally on the agenda for the day but he made it happen. Luis was an excellent guide on the snorkel outings, pointed out fish and made sure you saw them. It’s hard to pick a favorite part. But what I really liked was the pace set by Mark and crew. You could do as much or as little as you wanted and even doing all activities you had down time in between, which made the days seem longer.
I also would never have thought about traveling alone (and didn’t I had my husband and brother with me) but this trip is definitely something a single person could do and feel super comfortable!! We will definitely come back and bring friends and family. We have raved about this trip to everyone since being back, and we will stay the whole week.
Thank you so much for providing my family with this incredibly memorable experience. We have traveled to many tropical locations but this is by far the best. Way better than any fancy resort!!

Bethany Cutts, Casper, WY
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2015

Even though I still have many other places on my bucket list, I chose to come again due to the beauty of the location and the simplicity of signing up for a package that includes so much for so little (relatively speaking). I had just given up trying to organize a visit to Jamaica. I kept running into complications with car rental options, lodging options, etc. When I received a notice that you were offering a reduced price on a week I could attend, I grabbed it. Although Jamaica’s snorkeling was wonderful when I was there 40 years ago, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t compare to yours. All I had to do was sign up and the lodging and transportation was all taken care of. Wonderful!! Also, unlike cruise lines, your prices aren’t based on double occupancy. You paired me up with someone on my first trip and I got a cabin to myself on this one. Both were great.

I especially liked how all the guides focused on what we were doing right whenever we attempted a new activity. It would have been very easy for me to talk myself out of trying things due to my age and lack of athletic skills, but they would focus my attention on what had gone right and then give me a suggestion on something to add to my next attempt so it wasn’t so over-whelming. I was very impressed and appreciative.

Susan Kampe, Boulder, CO
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2015

Our trip was fun, relaxing, exciting, enjoyable, well-organized, safe, friendly, and more similar descriptors. The food was delicious. You were able to accommodate both a vegetarian and a gluten-allergic person without seeming to miss a beat. I had to get a little more selective about what I ate after the first day because I found I was indulging a bit too much because it was all so good. I would definitely return, and definitely recommend. Everything was completely thought through and communicated clearly, activities were conducted with utmost regard for safety, equipment was great, and above all everyone on the island is friendly, fun and interesting.

Beeper Shanower, Citrus Heights, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2015

We had a great time! All aspects of the trip went very smoothly; we did not have a bad moment! We definitely plan on returning in the future and plan to recommend this trip to our friends. The food was phenomenal every day, especially on the island. We wish we could have brought the cooks home with us! You presented an adventure we needed to experience. Thank you for the great trip.

Chuck Paldanius, Eagle River, AK
Belize Adventure Week, February 2015

We loved everything. It is rare for a group to come together and click as this one did. MJ was an amazing leader and teacher with his ever present smile, unending patience, and thorough knowledge of his country and the sports and sea life. Luis was terrific—positive and knowledgeable. We loved him! Emily was enthusiastic and knowledgeable as well. We enjoyed Charlie and his history lectures and energy tour. Thanks to Jasmine, Politico, Marcy and Lavern for enriching our experience.

Nancy Frankel and Mary Atwell, Bedford, NH
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2015

Our guide Neri in particular was very knowledgeable and helpful. When I lost my mask on the reef, Neri and another guide spent probably 45 minutes looking for it. They didn’t find it, but I can easily imagine some guides just immediately saying “Wow, too bad for you.” Neri also loaned me his spare for the remainder of the trip. I wanted a trip that didn’t include a huge air-travel time… was entirely pre-arranged, and offered a degree of physical adventure. You guys didn’t disappoint.

Matt Lavoie, Raleigh, NC
Belize Adventure Week & Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2015

The trip was fabulous. The guides were knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, fun and patient. The food was great. The equipment was top-notch. The setting was gorgeous. The accommodations were rustic but adequate. And our group was awesome. We enjoyed all the varied activities available. It was great as a family of 6 with various ages and interests to be able to do some things together but also to split up and enjoy activities independently, but still be close by. We also really loved the freedom and security that the island provided for the kids, where they could roam a bit, which they can’t often do most places anymore. And our lead guide MJ was amazing. I am sure we are not the first people to wax poetic about him, but he really did a phenomenal job. I was very impressed with his ability to make people of all ages and skill levels feel comfortable. He was fantastic with all my kids – ages 7 to 16. He never seemed hurried or harried, took everything in stride and seemed to really enjoy himself. My entire family thought he was instrumental in making the trip the success that it was. He really brings a unique combination of warmth and competence to the job.

Paula Pessner, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2014

I enjoyed everything – every meal was fantastic (fresh squeezed orange juice was a highlight!); the activities were varied and well supervised. The staff were lots of fun and very accommodating. Cheerful every day, and worked well as a team. I would highly recommend this trip to friends, especially if they like these activities. It was a very unique experience and one of the hidden treasures of Belize! I will be talking about it for a long time! Meg, our lead guide, was an A+. If you can’t keep her forever, clone her. And this was a perfect holiday for a mom and son…or mom and daughter. How many trips can you name that would be good for a mom and son who’s 32????

Carolyn Clark, Toronto, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2015

This vacation was definitely our most unique and exciting vacation yet! I was never bored and felt like I was doing something different at every moment. I’m glad that we chose the adventure week over only the island week because I feel like I got to see more of Belize and interact with more of its people. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without our wonderful guide, Neri. He was fun, easy to get along with, knowledgeable, open-minded, and clearly knew what he was doing. He’s definitely an invaluable asset to the Slickrock team and made our trip the best it could possibly be. That being said, I also loved getting to know all of the other guides – MJ, Carlos, and Luis- and they made our trip even more fun and enjoyable.

Tess F., Pennington, NJ
Belize Adventure Week, December 2014

I hope to return someday – I have very fond memories of my diving time and also great paddling trip at Glovers! I’ve been as far away as Fiji since then, but remember my dives on Glover’s as having unrivaled visibility, a wonderful healthy reef system and a total lack of crowds (unlike my experience earlier this year at the great dive site but crowded destination of Cozumel.)

Glenn Ackerson, Ft. Collins, CO
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2010

Thank you for possibly the best week in my life! I’ve been a whitewater rafting guide in the Pacific Northwest for many years (this is my 20th season), and I must say – I was very, very impressed by the quality, caring and overall professionalism of your folks. Mark, Neri, MJ, Carlos, Mary, Diego were absolutely top notch. Martin and Apolitico punch in well above their height in volleyball matches <grin>, and the quiet Aurora and Lavern spin up the most scrumptious meals this side of the Caribbean! They knew *exactly* how to let the everyone enjoy themselves, while keeping a watchful eye out for their well-being and safety. They exhibited the precise qualities that I’d want when assembling a team, and Slickrock certainly had this nailed.. I was originally scheduled for the “short” vacation, but ended up extending it – since I simply couldn’t bring myself to leave!!

Shan Perera, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, May 2011

What I enjoyed the most was the personalization of our group trip. Wherever our group went (with the exception of Tikal) we were alone. We were the only group on the Mopan River, at the Che Chem Ha Belize cave, on the Caves Branch River, and on the island. Our group became like family very quickly which enhanced the vacation experience for me. I expected to be just one tour group of many on each leg of the adventure, and the opposite was true. My trip felt perfectly planned by Slickrock in order to provide a personalized adventure experience.

Diana Moore, Austin, TX
Belize Adventure Week, February 2014

Oh my goodness, the food was amazing. I think my husband gained 10 lbs. Really appreciated the access to recipes. The kitchen staff were adorably shy, but always accessible. I loved being able to get my coffee early…

Peggy Gustafson, Quincy, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2014

The trip definitely lived up to the expectations set by the excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and was very consistent with the comprehensive literature provided by Slickrock in advance. The location was wonderful, the staff super friendly, competent and helpful, the equipment was excellent and plentiful, all of which encouraged a friendly, happy atmosphere among the guests.

Rob Williams, Picton, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2014

We enjoyed every minute. The activities were well planned yet we didn’t feel rushed and had plenty of time to relax. The food was great and there was more than enough (now working on post-trip diet). The staff was friendly, helpful, and went out of their way to provide instruction. Can’t say enough….

Steve Herrin, Tulsa, OK
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2014

Had a terrific trip–Slickrock is a first-class operation. What did I most enjoy about the trip? How can I count the ways–the setting, the top notch professionalism of staff & leadership, the clearly compatible relationships between staff, the excellent instruction, equipment, library, facilities (ecologically sound), the evening ‘lectures’ and games, the attention and immediate response to each client’s needs, the flexible schedule/organization/logistics, the pre-trip detailed information, the attention to safety, the food . . . .

I’ve taken kids & adults to and run many outdoor field-experiences/camps in my career as an environmental educator (28 yrs.) specializing in marine ecology, and I’ve never seen this kind of ‘outdoor’ experience done so well. Clearly the philosophy, training, experience, knowledge, self-confidence of the owner/operators is spot-on. You guys ‘get it’–the best I’ve ever seen! Big thanks to everyone that made our stay outstanding.

Sharon Worsham and David Dusenbery, Atlanta, GA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2014

As I sit in an Adirondack chair below a rustling palm tree on my last morning on Long Key, I write down thoughts, trying to remember and preserve the best memories from the full week with the adventurous Slickrock program, but still experience the present moment. The warm breezes caress me as I gaze out at the azure waters and the pristine coral reefs where we snorkeled. I recall fondly all the vibrant water sports activities, the delicious meals, the lovely weather and the sea side cabanas. I am at peace. But what really remains in my brain is the caring, dedicated staff, the harmonious group and the remarkable ambiance of the island—from ocean vistas to powerful continuous sea breezes, from remarkable views of coral sea life to welcome warming sunshine, from living on a speck of a coral reef island in the vast sea to the ever present sound of waves at my cabana door. How blessed I was to have experienced something few have ever seen in their life time!

Kenny Karem, Louisville, KY
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2014
Exerpt from Belize journal written on Long Key Island, March 8, 2014

This is absolutely the greatest place I have ever been. And I have traveled a LOT. Thank you for heaven on earth ! ! !

Eva Iden Hannam, Sycamore, OH
Belize Adventure Week, February 2014
On Facebook, March 21, 2014

We give our Slickrock vacation 5 stars across the board. Very well organized. Love the environmentally friendly aspect like the composting toilettes and water conservation. I love that Slickrock has no gift shop! I hope to return with my whole family. We will definitely recommend it. It is a high-energy, active vacation that is not ultra-commercial.

Romy Rinas, Orleans, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2014

The trip was excellent… great staff; lots of water toys; very nice palapas; great food. Slickrock appeals to anyone who is active outdoors and enjoys the beach and water sports. Choosing Slickrock was based on your reputation and variety, quality and condition of water “toys”.

Mac Carter, Bellingham, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2014

From our first contact with Lucy by telephone, to the wealth of information we were given in preparation for our trip, to the help we received from Cully when Kevin’s flight was delayed and a special charter was arranged, right through until the final boat ride back to Belize City, we were almost overwhelmed with the friendliness, incredible organization and ease with which everything unfolded over our days with Slickrock. The time spent on Long Caye was magical and now that we are back home in Ottawa, it almost seems too good to have been true! I am certain our friends think we are embellishing… good thing we have pictures! We are speaking with several of our friends who love similar adventures and are hoping to come back to Long Caye to share it with them. In the meanwhile, please keep doing what you are doing. It’s a winning formula for sure!

Shari and Mike Duffin, Ottowa, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2014

Beautiful place, outstanding staff, great mix of activities and education and fun. I will be back. Unique destination, and I enjoyed being active and learning a bit about various watersports as well as geomorphology and coral science.

Barnes Ellis, Portland, OR
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2014

Great wonderful trip, super experience, loved it, can’t say enough good things, thank you!!!

Let me note a few extra positive items…

-Snorkel orientation: Surprisingly useful. Kudos to Matt.
-Kayak orientation. The chance to practice wet and dry exits and T-rescues, several times, in warm water, was invaluable for all our newbies. And I really enjoyed it too.
-The food: superb. Don’t change it. We loved it!!!
-The island: your setup is perfect. Loved the showers, the laundry station and well water, the drinking water supply, the beer chest, the hammocks, the cabanas, the trails, the grounds crew, the whole deal.
-The gear: Werner paddles, decent helmets and PFDs, good kayaks and surf kayaks.
-Charlie and the other staff (Mark who pitched in, Mary in BC) were super.
-Your Biltmore-boat-island-orientation-snorkel system: Clearly you’ve worked hard on this over many years, and we admired and enjoyed the result.
-Your office staff in Moab were super-helpful at every turn.
-Your list of other options in Belize was amazingly useful. We stayed at Pook’s Hill and visited ATM Cave and Tikal. Lifetime high points; I credit Slickrock for pointing the way.

All of this is just thanking you for a wonderful experience and hoping to keep Slickrock the best of the best. Which it is…

Howard Corneli, Salt Lake City, UT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2014

I had absolutely the greatest vacation of my life and am definitely planning on going to the island again next winter. Neri and ALL the other guides and slickrock employees are the BEST. . I just can’t say enough good things about Slickrock as a company or about the people you employ. Either you have the greatest training program or you have managed to find the BEST people in the world. I would give my right arm to have employees as loyal and dedicated as the ones I met on my trip. Thank you for the wonderful time! ! ! !

Eva Hannam, Sycamore, OH
Belize Adventure Week, February 2014

THANK YOU! I truly hope that the island stays the way it is (in terms of its more “rustic” accommodations) for years to come. You fill a special niche for people who do not want a “fancy resort” type feel. I felt like a kid at summer camp and that was awesome. My fear was that I would get bored being on a small island but this never occurred. There was always something fun to try and someone great to teach me. The food comes in as a close 3rd! I loved that we didn’t have to make any decisions or arrangements once we got on the island. It made it so that the ENTIRE time was vacation.

Julie Schaffer, Spokane, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2013

I would consider MJ a model guide in all aspects. I marvel at how he kept absolutely every detail under control – and his/your systems are obviously so well honed that they work like clockwork allowing all staff the freedom to shift, adjust, change, modify – to meet the circumstances without getting a monkey-wrench tangled in the works.

Anna Mallin, Bala, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2013

The trip was really, really great. The staff made us feel welcome and at home. They never made us feel like we were inconveniencing them and always wanted to help us learn. Another wonderful aspect was that it was a trip that I didn’t have to plan. Traveling as a family requires a ton of planning and research. This destination is perfect for a family with teenagers because they get ultimate freedom from us in a controlled and safe environment. Very stress free when the parents don’t have to constantly dictate and guide the day. I wish I was still there.

Stacey Bie, Cincinnati, OH
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2012

The trip exceeded our expectations. Our family loved every day of our time on the island. Your website and literature spells out exactly what to expect, which is exactly what we were hoping to find. The food was plentiful and wonderfully prepared, the instruction was helpful and got us started on the water sports, the accommodations were beautiful.

We most enjoyed spending an entire week, entirely unplugged, with our family and getting to know the other guests. The board games were fabulous. It was nice to see the adult kids playing games with the 12 year olds. And sometimes the 12 year olds won! The daily schedule board let us know what TODAY’s events were. It was wonderful not knowing what was happening the next day or the day after. I think focusing on that day’s events helped to slow the trip down. It was nice to forget how long we’d been there or how much longer we had.

Once we made the decision to come and booked airline tickets, Slickrock took care of everything else. We loved having everything included so that there was always something for everyone to do, no additional costs, and instruction and guidance as needed. The all inclusive packaging was a big incentive for us. We returned from our trip without the credit card hangover that often accompanies traveling with a family of 5.

What really stands out is that the staff obviously likes working for Slickrock. There is a sense of pride in their work and in the company. They know that they are working for a quality organization, and it shows in their enthusiasm and attitude. They are also a lot of fun! We loved talking with them and playing volleyball together! It’s great that they join our vacation! Can we get jobs with you?

Steve and Susan Skrocki, Anchorage, AK
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2012

VERY well done. Nicely organized, good balance of structure and freedom. Mark and other guides were excellent—knowledgable and FRIENDLY. Facilities are good—rustic but comfortable. The setting is beautiful! Activities all as fun as advertised, and the food was great too! THANKS AGAIN for a wonderful trip!

Andy Lee, Oakland, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2012

Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef was exactly what we had been looking for: a casual place somewhere warm that provided meals, that was full of activities requiring little effort to arrange, and, VERY important to me, quiet and not crowded. We had so much fun, as you may have gathered from my eval, and will most likely return. My husband’s family is large and it would be a gas if we could all gather there at some future date.

Cathy Niles, Salisbury, CT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2012

This is where we go! I may be the biggest fan of this well run, perfectly situated, highly organized, awesomely fun, well stocked, SUP vacation in Belize. It is the trip of a lifetime. Go.

Michele Shoemaker, San Diego, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 20122 and April 2012
On Facebook, August 4, 2012

What a crazy part of the world you have found. The reef right on the edge of the deep sea is an amazing place to experience. Your resort was exactly what I love – rustic and natural, yet totally comfortable. I particularly loved eating the fantastic food at a picnic table with my feet in the sand. The best of both worlds. This was our honeymoon and so it was perfect – I am not really an ‘all inclusive’ person – have never done that kind of trip, but it was perfect for us to just relax and be taken care of for a few days. And the ‘all you can drink beer and soda’ is a real treat.

Doug Waite, Calgary, AB
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2012

I was totally pleased with the selection of experiences, overall itinerary, accommodations, pacing, efficiency, interpretation, skills, instruction, and safety considerations of this trip. I greatly appreciated the behind the scenes research and planning I know has gone into this over many years. The jungle/inland experiences were what really drew me back as I had been on the Island before (and I love that too) but knowing I would travel as a single person this time, I greatly appreciated having efficient arrangements and expertise to guide me along to such special places as Tikal, the Che Chem ha Mayan cave, and the Caves Branch River. For me to figure this all out on my own, especially crossing into Guatemala with not having much Spanish, would have added a lot of time and frustration to my trip, and given my time was limited to a week or so of vacation this winter, this allowed me to see and learn about places I had ‘heard stories’ about all these many years from my adventurous Moab friends.

Karla Vanderzanden, Moab, Utah
Belize Adventure Week, February, 2012
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2004

Slickrock is well prepared and well managed. We loved the tranquility and small footprint approach to the island. Our guide Mark provided great leadership for the week. He was clear in his instructions, calm, personable and caring. I truly appreciated the way he related to other staff on the island and locals in the hotel in BC for example. Mark also set a good pace, allowing to time to relax, yet keeping a structure that allowed the guests a good sense of opportunity and activity; and the food was exceptional.

Brock and Susan Carlton, Ottawa, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2012

This trip was EXCELLENT!!! I loved that the activities were always optional and that staff was always available. I would return in a heart beat! I’ve already shared my great adventure experience with family, friends and Facebook.;) This vacation was special because of your knowledgeable staff to lead activities; there is always something exciting to participate in. I LOVED IT! ?

Dina Atkinson, Janesville, WI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, May 2012

I liked day one in the jungle best – hike to caves and ride on top kayaks on Mopan River. It was a great combination of learning the history of the caves and the thrill of kayaking on the river in this amazing and beautiful setting. On the Island, I really loved the opportunity to make a choice about my activity each morning after breakfast and then after lunch. Then the staff would look at the numbers and assign the number of staff needed to supervise/support. The flexibility was phenomenal.

Chris Richards, Millet, AB
Belize Adventure Week, February 2012

Wow, what a vacation! I had a fantastic time. The staff was great and Matt was fantastic; friendly, knowledgeable, fun, patient, and inspiring. The island was extra special: set-up well, with enough privacy and options for lots of human interaction. Thanks for making everything so easy and enjoyable.

Laura Hanson, Weston, MA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2012

My trip with Slickrock was the most amazing thing EVER!!! I don’t know how any other vacation can ever compare.

Dimphy Sasse, Chicago, IL
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2012

What did I most enjoy about the trip? Well, in order of most important (or close anyway):

-The relaxed pace on the island, exploring, getting to know it. I liked that the guests were trusted not to be idiots, and the guides assumed we would have good judgment.
-The beautiful blue water
-The water sports and equipment
-The friendly guides, staff, and dive shop folks
-The cute cozy cabanas
-The tide pooling (way more fun than I expected)
-The fun “not in the brochure” adventures you could have if you explored a little (offering hermit crabs new shells and watching them take them; going to the compost pile at night (wow!); wandering around with Apolotico as he did his various duties, learning about the tree vaccinations and other interesting stuff; getting scolded by the osprey to go away and let her eat her fish in peace; close encounters with friendly marine animals; finding unexpected and wonderful creatures under rocks; playing (no contact) king of the iMat, etc etc etc. Oh, and the food too!

Susan Beveridge, Los Angeles, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2012

This is the best trip my husband and I have ever been on. The information received prior to the trip described exactly what to except and there were absolutely no surprises….Good job on the write up of all the activities and preparation to take for the trip. We loved the beauty of the island and the comfortable atmosphere. But what I found to be extraordinary were the 14 other guests on the island with us. The combination of all three made the trip unforgettable.

Hilary Crawford, Midland, TX
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2012

Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.

Julie Short, Madison, WI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef and Mayan Odyssey, January 2012

For anyone who hasn’t been there, the food is outstanding. I think about this vacation at least once a day and it has been nearly a year since we were there. If you are thinking of going – JUST DO IT!

Michele Shoemaker, San Diego, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2010 & April 2012
On Facebook, January 25, 2012

It was everything we had hoped for, and then some. A perfect balance of wilderness and amenities, structure and freedom, instruction and fun. Long Caye is a great alternative to the mega-luxury resorts that we have no interest in. Your island is definitely one of the best resorts in Belize!

Cullen Battle, Salt Lake City, UT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December, 2011

I think I spent most of the waking hours on the water. Just what I wanted.

Mark Matteson, West Allis, WI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2012

It was incredibly well-organized and run, starting with the info received beforehand to the day-to-day workings on the island. All staff were professional, yet personable! And when I think about it, the experience was really enhanced by Victor & Carlos. I have been on guided adventure trips before where the guides were either unremarkable or, in one case, utterly objectionable. Victor and Carlos added to the enjoyment, made the activities all the more fun by the way they interacted with us and by their enthusiasm and good humour. If I had the opportunity, I would request these guys as guides again!

Patti Watkins, Corvallis, OR
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2011

Brings back great memories of the most incredible week we spent there, in the “Groovin’” cabana. We kayaked and snorkeled and scuba dove, and wind surfed and kayaked surfed and SUP’d and tried the kite trainer under Meg’s excellent instruction and supervision and I found my 1,000th geocache, and we raced hermit crabs and played Bananagrams and made some really cool. We loved our guide Matt and all the other staff too! The food was delicious and I was worried about that as I am a picky eater.

Mandy Johnson, Ajax, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2010
On Facebook, December 23, 2011

Why I loved diving off Glover’s Reef: (1) I wore just a 1.5mm suit – no need for a hood or thick suit; (2) It’s a wonderfully remote site – there aren’t hundreds of divers or live-aboards all over the place; (3) the coral is beautiful and the fish abundant – I also saw a number of turtles and dolphins; (4) It was great to have such great diving so close the island – no need to travel far distances!

Glenn Ackerson, Ft. Collins, CO
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2010
On Facebook, December 9, 2011

This place was the best vacation we have ever had, a close first to British Columbia, Europe, the southwest, etc.

Dick Childs, Easley, SC
On Facebook, November 11, 2011

Sun, sand, a turquoise-colored sea, kayaking, snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, wind-surfing, diving, star-gazing, yoga, amazing sea-life, fabulous guides, great cooks & food, Charlie’s wonderful & informative talks, interesting people, lazing in a hammock, happy-hour on the beach, watching the sun go down….can’t wait to return!

Diane Bisaro, Vancouver, BC
On Facebook, August 31, 2011

I’m wearing my Slickrock t-shirt today and was just talking about how much fun we had last December! We have been motivating our little girls to learn to swim by telling them that they can come to Belize (Glover’s Reef w Slickrock) when they learn to swim well. Its working!

Katie Schabel, Bozeman, MT
On Facebook, August 30, 2011

As one of your older participants I can say that I enjoyed every minute of my stay, every day. I don’t believe in reincarnation but I am coming back again this time around or next.

Adam Noel, Calgary, AB
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2011

We were there for our 20th wedding anniversary and Slickrock still to this day is the best vacation we have had. We loved the daily adventures and never were bored which we can easily be as we are not sun bathers. The food was fantastic, guides were knowlegeable, and everything is taken care of. Just bring your sense of humor and sense of adventure.

Kris Costello, Tacoma, WA
On Facebook, August 29, 2011

You just can’t say too many good things about the island, the people, the sights, the food. It was all the best. As soon as my kids are old enough we’re all going back for the best time vacation ever.

James Pettit, London, OH
On Facebook, August 30, 2011

One of our best vacations ever! The kids got certified to scuba dive and I upped my certification to Advanced Diver. Lots of other fun things to do, laid back and great food. The real island life!

Barbara Kamm, Los Altos, CA
On Facebook, August 26, 2011

This was the greatest vacation ever. The food was outstandiing, the people great, and adventure was at every turn. You could do as little or as much as you wanted. I went as a single and everyone else was in groups of friends or family, we ended up being one big family….GREAT trip!!!!! Can’t wait to go back.

Susan Guida Iaccarino, Huntington Station, NY
On Facebook, August 26, 2011

Long Caye was fantastic! Great fun, food, guests and hosts. I went alone and within days had made friends that I still keep in touch with 2 years later. Christmas morning was awesome! Surrounded by my new Slickrock friends eating scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh squeezed OJ and warm cinnamon rolls. Bliss!

Lane Winsor, Richland, WA
On Facebook, August 27, 2011

Our trip to Belize with Slickrock still ranks as my all time favorite vacation outing – I’d go again in a heartbeat. Never thought I could learn to windsurf or scuba – but the incredible teaching staff were so encouraging and skilled that we just trusted them completely and had incredible times.

Pamela Russo, Princeton, NJ
On Facebook, August 27, 2011

It’s like adult summer camp at Gilligan’s Island.

Peggy Cordell, Missoula, MT
On Facebook, August 27, 2011

Our week on the island was wonderful. Lots of great tropical water activities to do, fun meeting with our fellow travellers from all over the world and the staff was great, a true rustic island paradise vacation.

Jerry Sommerman, Kent, WA
On Facebook, August 27, 2011

My trip to the Slickrock island in 2010 was just what I was looking for – a quiet island with no cars, no nightclubs – just a chance to play during the day and fall asleep to the sound of the wind and waves at night. The snorkeling and scuba diving around the island is fantastic, and it’s great to have numerous ways to play in and on the water. This isn’t a Club Med experience – I think the travel writer description of accomodations as 4-star camping fit well. An absolutely beautiful spot on the planet and a little slice of paradise.

Glenn Ackerson, Ft. Collins, CO
On Facebook, August 27, 2011

I did my adventure week as an adventure ‘newbie’. I was so impressed with how safe I felt with our Slickrock guides. I found myself astounded that I had negotiated a small rapid, had paddled through subterranean caverns and had threaded my way through a challenging cavern in the first 3 days. Belize itself is a wonder – Mayan ruins everywhere!

The reef island (Slickrock’s own Glover’s Reef) was beautiful with just sufficient amenities to be cozy, but clearly sustainable with solar power, an Einstein cooler, a wind generator and solar showers. The staff were universally friendly, supportive, and motivating. The whole adventure was such an up-beat experience. My traveling companions and I were very pleased with our adventure week. Thanks Slickrock!

If you, like me, spend a little too much time at the computer, and don’t get outdoors enough, Fear Not. The guides will help you, prepare excellent gear, and give you the confidence to do things you didn’t think you could achieve.

Grafton Harper, Burbank, CA
On Facebook, August 28, 2011

Our family had a wonderful time here!! Recommend a whole week- otherwise it is just too short. Food was fabulous, all the people wonderful, and all the activities more than filled the time. Brought 4 teenagers and even they appreciated the lack of “screen time” and the fun that can be had being outside and active! The dive operation, which shares the island with Slickrock, was also well run and very friendly. We will be back! ?

Deb Roddy, Bloomingdale, NY
On Facebook, August 28, 2011

The island was a piece of heaven on earth – what a fabulous adventure!! My hub and I met my sister and her hub there and ended up making great friends with everyone else who was part of our week. The cabana’s were awesome – nothing like waking up in the morning and taking a few steps and you’re in the bluest of blue water! The food was wonderful and the staff was excellent. Can’t wait to go back and actually thinking about making it a reunion since Slickrock made sure we were able to get each other’s contact information. Definitely one of my favorite vacations of all time!

Amy R. Booe, Anapolis, MD
On Facebook, August 29, 2011

When I daydream, this is where I am.

Noelle Northcutt, Aurora, CO
On Facebook, August 29, 2011

This place is the BEST!!! My husband caught lots of bonefish. The food was outstanding. The staff is terrific. Treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime. :-))))

Margo Coffey, Waterford, CT
On Facebook, August 26, 2011

“I have been 4 times. I have been to all the Atolls in Belize and Slickrock is unequivocally the best. It is off the grid from technology and infrastructure. They have excellent staff and guides who consistently and regularly will go beyond the norm in services to make sure each and every individual is happy and having fun. I had an incident on my first trip and the overwhelming care and sincere help from the staff imprinted on my heart. AND … it is the absolute best Belize snorkeling and only 400 yards from”The Wall” diving spot. I love the people, the food, the activities, the place!!!! I LOVE Cully, Lucy, Neri, Mario, Apolitico, MJ, Matt, Victor, and the rest of the staff.”

Dana Hayes, San Mateo, CA
On Facebook, August 26, 2011

“I wish there was a button to click on to LOVE instead of just LIKE. We absolutely LOVED Slickrock. Fantastic diving and snorkeling, great water sports, fantastic staff to help you with those water sports, fantastic food, wonderful island-style accommodations, ecological facilities…..just fantastic.”

Laura Holder Mills, Crested Butte, CO
On Facebook: August 26, 2011

“What an incredible experience, well planned and executed. The entire family believes that it was the most relaxed we’ve ever felt on a vacation. What did we most enjoy about the trip? Hard to say, the guides, the time on the water, kiteboarding in Belize (!), windsurfing, the other guests, the food, the location, the cabanas, the weather, never having to dress up, beer. We would love to return and have already recommended the trip to others. We loved the adventure with such a supportive staff. The equipment was fantastic, the accommodations suited our style and the other guests were fun to be with.”

Harry Brown, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2011

“This was the best vacation I’ve ever taken. It was like being in a time warp (in a good way). I would definitely like to return at some point. Thank you for a well-organized experience!”

Meg Ripley, Atlantic Beach, FL
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, May 2011

“The trip was well organized. We loved the environmental concerns for water and waste. The weather was pretty awesome as well. Our guide Mark did an excellent job. He was always upbeat, established the rhythm and kept us all wanting more. His deep knowledge of the area, fish, coral and the sports instruction was very appreciated. My hat is off to the cooks and all of the assistants and grounds keep staff were cheerful and welcoming.”

Terri Wolber, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2011

“The island was unbelievable! We had so much fun with all of the activities yet we still had time to relax and just enjoy the incredible setting. The snorkeling was the best! We will recommend it to our friends because there is something for everyone at every level. We met some wonderful people on our trip; our kids loved it and both of them want to go back. It was exactly what we expected it to be.”

Kelly Wise, Calgary, AB
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2011

“This was HANDS DOWN the vacation of a lifetime! I have traveled a lot and this far exceeded any trip I have ever taken. Hope to return for a reunion with the group in 2 years! Thank you!!!!”

Jenn Workman, Wilmington, NC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, May 2011

“I really can’t say enough nice things about Slickrock and everyone that was a part of our week on the island. It was the best vacation ever. Thank you so much for giving us that week. I think it changed us a little. Since hanging out with Victor, the boys want to rock climb, surf and paddle. Deb and I are even more wary of plastic and recycling and have started a pretty extreme exercise program. We’ve built a climbing wall in the garage and have a slack line between two trees in the front yard. I hope we can make it back to the island. It really is a special place.”

Bill Rhinesmith, Wichita, KS
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2011

“Thanks Slickrock for a wonderful week on Long Caye (Feb 18th 2011 trip)…… As we told Cully, you guys run a “tight ship”! We were concerned that we were spending too much for a week vacation but we shortly discovered that it felt more like two weeks!!!! We would definitely consider returning in the future and Meadow is already planning to intern as a guide when she gets old enough ? ”

TJ Jennings and Family, Eureka, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2011

“We had an aaaaaawesome trip to Belize. It was an adventure from start to finish. Bart and Suzy were excellent hosts at the Maya Mtn Lodge. Bart gave us some great recommendations on places to go and to stay. The ruins and cave adventure were spectacular–tour guides were great. Hope to get back to Belize again. Thanks for all your help with our last minute plans.”

Joyce Takaki and David Hopkins, San Jose, CA
Mayan Odyssey, January 2011

“The Adventure Island trip’s setting is spectacular, with plenty of adventure (and gear) to be had. The people (guests and staff) were wonderful, the food delicious, and the accommodations comfortable. I enjoyed the opportunity to try new sports (especially windsurfing and diving) and also to feel that I could opt out of an activity to do my own thing. And our guides—Victor and MJ—were personable, knowledgeable, and skilled. Glover’s Reef provides an opportunity to enjoy the weather and water of Belize while partaking in numerous activities and receiving quality instruction and guidance. And it’s clear from your website that Slickrock is a well-managed organization and that you put much thought and effort into preparing guests for an optimal experience. I felt confident that it would be a good trip. We loved all of it!”

Melissa von Tschudi-Sutton, Bellevue, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2010

“I chose Belize Adventure Week because of the tons of activities and variety. I really enjoyed it because of the excellent food, the attentive staff/guides (they felt like friends really) and the excellent group of fellow travelers. I hope to return with friends. If I am not able to return myself, I would strongly recommend any package available by Slick Rock Adventures. Our guide, Neri Chi has a great personality, and is very capable and very attentive. Keep up the great work! I was honestly expecting less in regards to quantity and quality. I have never done anything like this before and I was really impressed with the thorough paperwork you sent to cover as much of the planned trip as possible. It lessened feelings of uncertainty and allowed me to be as best prepared as possible – thanks :-)”

Demetri Branis, Astoria, NY
Belize Adventure Week December 2010

“Every part of the trip was fun. I was very surprised that I enjoyed the Island the most. The four days on the island concerned me when we booked this trip because I thought I would get bored. I brought two books to read on the island, but. I am pleased to say I did not open either one. I tend to get what I call “get-home-itis”. This generally occurs about half-way through a trip. However if there would have been a way for me to stay longer, I would have.

I was apprehensive about taking an “all inclusive” vacation and have never wanted to take one. However this trip was fantastic. The inland portion of the trip was well planned. The tours were informative and fun. The accommodations were absolutely beautiful and the hosts were very friendly and helpful. Everyone on the island contributed to Belize Adventure Week truly being the best vacation I have ever taken.

I am planning on returning next spring with my eleven-year-old daughter. I had so much fun and I know that my daughter would have a blast. The island is so diverse that I know that we will both be satisfied. I have already recommended Slickrock to friends and family because my experience was so fantastic.”

Terry Goedecke, Pinetop, AZ
Belize Adventure Week, March 2010

“BEST VACATION EVER. I was so sad to be leaving that I teared up on the plane as we were taxi-ing up the runway. I miss Belize already.

We had an amazing group that instantly got along. I was the only single traveler and the youngest in the group by 20-30 years, but I always felt like an integral part of the group. By the end of the week, everybody felt like family and it was really hard to leave them all. I sincerely feel like I have made really good friends and hope to keep in touch with them in the future.

Our lead guide, Neri, was in incredible guide in all aspects. His personality is perfectly suited to the role: he’s charismatic, funny, approachable, smart, skilled, patient and just a really good guy. He was always attentive to everybody’s needs and was just a lot of fun to hang out with.He is very competent in all the sports and made everything so much fun – for instance, snorkeling with him was great because he found and pointed out all the best marine life. Also, when we were tired of kayaking to the snorkeling sites, he led excellent excursions where we swam or walked rather than row (for these reasons, I actually enjoyed snorkeling more than I did my dives). He was also a really good surf kayak instructor – it was a little intimidating, but he was out there with us, coaching and making sure we were okay after we flipped, which happened to me quite a bit.

Neri was always willing to thoroughly answer all questions about the country’s people, customs & culture with no hesitation (and there were A LOT from our group). I also found it amazing that Neri knew the names of every bird; we had two avid birders in our group, and Neri never missed a beat. As far as safety briefings went, he was very thorough; during the activity he was always aware of every person’s abilities and made sure everyone was safe and accounted for. The logistical details were totally transparent to us, which allowed us to really relax and enjoy our week.

Ultimately, Neri was an integral part of making the week as much fun as it was – I can’t imagine it would have been the same without him as our guide. In fact, if I am able to come back next season, I would want to make sure Neri is one of the guides for the week. I don’t think anybody has made me laugh so much in a very long time.”

Maria Cicio, Omaha, NE
Belize Adventure Week, April 2010

“We had a FABULOUS time, and are already looking forward to planning next year’s trip! We’ve agreed that the Slickrock experience was one of the few things in life that is actually BETTER than promised or anticipated. This was an AMAZING experience. Please thank the team for us, they did a wonderful job.”

Johna Johnson, New York Kayak Company, New York, NY
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2010

“I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, this to others. The experience and value are extraordinary. Slickrock has a great site and everything is extremely well thought out. This is one of very few places in the Carribean where the surroundings are preserved and not turned into a crowded “Disney” version of the outdoors. Also, I was very impressed with the skill and attitudes of all the Slickrock staff. The solid eco-values of the Slickrock team are apparent. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, activities are well lead, the food is good and meals come off without a hitch, and the facilities are very well thought out and maintained (that looks tough to do on an island). The planning and execution by Slickrock and the staff on site made this a once in a lifetime experience. I will be back.”

Steve Eslinger, Rocky Hill, CT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2010

“This was an absolutely fabulous, authentic, and unique experience for my entire family. The environment and family nature experience you have created is truly special.

What’s great about it is really the sum of the whole experience. Personally, for me I really enjoyed the snorkeling and scuba experience with my children, but again it really misses the point for me to separate out one thing as it was the holistic effect that I most enjoyed. Combining the family like feel of the staff and other guests, the delicious food, the rustic but comfortable cabanas, after dinner lectures, my kids shooting water balloons with MJ at Mario on night watch duty, the hermit crab races….

We took our family there for the outdoor, island, nature, adventure experience. We can get similar experiences all over the world. What we can’t get is the emotional, philosophical environment you have created over time on Long Caye. This is a truly unique, authentic and wonderful experience you can only get at Slickrock, in terms of the specific people/staff, the sense of family/community, your views on environmentalism and conservation, play, family fun time, the specific food and recipes, the rustic campground type setting, Coco the bunny….

Your food is phenomenal, delicious, original, not the same old stuff, not institutional; it is good you don’t cut corners here which many others do, particularly given your limited cooking resources on the island; the food is a highlight of the trip. It is a really deep, strong way of showing you care about your guests, and people appreciate it. Skimping to cut costs sends an equally strong message to the discerning client, however an abundance of good food counterbalances other scarcities such as, fresh water showers, electricity, and other creature comforts. Good job. We went from Slickrock to Caves Branch that had nicer amenities in terms of rooms, etc, but all we could talk about was your food, your cookies, your people.

Please keep it up. The world needs you. Our children need these developmental experiences, not just the nature experience, but the human experience. Thank you!”

Neil Collins, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2010

“The trip was a 10 out of 10. It was a perfect combination of activity and relaxation on a tropical island with a casual feel. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere – show up to meals in your sarong or shorts, help yourself to food and drink, sit where ever you like – it reminded me of the friendly feel of back country ski lodges. I especially appreciated the guides doing orientations to each sport, then allowing you to continue, with as much or little guidance as you needed. There was no being herded around in a group,no being held up by the slowest in a group and no feeling like you were holding other people back. Group activities were offered every day but you could choose whether to participate or just do your own thing. I have told everyone at home who will listen to me how great it was, and am already plotting to bring back a group of friends next year on another mother/daughter trip. It was a simple holiday with no hassle, lots of activities to choose from and best of all, no distractions from the beauty of the surrounding environment.”

Norma Dougall, Calgary, AB
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2010

“I have worked with many other companies providing out of county ‘adventure’ kayak tours and I would rank Slickrock as one of the best all round adventure companies. Rating Slickrock’s ‘Adventure Island’ package as one of the best value with great accommodations, delicious meals, BEST EQUIPTMENT/ GEAR, and very professional leadership/guides. After seeing what you offered compared to other companies offering adventure programs in Belize – there was no doubt that you guys are the BEST!

You can tell you all have put a lot of time, thought, and planning into making this a great package!!! The layout of the buildings on the island and the charm of the thatch roofed cabanas give the participants a great taste of being on a private island and enjoying its natural beauty. Even the shower stalls with the cute little turtle tile was just the perfect touch. The line up of the adventure activities gave a perfect opportunity to try new sports. Charlie and Mario did a first class job of providing activity orientations and giving assistance to everyone in the group throughout the week. Snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding, surf kayaking and hammock surfing were big hits with my group! We all felt like we were at a really cool Adult Adventure Camp in Paradise.” Thank you for an experience of a lifetime!”

Emma Thomas, The Adventure Company, Southport, NC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2010

“We had an absolutely terrific time and loved every part of the trip. Neri did a great job for us and always went the extra mile. Mark set a great tone for the island and was also terrific. It’s evident that a lot of love and care went into building your business. Every experience was a pleasure. Thank you so much and look for us again — next time with the whole family!”

Scott & Grace Gilmour, Winchester, MA
Belize Adventure Week, February 2010

“We wanted something that would allow a complete getaway/disconnect but not require a lot of planning on our part. We typically are very engaged in planning trips, etc… but this time we wanted something different. The location of the island along with the ‘packaging’ of the trip was most appealing. All we had to do was show up … and the rest was left to your staff. We also felt the cost was very much in line with what we expected to receive (and did receive). It looked to us like a playground for adults, and, in fact it was! What we enjoyed most?? …. I’d have to say it was the fact that you did not oversell the trip and, in fact, it was much more than we expected. In today’s somewhat over-marketed world, this was a huge breath of fresh air. Yes, we plan to return and have already shared our experience with quite a few people. We hope to be back within the next 3 years.”

Tom Young and Mary Kircher, Wake Forest, NC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2010

“Great trip!! The guides and staff were first rate. We not only learned a lot about Belize; the Slickrock introduction to new sports was a springboard for more family recreation in the future. (I’m on the lookout for used windsurfers, trainer kites and a paddleboard!)”

Tadd, Caroline, Chris and Sam Perkins, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009

“The people I think really made the trip – – especially since it was monsooning the first two days – – we had a great group and had alot of laughs. I just really enjoyed being out of touch – – no email, no phone, no news – – The waters were beautiful and snorkeling was great. I think hammock surfing is an underrated sport.

Charlie is an absolute pro. Safety was his #1 priority. His patience seemed endless, especially when trying to teach me to windsurf! You already know this – – but he did a fantastic job.

MJ seemed to be my go-to guy during the week – – the activities I was choosing or the group I was with usually had MJ as the lead. He was great and really puts you at ease no matter what sport or activity. Overall – – one of the most happy and genuine people I have ever met – – He is a big reason as to why I had such a great time.

Mario – -another fantastic guide – – although I did not spend as much time with him – – but he was on some of the snorkels and he was great – – a true waterman.

Cooks – the two women were amazing – – they know what they are doing, do it with a smile on their face and made sure everyone had more than enough to eat. Very impressed.

The boat captain – – he did a great job making sure we were safe in the open waters going to and from Belize City.

I know there are a bunch more people behind the scenes – – the island felt safe and not once did I think about my money or passport – -that is a huge selling point in my opinion.

A most excellent adventure – -a great time, great people and just what I needed to recharge my mental state.”

Liz Strauss, Tega Cay, SC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009

“The trip was excellent; everything happened as described. Better than I had even imagined. What a tremendous variety of activities, sports, talks, and tidal pool excursions. I loved the freedom to explore, the complete break from my normal routine, and the great companionship. This trip is great for families who have different skill levels. Our (grownup) kids pursued activities we sometimes took a pass on. Because of the supervision and orientations and generous help provided kids can go at their own speed. This was a vacation that suited all of us.

It was like camp—I got to know all kinds of different people. All of the positive energy helped me overcome some of my fears (I had never done any of the activities) and really throw myself into it. And yes, I would return, and yes, I will recommend the trip to friends. My kids asked if we could come back next year before we even left the island. They loved it; said it was the best vacation ever. I do wonder if the terrific vibe of our group could be duplicated?

Charlie hit the ball out of the park as our lead guide. He was a master of detail. Up at the crack of dawn planning the day and on all day long. He gave 100% to making the trip work. Very clear instructions, patience by the barrel-full, attention to safety; he created a perfect environment for the group to work together.

And the rest of the staff was terrific. M.J. and Mario went out of their way to be friendly, sitting with us at meals, very encouraging and positive and helpful in the orientations and skills. I can’t say enough. M.J. was particularly crucial in helping me learn to sea kayak, which became very important so that I could paddle and snorkel. And the food was great. Every meal, every day. Healthy, fresh, plentiful, something for everyone. I never saw so many people eat so much with pleasure. The 5 o’clock snack hour was a great idea, brought people together to socialize. The free drinks and snacks really made people happy and sociable.

I don’t know if my group was exceptionable, but we really liked each other. It was a diverse group in which everyone felt comfortable and part of the group. Singles, married, young, and middle-aged, gay couples: it didn’t matter. We all bonded extremely well. I had no idea the people aspect would play such a large role in our enjoyment. My kids made great friends with all ages!”

Marcia Aldrich, Okemos, MI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009

“We just returned yesterday from Glovers Reef and wanted to pass along that we had a wonderful time! It was a fantastic holiday for the 5 of us. I specifically wanted to mention that the Slickrock staff was outstanding in every way. The food was great! Charlie was by far the best guide/trip manager a company could ask for. Wow! He was so helpful, courteous, and VERY knowledgeable. He alone made our vacation so interesting and fun. My son who is in second year college up here in Canada studying environmental science and geography said that listening to Charlie was 10 times better than any class he has ever been to. Although the weather was not so great the first few days, the staff did everything possible to make sure we had a great time.”

Glen, Gail, Mark, Leah, and Haley Grossmith, Mississauga, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009

“I had a wonderful time, met some really great people. I wished that I didn’t have to leave, so I hope to come back sometime. It really was an amazing experience. All the staff at Slickrock are fantastic!”

Michele Johnson, San Diego, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009

“I really enjoyed all of the components of the trip, although getting there from here is arduous! Guides were super (professional and friendly), food excellent, and I enjoyed the cabana! We got on great with the other guests which made it even more fun! Like minded folk! I especially enjoyed having all the gear available to play with, and the gear was of a very good quality too. My wife and I participate at activities at different levels, and so being at Slickrock, it really didn’t matter. I could satisfy my needs at my level, while she did her thing at her level and there was tons left that we enjoyed together and with the group.”

Allen Slade, Vancouver, BC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009

“Slickrock is a first-rate organization and we had the trip of a lifetime on your beautiful island. The staff was amazing, each and every one of them went above and beyond to make this the best vacation we’ve ever had. Thank you for running such a great company. We are still basking in the glow of our trip and all the wonderful memories it gave us.”

Julie Stinson, Tigard, OR
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, May 2009

“I loved learning new sports and this was my first experience with adventure travel. I felt like the trip really expanded what my wife and I are capable of doing and that was very, very rewarding. We spent the most time with Magdaleno Yacab and I thought he was an excellent guide. He is a really great athlete and was very knowledgeable about all of the sports and he taught them very, very well. He taught good technique and communicated well. My wife got freaked out a few times and he encouraged her and made her feel comfortable. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the fish we were seeing. What I liked the best about Magdaleno was that he was always enthusiastic and happy and appeared to be having a great time himself. It really helped us have that much more fun ourselves to be around someone so enthusiastic. He was even really fun and obviously really smart when we were playing games after dinner in the dining hall. I would say he is the best guide we ever had on a trip.

I’ll say once again, it was an awesome, awesome trip. Thanks!! I really feel like this trip opened up a whole new world for me and my wife. Previously, we traveled a lot, but it was always to a luxury hotel. I liked this trip so much better than those and this was so much more rewarding that I feel like it really opened up a new world – I think my wife and I are now going to climb Kilimanjaro next.”

Jon Iannaccone, Glen Ridge, NJ
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2009

“This was a very memorable vacation – made more than a dozen new friends who have been keeping touch and sharing photos by email in the weeks after our departure from the island, and so the pleasure of the trip has extended long past its end. The island itself is a natural wonder and a joy to experience. Between the sparkling azure waters, the soft white sands, the swaying palm trees, the breezes, and the constant rhythm of the waves, there’s nothing missing from this private paradise. Oh, I forgot the iguanas, the hermit crabs, and the birds and fish and corals, also. I really liked that they tailored the “lectures” we enjoyed to our specific interests—e.g., the suggestion was made for a coconut lecture, and Apolitico and MJ happily obliged with a fascinating talk and demonstration of all the wonders of the trees on the island. Especially enjoyed Mario and his boundless knowledge about all things Belizean. And if he didn’t know something, he’d give you a good story anyway!”

Claudia Methvin, Edinburg, VA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2009

“Yes, we’re back. My tan is fading and it’s cold. Waaahhhhh! I can hardly bring myself to look at your website out of sheer jealously of not being there anymore! ? The trip was beyond our wildest expectations. Everything from the very first contact to the farewell dinner was enjoyable and hassle-free. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, the food divine, and the scenery unbeatable.

Our three days with Maya Mountain Lodge deep in the jungle of western Belize and our 9-day adventure on Long Caye were definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip for me, Bob and our 28 clients. The island was definitely the highlight. We all felt like we were literally dropped off on an alien planet. I have already been recommending Slickrock to many people. Why? Because you run a top-notch operation, in an incredibly beautiful environment, with highly qualified staff, and more activities than you can shake a stick at! It was MAGICAL!!

Joelle and Mark were TERRIFIC! They had great energy together and complemented each other well. I never felt like they were competing with each other – just being the best guides and instructors they could be. I know it’s exhausting work to always be “on” when guiding, but they made it seem so laid-back and easy – a sign of a good guide.

We had some squalls come thru the first few days so the surf waves were BIG, but relatively friendly, and warm. Got some good rides and also got pitch-poled and catapulted a few times. Bob ended up getting scuba certified on the island and is 100% hooked. But even snorkeling we saw huge turtles, every imaginable species of coral, and of course tons of colorful fish I can’t even begin to name. Oh and a lobster as big as a chair. The scuba people did see dolphins tho. I tried wind surfing and stand up paddle boarding, in addition to LOTS of sea kayaking. The evening mini lectures on culture and marine history were fascinating and the hermit crab races were a big hit as well.

All the logistics were smooth as silk, everyone was so friendly and helpful, the food was great (& plentiful!), and the scenery unbeatable. I’ve been back in Montana for over a week now but every morning when I wake up I still feel my heart and soul on the island and see myself standing under the palm trees, contemplating that beautiful blue ocean. After guiding for other sea kayak companies for 8 years and then running our own kayak business for another 9, we were ready to be pampered. SLICKROCK ROCKS!!!”

Susan Conrad, Silver Moon Kayak Company, Kalispell, MT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef and Mayan Odyssey, February 2009

“I don’t think words could express the impression that the people and island left on our lives…It was wonderful….. When I first signed up I had to wonder what I was getting for the money if there were no maids, food servers, laundry or shopping….What we found was the most wonderful memory that one could ever have. Most people will only see these spectacular views on TV. We did live the dream! Our favorite part about the trip was the wonderful people that made us feel welcome and to just enjoy ourselves. Do I need to mention the food, wind surfing, kayaking, the walks around the island, the crabs, lizards, birds, and the wonderful view of the sunrise that got us up each morning? We plan to make another trip with the other kids so they can enjoy and experience what joys life has without all the gadgets that keep us entertained, just the outdoors and the wonderful natural way of life.”

Deland and Michael Humphreys, North Platte, NE
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2009

“It has been an adjustment, but I am slowly adapting back to life before The Island Adventure week in Belize. The trip was Excellent, it did exceed my expectations! I have never taken an all-inclusive vacation before but this was unbelievable. I look forward to enjoying Long Caye again, hopefully in the very near future! The trip really is life changing. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to shut out phones, television and the computer and concentrate on making new friends, learning new sports and really having time to talk. You have a marvelous product!

Thanks again for providing such a well run (slick) and steady as a (rock) travel adventure.”

Jeni Hartmann, Durango, CO
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2009

“We had such a wonderful trip, I just had to take a minute to tell you that we had such a life-changing trip with Slickrock. I can’t even put into words how special this time was for our family. For Steve, it was that he got his scuba certification. For Tommy it was being around Victor who was a great role model because he’s out there following his own dreams. For me it was the people, especially Neri and Mario; I completely bonded with Mario over games of “spoons” every evening. For Alyssa it was realizing that she really loves Belize and is considering specializing down there. We’re already making plans for returning next year!”

Chris Untiedt and family, Abbotsford, WI
Belize Adventure Week & Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2009

“The overall trip can only be described as fantastic! We loved the idea of spending time inland with all the activities, and are fascinated with the Mayan culture, and then having a few days on an island with lots of water activities. The lodge at Maya Mountain and the Cabanas on the island were wonderful, every meal was excellent, every adventure was outstanding and Neri is a top-notch guide!!! He made sure every detail was taken care of, answered any questions and ensured everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Thank you all for a wonderful trip!!! And for making my 50th Birthday memorable!!!”

Dave Surplus, St. Petersburg, FL
Mayan Odyssey, December 2008 & Belize Adventure Week, December 2008

“This has to be the BEST trip available; after talking with people at the motel and airport who were returning from other adventures, it was obvious Slickrock offers the best adventure around! Those same people asked for your name/website after hearing of our trip. Slickrock provided access to every possible water activity with training sessions, one-on-one lessons/guided trips, great food, educational classes, and games too! WOW!

Every possible amenity was addressed. The activities were fun and challenging, yet user-accessible. All of the staff were friendly and helpful. The cabana was comfortable, and the evenings with the “community” were lots of fun. I enjoyed being exposed to all of the water activities with detailed/guided instruction while having the option to continue my adventure at my own pace and learning curve. Although not athletically inclined, I experienced a personal “high level of success” on everything I tried. I will return again. You run a first class operation, and I will recommend it to my friends/coworkers. Thanks for everything!”

L’Jon Papillon, Knoxville, TN
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2008

“I had a great time and have already recommended Slickrock to friends & family. Thought you did an excellent job of preparing visitors for what to expect, however the actual experience was even better. All of the guides were knowledgeable, articulate, patient, and kind. I’m not the most athletic so a few things were a challenge. I was encouraged and supported without feeling pressured or judged based my lack of experience. I think Slickrock’s Island Adventure offers something special that’s hard to find.

1. Natural beauty that’s not spoiled by crowds and over development
2. Good choice of activities with quality instruction
3. Appreciate the respect shown for the environment
4. Great staff
5. Nice community & good way to meet people – enjoyed shared meals, games, etc.
6. Good value
7. Good food

Ann Pendley, Knoxville, TN
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2008

“We were very impressed by how well-organized everything was. The website and literature sent to us beforehand was so comprehensive – there were no surprises. We knew what to expect, yet our expectations were still surpassed. There was a perfect mix of organized time and leisure time. When you sign up for a a week confined with complete strangers you run the risk of personality conflicts, but this was not the case for us. I heard several people comment on how well everyone got along. I think that’s because this type of Island attracts people who are willing to try new things, eat new foods, take it easy and not get caught up with the lack of flush toilets or hot water. The one moment I really didn’t like was seeing your boat, Batfish, on the horizon after Saturday’s lunch. I debated chaining myself to a coconut palm in protest, but I doubt it would have worked. And besides, I didn’t have any chain. We had a wonderful holiday.”

Joan Blench, Peace River, AB, Canada
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2008

“We loved every minute! We will absolutely return and recommend this trip to friends. We were so impressed with how organized the entire experience was. Every detail was thought of and we felt very well prepared for the type of experience we would have on the island. We tried everything taking advantage of most the activities and clinics and still felt relaxed and rejuvenated when we left. Charlie was fantastic. We were amazed at how knowledgeable he was about everything. We actually commented to each other at one point, “Is there anything he doesn’t know?” He was very thorough in his introduction to kayaking and snorkeling. He was very patient with us and our inexperience and lack of conditioning when teaching us to roll the whitewater kayaks. I always felt safe and in good hands with Charlie. We loved that there was no separation between the staff and the guests. Being integrated created a feeling of community and comfort.”

Beth and Dan Hampson, Melrose, MA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2008

“The guides were GREAT. Very professional, patient and always had time to make sure that all was going well. The thing I like about Slickrock is that your guide is with you for the whole trip-from the dinner meeting, all through the stay on the reef to the dinner back in Belize City. And the food is super! We never went hungry. I enjoyed all of the fresh fruits and juices along with home-made baked goods and fresh seafood. I also liked the comfortable accommodations on the island; the cabins on stilts so you have the breeze cooling you while you sleep….I had all the privacy or all the social inter-action I could want. I really enjoyed the nightly lectures on the history, the geologic structures, the folk-lore of the Mayan civilization, and the loads of reference books so that the sea creatures we see off the reef aren’t so strange. Is the trip worth the money? Yes, yes, and yes. Everything is taken care of for you, from the hotel before the trip, the food, great equipment and transportation from Belize City. I am a professional whitewater raft guide and instructor, so I can look at the Slickrock Operations from a professional viewpoint as well as being a ‘guest’. The logistics are well-organized. What I really liked was that there was time to do your own thing-if you wanted to hang-out instead of paddling, that was fine, if you wanted to spend all day on the water-that was fine too. A couple of mornings I got up at sunrise, took a swim, grabbed a kayak, and surfed before breakfast. This was my second trip with Slickrock. I have traveled all over the world, sometimes on my own, sometimes with tours and I can honestly say they are a professional organization. Leaving the island was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Why do I keep coming back to Belize? Simple: Slickrock allows me to “De-Compress, De-Stress and Discover myself again” with the beauty & solitude of Long Caye. Just what the doctor ordered for a stress filled relief. It has made a difference in my life. Thank you!”

Steever Price, Colorado Springs, CO
Belize Adventure Week, February 2008
Mayan Odyssey, January 2008
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2005
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2004
Belize Adventure Week, January 2004
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2003
Belize Adventure Week, January 2003
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 2001
Rivers & Reef 2000
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1999

“Thanks again for a great week on your beautiful island. We had a fabulous time and have told everyone within earshot about Long Caye and Slickrock Adventures. Thanks again to Cully for some tips on the surf kayak. Thanks too for having such nice windsurfing gear. I had two good days of sailing. Thanks also to the wonderful kitchen crew. We looked forward to each meal, and loved the baked goods.”

Jim Stiegman and Susie Ryan, Washington, DC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2008

“As for an evaluation…. how in the world can you explain how wonderful Vic and Mario were? Everyone raved and raved and raved about their skills, their care, their very loving, kind care and manner, to say nothing of being Encyclopedia Brittanicas to boot. I will NEVER forget either one of them. It was great, great, great, Lucy. I told Cully I want a job, but he said that I wouldn’t make it: skillless you know. Can’t build, too old, etc. :-} With much affection for making these trips possible,”

Thelma Applegate, Spring Hill, FL
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2008

“The Mayan Odyssey was a great package tour. Maya Mountain Lodge was very beautiful with comfortable rooms and excellent food. The tours on the Mayan Odyssey ranked right at the top for our favorite activities on the trip. Our guides were very knowledgeable and knew their history. All of the Mayan Culture was so interesting. None of the books we had read prior even did it justice! You have to see to believe! We could have stayed longer inland!

Once we got to the island, we liked that we could go out together without a guide. We like to do things on our own and feel very comfortable in that situation, so it was nice to not always have to have a guide. The surf and sea kayaking were very fun, and it was really great to try and practice windsurfing. It was great to have quality equipment for all of the sport options. Not only to try different brands, but to fully enjoy the sport.”

Dessa and Morgan Dale, Gardiner, MT
Mayan Odyssey and Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007

“Our trip to Belize City and the 9 days at Long Caye more than exceeded our expectations, from the first meeting with Charlie at the Belize Biltmore to our final, wonderful Chinese dinner in Belize City. Everyone of your island team was wonderful, the cooks, your partner Cully, Victor and especially Neri, Mario and the delightful Jose. One final comment: Our coordinator Charlie, a very special person, brilliant on many subjects, a great teacher, extremely well-traveled, and delightful to be with, as were our fellow guests, Art, Wayne, Dessa and Morgan. We all got along great. My wife and I have been on many wonderful adventure trips: a 17 day photo safari in Kenya, white water rafting on the Pecari River in Costa Rica, a remote fly-fishing trip for rainbow trout and salmon in Alaska to name a few. Our Long Caye adventure was right up there with the best of them. Thank you and Cully for allowing us to experience this wonderful new adventure.”

Bruce and Sandy White, Ortonville, MI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007

“The expertise, warmth, generosity and care of the staff is the main reason we would recommend Slickrock and return again. There are many beautiful places in the world, but the well-organized and attentive staff is unbeatable. Charlie is absolutely amazing, and Jose and Mario were fantastic. Charlie is a gem! We had no idea we would have a guide who is a professional geologist and an expert in solar power, as well as reef and coral formation, climate, and everything else. We were treated to fascinating talks by Charlie every night, and getting to know him was a great and unexpected bonus of the trip. Not to mention the food – fabulous! Our son and daughter-in-law had the idea to go to Belize and invited us along. They did the research and found Slickrock to be the most highly-rated and sent us the website, and it looked great to us. The customer reviews were all stellar, which was not the case for other tour companies we considered. Slickrock was expensive for us – and worth every penny. We do not travel like this often, so for us it was so nice to have everything go perfectly. Better to spend a bit more for so much safety, peace of mind, beauty and fun.”

Elaine May, Minneapolis, MN
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007

“This was the second-best trip I have taken in my life, and I’m pretty well traveled (the first-best was a trip to the Galapagos). I had a great feeling from the people involved in this trip. It just seemed like a very good company full of nice and helpful people. The island is great, so remote and so beautiful. And I love all the cool sports gear.”

Brooks Daverman, Durham, NC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007

“We had a great time. There was adventure, humour, beautiful natural reefs and great facilities, outstanding guides and a good mix of guests. It was great that it was very interactive, and the guests were playing games and enjoying the discussions as well. Everything was figured out for us and I could completely relax. We had an experience that will be remembered fondly for the rest of our lives.”

Heather, Toronto, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007

“Vacation time is precious, and I like to explore new things, so in reality I may not return, but if I were going to re-do any of my previous vacations, this is the one I would choose. Why? It was a wonderful trip. It was exactly as advertised. The setting, the sports, the food, the instructors were all excellent.”

Richard Gomberg, Newton, MA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007

“Our guide, Victor, was great. He was knowledgeable, fun, flexible, patient, encouraging. I was happy to learn about fish and coral during his nighttime lectures, even if was tired enough to doze! I also liked the fun nighttime activities like croquet and hermit-crab races. He helped convince our airline to get our lost luggage to us quickly (and on their dime!) Too bad he doesn’t have much of an appetite or many stories to tell…”

Diana Gomberg, Newton, MA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2007

“This trip far exceeded my expectations – incredibly well organized, all activities were top-notch, and the guides were awesome. All guides managed to maintain a balance of being fun and adventurous while at the same time never losing sight of safety. The guides could make or break a trip like this, the Slickrock guides definitely make it. I would return and recommend (have already) – for anyone wanting to have an active vacation – this is perfect. The guides provide a safe place to try new things, and the experiences are one-of-a-kind. My only regret is not booking more time on the island ? ”

Randy Beard, Oakland, CA
Belize Adventure Week, November 2007

“I was a little wary of the trip, but everyone was friendly and fun. You could do an activity or not, I think that everyone chose to rest a bit at some part of the week. The things I saw and did were amazing – the pod of dolphins while we were kayaking around the island, looking for sea creatures while we were snorkeling or in the tidal pools at low tide, the view from my cabana, the sunrise and sunset, the volleyball games at dusk (I didn’t know I had such a good serve), and the fact that I windsurfed – it was something that I never in my life thought I would be capable of doing (it still puts a smile on my face). I will return, and I will recommend it to some of my friends (for others it would be too rustic) because the island was just so peaceful, the guides so helpful and the food was so good!”

Amy Shuttleworth, Philadelphia, PA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, November 2007

“What a GREAT place, great people, fantastic holiday. I can’t wait to return.”

Erik Engelson, Menlo Park, CA
Belize Adventure Week, November 2007

“This trip was truly adventurous. I got to try many things for the first time. Like whitewater kayaking, surf kayaking, and exploring caves. My guide was always professional, friendly, and made me feel very safe on all of our adventure. I was surprised that I learned so much about the Mayan culture through the Belize cave tour and the Xunantunich Ruins. Also, I was very happy to see our guide knew a lot about the forest plants and explained how the people used some of those plants. The ATM cave was definitely a highlight (in the jungle). While on Long Caye I truly enjoyed my dives; especially the one where I saw four dolphins. I am recommending it to all my friends because you get to do so many new things in 8 days and by doing a different activity everyday my vacation felt like it was two weeks long. Also, our tour guide, Jes, along with the other guides/staff were so friendly and professional that I don’t see why anyone would not want to do a trip with Slick Rock.”

Quentin Felty, Coral Gables, FL
Belize Adventure Week, March 2007

“We just got back last night from the BEST vacation we have ever ever ever had!!!! It was such a perfect trip. Our guide Victor was so great. We became fast friends; I feel like adopting him. We did everything – rolling kayaks, wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving (we got the basic certification for PADI) and, of course, volleyball! We can’t remember why we live here…”

Jan Lindsay, Ipswich, MA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2007

“We can’t think of anything you could change to improve the trip. Everything was thought through from the Biltmore Hotel, to the trip to Brodie’s for more supplies, to the boat ride and ginger for sea sickness if we needed it, to the tour of the island, to the orientations… and on and on. We even noticed that Politico tried to run the generator when we were all gone. At nights it was a bit hot for us if the breeze wasn’t blowing – we are from Wyoming and used to cold temperatures. However, I wouldn’t want to change the cabanas and certainly wouldn’t want any kind of air conditioning and then a generator going. If our night’s sleep wasn’t great because it was hot we just took a nap in the hammock during the day.

From the very beginning Victor set the mood for the trip and we knew we were on vacation. He is very personable and knowledgeable and he continued to meld those two traits together to provide an enjoyable and relaxing time. We enjoyed all the activities and between the four of us we participated in everything you had to offer. We took our two teenagers, 15 and 17 years old. I think they were worried they were going to be stuck on an island with old people (anyone over say 25!). They had a ball. Again Victor made it fun for them.

Having Eddie and Politico get everyone involved in the volleyball was tons of fun too. Eddie immediately connected with the kids, whether it was snorkeling or playing dominoes in the evening or of course playing volleyball we really enjoyed his personality and knowledge of the reefs. We also enjoyed his talk on the Mayan Culture. The days were filled with activities and yet we were given the opportunity to just sit and rest too.

Our kids were also concerned about the food but we loved every meal!! Laverne and Aurora were always hard at work in the kitchen chopping and preparing our next meal. They did a great job! We loved the casual atmosphere of the kitchen and the opportunity to get water or other beverages when we desired. We also used the library quite a bit and appreciated the chance to come in after a snorkel to check out what kind of sea life we had experienced. We also participated in the Discover Scuba class and our children became PADI certified. This was “icing on the cake” to us as originally we were not going for the scuba opportunities.

We will definitely recommend this trip to our friends. We are almost afraid to return because it was such a great experience and we enjoyed the group of people we had and all of the guides that we can’t imagine having that much fun and relaxation again.”

Bonnie Rhinesmith, Big Horn, WY
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2007

“The guides were fantastic. All of them were very knowledgeable about the sports, wildlife and Belize in general. Thanks Francis for finding all the wonderful sea life, Allie for the wonderful tide walk and great times, Charlie for his great knowledge, and Vic for absolutely everything. The island is beautiful, well laid out but not over developed. The equipment was plentiful and in great condition. We had the opportunity to try and actually participate in new activities and also get in the kayaking and snorkeling we originally planned for. We couldn’t have created a better trip ourselves.”

Jenn & Per Lofgren, Calgary, AB
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February, 2007

“An aspect we found very refreshing was the enthusiasm and camaraderie amongst the staff. They made us feel welcome and gave us the sense that they too were excited about was happening next. I also found the lack of commercialism at the caves enjoyable (no signs, man-made steps and hand-rails, etc.) It made you feel as if you were discovering the place for the first time. And the food at Maya Mountain Lodge and at Long Caye was very good, better than expected.”

Larry Chapter and Marta McKenzie, Redding, CA
Belize Adventure Week, February 2007

“Belize Adventure Week was way beyond my expectations. I absolutely loved everything about Belize Adventure Week! When I chose the trip, although it was exactly what I was looking for in a vacation, I was apprehensive about how I would fit in, being a 55 year old female traveling alone, wondering if I would spend my time feeling like the odd person out. That fear was immediately dispelled the minute I meet my first group member. Our group was so great – we ranged in age from early 30’s to 61, we really bonded well and had so much fun together. Age was not at all an issue, nor was the fact you came alone or with a friend, what was important was that you were physically fit, were ready for an adventure, and wanted to have a good time. Of course an integral part of the group dynamic was Neri – what a great asset to your company! Neri has both an incredible personality that makes everyone feel immediately at ease and additionally he is so very knowledgeable and skilled in his job that you couldn’t help but have an excellent trip!”

P. Joanne Hansen, Dufferin-Charlotte County, NB
Belize Adventure Week, January 2007

“This was one of the best trips that I’ve been on! I had such a great time and felt rejuvenated and exhilarated when I got back to the US. I’ve been on many trips, and Neri was the best guide I have ever had. It is not really possible to describe how important to us and wonderful he was on this trip. I always felt safe and comfortable with him. I don’t think it would have been the same cultural experience if we had a guide that was not native Belizean on the inland part of the trip; I felt like he really took great care of all the members of the team regardless of abilities. He is fun to hang out with, sociable, played cards with us on the island.. and of course very competent in the activities.”

Jennifer Lin, Seattle, WA
Belize Adventure Week, January 2007

“We had an absolutely wonderful time in Belize–so good in fact, that I’ve had a very difficult time adjusting back to the NW winter. Oh boy…

The three of us had a such a great time. There were activities for us to all do what we wanted to do–all at the same time. The crew were incredible–all of their help, pleasant personalities and interest made the experience great. We are in fact, already considering repeating next Xmas. Hopefully we will see you again at the end of the year.”

Alan Johnson, Seattle, WA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2006

“Excellent doesn’t describe this trip well enough. It was FABULOUS!!!!! Our whole family felt this was possibly the best vacation we’ve ever taken, and we’ve been to some pretty special places over the years. The pace of the activities was very good. We were busy and challenged, but with enough time to recharge at the end of the day, both in the inland portion of the trip, as well as during our time on the island. The group of people in both places was wonderful; we all got along splendidly. There was a good mix of adults, young adults, and teenagers in the group, so that there was someone for everyone to hang out with. That said, everyone hung out together quite a bit, so the intergenerational aspect of this trip made it especially unique and fun. I think this is the first vacation I’ve taken in a long time where I ate so well and so often and still came home trimmer than when I left!”

Paige Goettel, Wilmette, IL
Rivers & Reef, December 2006

“Our impression of the trip: Under-Promised and Over-Delivered! We knew the week would include fun activities, but we were blown away by the quality of each activity, the care that Neri took with us, and the excitement we felt as we experienced each moment. Neri is first-rate – very professional and extremely safety-conscious and detail-oriented, and a wonderful combination of care, talent, enthusiasm and humor. Neri also has great skill in teaching important facts in an interesting and meaningful way – whether the topic is Mayan history, Belize geography, or whitewater kayaking! We truly felt lucky to be a part of his group.”

Chad Livingston and Sue Suh, New York, NY
Belize Adventure Week, December 2006

“Hey Slickrock!!!! Just came back from the island. We had a ball. Spent two days on Caye Caulker and did a snorkel trip, and have to say we are dive and snorkel snobs now, as there is NO NO NO place like Glovers Reef. The water is incredible, and those cooks are not only great, but fun gals. We WILL be back! Thanks so much, and love you all.”

Benedetta Dalbesio, Novato, CA
Belize Adventure Week, April 2006

“My trip to Glover’s Atoll in 2006 was more than I ever dreamed it could be. I expected to be at the edge of the world and I was there. I expected to be as close to nature as I could be and it was that. I expected to experience a dream while still awake and I did. But I never expected to fall in love.

I have heard about Belize for years but I never spoke with anyone that had been there. So, I booked a trip to the edge of the world. The plan was to go to Glover’s for six days and then wander around the country. A week later when it was time to go home, I canceled my return flight for three more days and just traveled. I had also fallen in love with Caye Caulker.

Now I am meeting more people that have been to Belize and their eyes just light up when they talk about it. I’m organizing another trip this March; there are at least four people from my company going with me and maybe it will be eight or ten. Next year’s March 2, 2007 Adventure Island trip will be great, full moon. What good is temptation if you don’t submit? We are all going to Glover’s for the Half Week trip because we want to explore afterwards. Placencia, a butterfly farm, jaguar sanctuary, caves, catamaran adventure, there are no wrong choices in Belize.

Can’t wait to visit you again. Glover’s is heaven.”

Rich Lawson, Phoenix, AZ
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2006

“To my friends at Slickrock: Since I got back I have been very depressed. I know it isn’t your fault, but after a week waking up to glorious sunrises and the soothing sound of the waves on the beach, I am now faced with my normal reality. The sound of trash trucks, commuter traffic, news of the latest scandal and my favorite, more downsizing and budget cuts in my company. So for making my normal life miserable, again I want to thank you. I had a great time. Hope to be back on the island soon.”

Bill Woodward, Delran, NJ
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2006
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2005

“10 days – we saw a LOT of stuff, Caverns, Mayan ruins, the countryside of Belize, the zoo, a private, remote island, 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, more activities than we could pack in and we went hard from the time breakfast was over until the last beer was drank at night. The guides far exceeded what I expected – extremely knowledgeable about Belize and the culture. You didn’t just get an adventure trip, you got to experience Belize, the country and people and you got a National Geographic style history lesson that really was exceptional.

Total cost for my wife and I was about $6,000 which might seem high, but I had looked into a NE coastal trip to Maine, and then a few days in the interior at a lake, doing a resort thing and that was going to cost something like $3,000 total and I got much, MUCH more out of this trip.”

Brad Lantz, Austin, AR
Belize Adventure Week, April 2006

“The Slickrock people are all GREAT, the place is unbeatable, the food is delicious, the snorkeling and sea kayaking was really fun, and there were TONS of bonefish. In fact, that is probably THE experience that my wife will always hold as her most memorable of the trip. We were snorkeling right off the beach on the lagoon side of the island near the end of the trip, and she was completely surrounded by a swirling school of hundreds of bonefish. And then the big mama bonefish queen of the school came up from the bottom to check her out. It was a transcendental experience. Personally, the most memorable event for me was when my wife took me out on a walk to the end of the island one night after dinner, where she talked to the osprey that lives on the island.

There were lots of other great times and great people that we met down there, and the bottomless beer cooler sure became our friend too ? I had not whitewater kayaked in a decade, but I was thrilled to find an old Corsica in the kayak palapa, and found that I still had a solid roll on both sides ? And sailing with the sea kayaks was quite cool, too. We are very anxious to get back there again, and next time I want to bring some ham radio gear! What an amazing place – totally remote and completely surrounded by salt water! A ham radio operator’s dream come true ?

You know what was one of the neatest surprises for us? We could get there in a day and come back in a day! As you know, there are not many places you can go in the Caribbean from Montana without overnighting on the way ? That really puts a dent in your vacation time. But I found that we could fly to Texas (Houston or DFW, I can’t remember) on Delta or United and then take TACA International airlines to Belize. The TACA plane was bigger and newer than any plane we were on here in the USA, and it had more legroom too – AND the connections worked! We got in a day early and went up to explore a bird sanctuary and see the howler monkeys while we waited for the Slickrock get-together. And by the way, Slickrock recommends the Biltmore Hotel near their dock, which also is where they have their orientation dinner the night before departure. We looked around a bit (and stayed in a different hotel our first night) and we will definitely stay at that place again if we are ever in Belize City! It was clean, the food and service was great, and we give it two thumbs up. So if you get there a day early, I suggest you still stay there, and just do day trips out of there – they have day tours out of that hotel, too.

One other suggestion. The recommended clothing list is great, and we followed it (and were glad we did). I believe something that was optional were the “dive skins”. We looked all over for them, and were thrilled to finally find them on the internet from Diver Joe or something like that. They were only about $45 each for the full suit. It kept us warm when others were cold, it kept us shaded when others were beet red (you really do have to worry about sunburn ruining your vacation when you spend a lot of time floating around in the water snorkeling) and it kept us safe from stinging jellyfish larvae (which I don’t think were in the water when we were there, but it didn’t matter because we were protected anyway). So get yourself some full length zip up the front diveskins! We also bought some webbed rubber gloves from the U of M pool, and they worked great for protecting our hands while kayaking, as well as making it easy to snorkel. Next time, it would be nice to have fins that are made to go over rubber booties. This is the way scuba divers do it. The only fins we had ever had are just for your bare feet. It is really very nice to be able to take off your fins and walk out over coral in your river booties, and then simply put on your fins over top of the booties.

So anyway, these are a few quick comments about our trip. We highly recommend it! I think you would have a wonderful time!”

Lance Collister, Frenchtown, MT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2006

“I cannot say enough positive things about our trip. I really think it was the BEST vacation I have ever taken. The staff was terrific, the gear was first rate, the food-excellent, and the island is a paradise.”

Sally Poliwoda, Philadelphia, PA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2006

“Just wanted you to know that my wife and I finally agreed on something: Belize Adventure Week was the best vacation we’ve had to date! This was the first vacation I’ve been on that truly satisfied my huge appetite for watersports and adventure. And because you could go at your own pace, there was nobody slowing me down. Thanks for a fantastic week.”

Chris Hughes, Lansing, MI
Belize Adventure Week, January 2006

“Thanks again for a wonderful escape to Glover’s Reef. The memories will live on for a long time. Hope to return someday to do the inland trip! I will be hard pressed to ever find such wonderful people to spend a vacation with. My only regret is not having taken this trip sooner. Truly a great experience! Thanks again for all your thoughtfulness….if only the rest of the world could be as cool as the folks at Slickrock!…….Viva Belize! :’> ”

Jim Powers, West Chester, PA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2005

“This trip was everything I had hoped it would be and more. The set-up on Glover’s Reef was superb. Slickrock has perfected the experience so that you feel like Robinson Crusoe, but you maintain most of the necessities that we want/need. Meals were efficient and delicious. The “toys” were in good repair and there was always a staff member anxious to assist us to maximize our experience. I can’t say enough about Neri to fully express how much we liked him. He was intimately familiar with every aspect of the equipment, surroundings, history, etc and was eager to share his knowledge. He became one of our group, yet he never lost his authority. He made it clear that he was in charge and no one questioned his decisions. He laughed and played with us, but when there was even a hint of a safety breech, he brought us back in line by exercising good judgment and politely regaining control. He is an asset to Slickrock. I have every intention of returning and I have recommended Slickrock to everyone I have talked to since the trip.”

Bill Tis, Verona, PA
Belize Adventure Week, December 2005

“I am convinced one big reason for the most incredible trip of my life was Neri. He was thorough, knowledgeable, so pleasant, safety conscience, patient and helpful. He fit right in and hung with us. Great at all of the sports. You are so lucky to have him!!”

Renee Boniempi, Half Moon Bay, CA
Belize Adventure Week, December 2005

“The trip appealed to every one of my senses. Every hike, cave, water sport, and view excited my mind and spirit. I think our group would have been lucky to have either Neri or Jes as a lead guide, but I think we were extremely privileged to have had two exceptional guides! Neri was fantastic and Jes was a perfect compliment. I felt safe, challenged and was perfectly informed and involved in all activities. They were fun, positive, knowledgeable, energetic and attentive. I don’t think I could have hoped for better guides. My vacation experience with Slickrock in Belize has spoiled me. I am concerned that I will be disappointed by future travels. Slickrock has increased my expectations for all future active vacations.”

Victoria Martinez, Albuquerque, NM
Belize Adventure Week, November 2005

“After getting over the fact that we were all a giant ‘salt lick’ we couldn’t get enough of being there in Paradise. My last dive was with six dolphins. I have a smile on my face I can’t seem to get rid of.”

Holly Novak, Discovery Bay, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2005
Belize Adventure Week, March 2003

“We just returned from one of the best vacations ever!! Thank you for sharing this remarkable experience. Long Caye is an exquisite piece of paradise. After sailing for over 30 years in the BVIs, we were thrilled to try new things: kite sailing in a sea kayak, surfing in Central America, PADI certification and diving the infamous “Wall”. We lucked out and had a full moon–what more could you ask for: watching a picturesque sunset from a kayak one minute and then seeing the moon rise on the water the next! We couldn’t have asked for better guides, equipment, food, weather, clear water and smooth organization. It was a magical week. The fact that we could do what we wanted when we wanted worked perfectly for us. We met the nicest people and shared great stories. We’re still talking about Aurora’s cooking! Oceans of thanks!”

Jill & Don Sheeley, Aspen, Colorado
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2005

“I just wanted to say thanks again for a really wonderful weeks vacation. We were so impressed with your island, the people on the trip were great, and your staff so professional, the food delicious, the boats and gear a pleasure to sue and Glover’s…what a gem you have. I am so please to be able to finally get to see and enjoy it with you.”

Jim Stohlquist, Alamosa, Colorado
President, Stohlquist Water Ware, Inc.
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2005

“The trip was great and I was truly impressed with the dedication, skill level and the professionalism displayed by the staff. I will and have already recommended this trip to others. Thanks for a great time.”

Steven Gauthier, Kitzingen, Germany
Belize Adventure Week, November 2004

“We just returned from your Glover’s Reef 10 Day trip and wanted to tell you that we had an amazing vacation. Hat’s off to Elmo and Mark. Their knowledge and leadership gave us confidence and a high comfort level with the activities offered on the island . . . It’s hard to explain the time that we had on Long Caye. The English language just doesn’t have the words.”

Jesse & Deborah Guess, Denver, Colorado
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2004

“I loved everything about it. The setting was beautiful, the activities were well-organized and well-supervised. Our guides were wonderful – personable and responsible. The food was fabulous – plentiful and healthy. The cabins were charming and comfortable.”

Sandra Burge, San Antonio, Texas
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2004

“My vacation absolutely rocked! I picture myself in the hammock at Long Caye when things get stressful at work.”

Elizabeth Galiardo, New York, New York
Belize Adventure Week, April 2004

“This was one of those epic vacations that will standout in your memory. I was a solo traveler who was initially attracted to the exotic location and activities. I felt that other travelers would be of a like mind: excited about physical activities and not afraid to sweat for your fun. Those expectations were met and exceeded. I was a bit nervous that being a solo traveler, I might not fit into the group and be the ‘odd man out’. This did not happen and I was able to socialize and participate in all activities. The organization and effort of the staff really shows off. I was able to do more activites than I could do with a tour group or solo. The facilities in the jungle were outstanding and our island home was straight out of a postcard. The food was incredible (especially the 3 course meals in the jungle). The staff bent over backwards for all guests and wanted everyone to enjoy their experience in Belize. Last but not least, the other members of our Adventure Week heightened the entire trip and made me feel as if I had known them for several years. This is a perfect trip for a family, friends, or solo traveler. Bravo Slickrock!”

Ryan Tracy, Antioch, California
Belize Adventure Week, April 2004

“Prior to my departure, folks, especially my wife, said they hoped the trip would be beyond my expectations and dreams. It all happened so fast and work was so crazy, I really didn’t have many expectations. The trip was beyond anything I could EVER have imagined….. fantastic, superb, awesome, spectacular! I can’t think of enough positive exclamations to even begin to describe the week.”

Kevin Rooney, Wilmette, Illinois
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2004

“It was the very best summer camp ever! Beautiful setting, well-kept trails and facilities, hard-working staff; so easy to be there.”

Harvey and Margaret Lorenz, Neenah, Wisconsin
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February 2004

“It was fantastic from start to finish. The trip was professionally run with a perfect balance of safety and fun. All of the orientations gave you the skills you needed to pursue activities at your own pace for the rest of the week. I felt as though I was being taken care of but not smothered with guidance, which I had worried about ahead of time. The pace of activities was great and all of the staff were extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating.”

Kellie Sullivan, Somerville, Massachusetts
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2004

“You really run a great operation! I had taken several Adventure Travel trips before, both locally and abroad, and Slickrock exceeded my expectations to no end. Keep up the good work.”

Tom Kaniewski, New York, NY
Belize Adventure Week, January 2004

“The Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef was an amazing trip. It definitely exceeded my expectations. When I first stepped on to the island, I thought it was perfect. I liked the conch shells lining the pathways. The island looked just like the pictures in the brochure, and that’s what I wanted to see . . . We had such a perfect cabana on the island, with a really nice view. I sat out on the porch almost every morning to watch the sunrise. The sunsets, sunrises, and moonrises on Long Caye were amazing-like I’ve never seen before. . . To sum it up, I loved it, and I didn’t want to leave!”

Marisa Umsawasdi, Leander, Texas
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2003

“This trip was far better than I could have ever imagined! The accommodations were wonderful, the staff was excellent, and the rest of the group was awesome! I loved everything about it. The activities were numerous and well supervised/taught for safety. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute! I was most impressed with how the entire operation was run.”

Mary Siani, Laguna Niguel, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2003

“I had the best time…I honestly don’t know how I’m going to top this trip. It exceeded my expectations in a few ways: 1) It was more organized than I expected-no hiccups or down time at all. 2) The accommodations were more luxurious than I expected-luxury camping! 3) The staff to guest ratio and staff friendliness were outstanding.

I was drawn in by the caving but ended up most thrilled by the Macal. Long Caye was a complete surprise to me, I did not expect it to be such an amazing place. I also enjoyed the guides. Bones, Joelle and Neri were great. I’m glad I was under their care. They were like part of the group and fit right in with the guests (but kept us safe!). Very comfortable people to be around.”

Jeff Curie, Laguna Niguel, CA
Belize Adventure Week, December 2003

“Well I have to tell you how fabulous a time I had in Belize – the best trip of my life by far, and I will definitely be back! Everything about the trip was awesome, you guys put together some adventures that were nothing but spectacular and one of a kind. I’ll never forget the sensation of paddling the Caves Branch surrounded by jungle and never ending caves, or the mini rapids we rode through on tubes in Footprint Cave! Rafting the Macal was the most fun day I’ve had in my whole life, the huge adrenaline rush combined with the setting was just amazing. Bones and Neri did such a great job, those guys really made my trip that much more memorable. They definitely know what they’re doing and I learned so much from both of them, both about the history and the landscape, as well as important stuff like how to play dominoes the right way! I wouldn’t change a thing, I give you guys two really big thumbs up!”

Pamela Goats, Vancouver, Canada
Belize Adventure Week, November 2003

“Belize Adventure Week was an exciting variety of activities in two exotic settings. All five of us – two adults and three teens – had a terrific vacation. Spending time in two very different settings – jungle and atoll – gave us the sensation of a longer holiday than just a week. We hated for the trip to be over, but we felt we had ‘escaped’ from our normal lives for much longer.”

John and Lorin Graham, Upstate New York
Belize Adventure Week, March 2003

“I have to share with you a telling tale about my stay at Glover’s Reef. Every evening the staff made up a terrific punch which we enjoyed before dinner. By Thursday evening I couldn’t resist a third cup and I mentioned that I knew I really shouldn’t be having a third. Someone asked if there was much rum in it and I said “Yeah I think so, it feels pretty stiff to me.” She then asked “Don’t we have to add it ourselves?” I didn’t think so and I called the question over to Apolitico. “Is this punch pre-spiked?” “Nope” he says, “you have to add it yourself.” I had been drinking virgin punch all week and never noticed the difference! Now that’s Paradise!

The staff was friendly and helpful, the resource library was the source of lots of fun as we identified what we had seen during the day. The cooks accommodated special requests cheerfully. The guides were energetic and enthusiastic, teaching us anything we needed to know and sticking with us on all the activities. The diving was breath-taking, the kayaks were top-notch and the setting was everything I had hoped for.

I can’t close without special mention of our trip organizer, Darren. He was well-informed, personable, and responsible. His evening talks were fun and interesting. I think we all felt happy and safe with him.

We intend to go back there in the future. As my husband said “Ne cherchons plus! (Let’s stop searching) This is the place!” The only thing we’ll do differently next time is, we’ll stay longer! This is really an extraordinary set-up, far and away the best resort/camp I ever visited!”

Lise Saint-Cyr, Toronto, ON
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, February, 2003

“This trip was an unbelievable experience of a lifetime! Very well organized & orchestrated with exceptional guides & staff. The knowledge of the staff really enhanced my total experience. Not only could they show me how to paddle or surf, but they gave me the history of the people and surroundings while they did they it! That totally blew me away. What did we least enjoy about the trip? Coming home! You need to upgrade to a 30 hour day! Even that might not be enough. Realistically there is very little you could do to improve the experience.”

Deb Liang & Matthew Tillotson, St. Paul, MN
Belize Adventure Week, February 2003

Let me give my overall review of my trip in Belize: BEST VACATION OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I just can’t believe how well you guys do things – your operation is first-rate in every respect.”

Rick Sanders, Cincinnati, OH
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December, 2002

“The trip was amazing- We would highly recommend it to anyone who likes adventure travel. I went to work today and felt like I had been gone a month instead of just over a week. That is saying a lot.”

Sean & Kristen Reeves, Irvine, CA
Rivers & Reef, April 2002

“Great attention to detail. It was wonderful as a group member not to be responsible for details such as where to be picked up and timing. Slickrock did a great job moving us from place to place. Because we were so busy (in a good way) the trip flew by! I would tell my friends to do Slickrock trips. I’d do it again in the drop of a hat.”

Keith Slotkin, Berkeley, CA
Rivers & Reef, April 2002

“This trip not only met but also exceeded my expectations. Belize was beautiful both geographically and culturally. The experience on this trip really helped both educate and immerse me in it. I feel the guides helped lead me through experiences that expanded my skills as well as my ecological awareness.”

Chris Truskowski, Milwaukee, WI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2002

“This was the best vacation I have ever had. We had a fabulous time with all of the water sports. The group camaraderie was wonderful. Darren, Mark and Elmo made us feel very safe and well taken care of without being overly supervised. The food was fabulous. The accommodations were rustic but comfortable. There was an amazing array of sea life to be seen. The staff was very flexible in proving Dan with time in providing a guide to fly fish several mornings before breakfast.”

Barbara Burke, Keene, NH
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2002

“Fantastic! It exceeded my expectations! I couldn’t have asked for more; a beautiful tropical island surrounded by turquoise water, endless opportunities for fun amongst the greatest diversity of marine life I had ever seen, plus great people.”

Beth Roberts, Washington, DC
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, March 2002

“I participated in your Rivers & Reefs trip last February … and REALLY ENJOYED IT! Every aspect of it was fun, and a ‘learning experience’. In addition to the great activities and sights, I also gained a better appreciation for the coral reef ecosystem.”

Chuck Karo, Port Washington, NY
Rivers & Reef, February 2002

“It was perfect for me. I really wanted a trip where I could be away from it all! And your island was it. It supplied exactly the thing I wanted to do and nothing of the thing I didn’t want. The freedom to do as I please. No electricity, no cars, no streetlights, no roads. Just sea, sky, island, good food and company.”

Jenette Settle, Moab, UT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, January 2002

“This was my first adventure type all-inclusive trip so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The trip far exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all parts of Belize and esp. enjoyed their culture, past and present. I really like everyone on this trip. The other guests were fun, had great personalities and were likeable too.”

Cathy Cuccia, Madison, WI
Rivers & Reef, January 2002

“The time spent in Belize with your company was truly incredible. You have an extremely professional staff and first rate facilities. And your collection of toys is impressive. The overall experience was nothing short of fantastic.”

Geoff Gourley, Flagstaff, AZ
Rivers & Reef, December 2001

“Fun, lots to do, good pace. Good mix of rustic and comfort. It’s like a piece of paradise all to yourself- with toys.”

Leta Simons, Anchor Point, AK
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, November 2001

“I still look at my photos from my trip three years ago…it was indeed the ‘ideal’ vacation. I was planning on treating my husband to Slickrock for our 25th wedding anniversary this summer (first time around I went alone – now THAT was fun!) Our lives have been affected by the national tragedies, as he has been mobilized by his Navy Unit for an unknown period of time. Please keep me posted about specials and sales…we will both need the hammock! Happy Holidays to all those on the island!”

Patricia McNamara, West Lebanon, NH
Belize Summer Dive & Paddle Combo, August 1998

“I just wanted to send you guys a short note to thank you for the wonderful time I had last week on my trip. I will give anyone my highest recom anytime. Please thank everyone on the staff for me, IT WAS AWESOME, a story book experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you…….”

Joel Tuchez, Desoto, TX
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 2001

“For our many friends who like to rough it a bit we really have found THE PERFECT spot. Rob’s old kayaking buddy Cully Erdman of Moab has set up a resort at Glover’s Reef in Belize that is unbelievable. Glover’s Atoll is probably the most beautiful spot we have seen in 5 years in the islands. The clearest water, most beautiful reefs, tons of fish and no other people. Cully’s place is on a private island with very basic bungalows on the beach. The scene is spectacular and the daily activities are scuba/snorkeling, sea kayaking, surf kayaking, or windsurfing. And all you can take of each one. It’s places like these where memories are made! So go out and make some memories!

Rob and Dee Dubin, on board The Ventana, on a 5-year voyage through the Caribbean

“This was the best vacation we have had in four years. Well OK, ever!! We look forward to using Slickrock Adventures again.”

Brad and Tracy Haskett, Allen, TX
Belize Adventure Week 2001

“Just had to tell you that I had the best vacation of my whole life and am so happy that I found Slickrock! You do a fantastic job!”

Hilary Alexander, New York, NY
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 2001

“Brian and I went on the 10-day Glover’s Reef trip last January for our honeymoon and it was the best trip we’ve ever taken! I was very impressed with your attention to detail. Thanks for everything! You gave us a vacation we will remember always!”

Beth Kaputa, Portsmouth, NH
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 2000

“I have been home for three days and am still unable to work at my usual level of intensity. I keep staring at the ceiling and daydreaming about Belize. I had the time of my life. The people, the sights, and the physical intensity combined for a phenomenal vacation. It will be some time before I absorb all of the lessons I learned about life on this trip. It was beyond words….”

Stephen B. Wicker, Ithaca, NY
Belize Adventure Week 2000

“I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip. As usual things went smoothly, we were well fed and all the staff was a pleasure to be with. Glover’s Reef is the highlight of a trip to Belize. There’s a bit of magic out there with the coral, fish, good food, and companionship.”

Carl Johnson, Conway, NH
Rivers & Reef 2000
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1997
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1995

“We miss Belize, and especially Long Caye. We had such a wonderful time and have so many pleasant memories for which we are grateful. Everyone worked so hard to make sure we were comfortable, safe, and having a good time. We want you to know how much we appreciate it.”

Jeff Weeks, Albany, OR
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 2000

“I’m just back from Glover’s Reef, by far the best week of my life! I had a fabulous time and want to thank you all.”

Elisa Dunn, New York, NY
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 2000

“We simply wanted to say that you gave us the vacation of a lifetime. Going into the trip, we had high expectations and you exceeded them by leaps and bounds. The trip had just enough activities to where it was challenging, but not to the point where it was too fatiguing. The variety of activities was fantastic too. Floating the Caves Branch River is not something that we will soon forget. The people, both guides and local staff, were more than friendly and made us feel comfortable in the jungles and islands of Belize. Everything else (food, transportation, entertainment, facilities) was fabulous too. You have a great outfit going on. We feel lucky to have taken part in your trip and hope to excape the worries of everyday life and relax in paradise with Slickrock again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The Hermann Family, Portland, OR
Belize Adventure Week 2000

“We did your Glover’s Reef 10-day package in January and loved everything about it! Everything was terrific — the kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba, palapas, meals, island living, and especially the awesome people associated with Slickrock. We can’t wait to do it again! We’re definitely spreading the good word on your trips. What a great vacation!”

Dan and Val Eilers, Ellicott City, MD
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 2000

“The food was spectacular! Every day I wondered if I’d find something I didn’t like, but it never happened!”

Laurel Parrott, Galloway, OH
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1999

“I want to thank you for providing a first class experience and the best holiday I have had in twenty years.”

Paddy Shanahan, London, England
Belize Adventure Week 1999

“I fell in love with Long Caye! The beauty of the island, great food, delightful staff and guests, tremendous snorkeling, and warm water. We traveled after our Glover’s Reef 6-day stay, we wish we had done it before our trip. Everything was an anticlimax after Slickrock!”

Angela Mongillo, Los Altos Hills, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1999

“Adventure Week went beyond my wildest hopes. The guides, the staff, the atmosphere…perfect. It’s really hard to adjust back to normal after being a castaway.”

Kerstin Czarra, Baltimore, MD
Belize Adventure Week 1999

“The island was beautiful, diving incredible, sea kayaking fun, surf kayaking a blast, snorkeling amazing, and the hammocks relaxing. What a paradise!”

Deborah Manning, Cambridge, MA
Rivers & Reef 1999

“I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. The itinerary, facilities and equipment were all top notch. Looking forward to taking another trip with Slickrock.”

Alex Diamantis, New York, NY
Belize Adventure Week 1999

“Many thanks for a wonderful experience. Already I’m recruiting friends for next year. If it had been any better I may have entered a permanent ecstatic trance!”

John Myers, Wildwood, NJ
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, 1996, 1998 & 1999

“I loved the new experience of being where few have gone, seeing no other people and the quiet solitude.”

Lisa White, Scottsdale, AZ
Belize Adventure Week, March 1999

“We were able to see and do more activities in a week than we could have planned for ourselves over two to three weeks.”

Richard Altreuter, Kingston, RI
Belize Adventure Week 1999

“The trip made me do things I normally wouldn’t do. Never a dull day. I would take this trip again in a heartbeat!”

Bill Binan, New York, NY
Belize Adventure Week 1999

“Your Belize Adventure Week looked like the most action-packed fun-filled trip for the money. I feel very glad that I made the right decision.”

Mary Anderson, Arlington, VA
Belize Adventure Week 1998

“This trip was better than excellent. I could not have planned my dream vacation and had it be any better than this. I hope to be a frequent guest.”

Pat McNamara, West Lebanon, NH
Summer Dive & Paddle Combo 1998

“I’m back from a GREAT trip. I had a wonderful time! Really! A great group and great EVERYTHING! It was really an Adventure! The food was great and a lot of it. Just like you said. Thanks, it was truly a great experience!”

Ann-Catherine Alverborg, Madrid, Spain
Belize Adventure Week 1998

“Sigh…your recent flyer made me smile. The Adventure trip last February has stayed with me this whole time. I just got an e-mail from someone who was asking about your Adventure trip and I gave you guys a huge thumbs-up recommendation. Thanks for such long-lasting memories!”

Ann Randall, Poulsbo, WA
Belize Adventure Week 1998

“Every aspect of this trip was much better than I ever expected it to be! The snorkeling was incredible, and the feeling of the island was relaxing and what can best be described as “Paradise”. The food was exceptional!! The staff was humorous, helpful, knowledgeable, and just plain fun to be around. I really could not have thought of or planned a more perfect vacation. Your company runs a wonderful operation, and I feel lucky to have had the chance to be a part of it for a week.”

Corrie Woloshan, Longmont, CO
Summer Dive & Paddle Combo 1998

“I feel like I experienced things that most visitors to Belize don’t get to do. Thanks!”

Arletta Nichol, Arlington, VA
Belize Adventure Week 1998

“Thank you for a great trip–I had a spectacular time on the Adventure Week tour. The activities and experiences far exceeded my expectations. We had an enthusiastic, fun group, which really helped make the trip a great one.”

Wayee Chu, New York, NY
Belize Adventure Week 1998

“This vacation was everything the brochure said it would be and everything I wanted it to be–and more! It met–and exceeded–my expectations. It was a different adventure every day! I will certainly travel again with Slickrock.”

Theresa Siroky, Atlanta, GA
Belize Adventure Week 1998

“We loved the variety of different activities available on your vacation in Honduras. Any trip where we would have stayed in one spot for a week is a bit too relaxed for us. We could not have asked for better guides.”

Bryon and Donna Loucks, Centralia, WA
Sea Kayak Honduras, 1996
Belize Adventure Week 1997

“The time spent on the island was not nearly enough. I had no idea what day it was nor what time. We did not think about work at all. We barely missed our dog. The locals were right, when one gets settled into island time nothing else matters. I really hope to return to Long Caye.”

Brian Brundage, Auburn, NY
Belize Adventure Week 1997

“This trip has no room for improvement. It totally rocked!”

John Berger and Sarah Symons, Watertown, MA
Belize Adventure Week 1997

“What did I like about the trip? The absolute quiet, the relaxed pace. It was like being unplugged.”

George Martin, Midlothian, VA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1996

“The itinerary is very good, especially considering conditions in Belize. There were opportunities to do all of the activities that I had hoped for. The well-prepared information and endorsements in the guide books indicated Slickrock is very competent.”

Bob Creed, Boise, ID
Belize Adventure Week 1996

“I loved the fact that it was truly an ‘Adventure’ week, that it did not stop moving.”

Dennis Clark, Winfield, IL
Belize Adventure Week 1996

“The Glovers Reef trip was even more fun than my first week at college. All of the guides were fantastic. This trip hit new heights on the fun-o-meter. It was a superb adventure; many thanks to everyone at Slickrock for the best vacation ever.”

Chris Olson, Woodside, CA
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1996

“My trip with you to Glover’s Reef was just about the best vacation I’ve ever had.”

Maria Spadanuda, Burlington, VT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1996

“My trip with Slickrock was cosmic, fantastic, everything advertised and maybe a little more.”

Sam Horowitz, Hialeah, FL
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1995

“It was a fantastic week…the food was terrific…being away from responsibilities back home was pretty close to heaven. I loved all of it!”

Mino Kramer, Pt. Huron, MI
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1995

“I loved the food, (and I’m a very picky ‘high maintenance’ eater.) The guides were very open to accommodating weird preferences. I really appreciated that the menu was largely vegetarian aside from the fish (which was fabulous!)”

Nancy Jo Connell, Missoula, MT
Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef 1994