Ambergris Caye

Exclave Belize

Located a short distance north of Belize City, about 20 miles out to sea, Ambergris Caye started out as a sleepy fishing village on the coast but it’s pristine beaches and easy access to the surrounding coral reefs soon made it the premier destination for the tourist industry in the country.

San Pedro is the main town located on the land at the southern part of this peninsula that is actually an island due to the small water channel located at the Belize/Mexico border, about 20 miles north of San Pedro.

[photo credit at top of page: Lucy Wallingford]

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye

The most popular tourist destination in Belize

Many resorts and hotels now line the beach both north and south of the main town, and the nearby barrier reef, located only a half mile to the east and well within view, protects the beaches from the open Caribbean Sea.

Many maps are available showing the location of these resorts, and many have developed into luxury facilities featuring fine dining, pools, and spas. Great entertainment events are always available at the island’s many nightclubs and bars, which have been frequented by major US celebrities in recent years.

Leonardo DeCaprio loved Ambergris so much he ended up buying a small island nearby and developed into a very high end luxury retreat. A favorite for a family or honeymoon vacation, Ambergris Caye has grown enormously in recent years, and is accessed by both domestic flights and water taxis from Belize City, which is only 30 miles away.

Scuba diving is the primary activity most tourists enjoy at Ambergris Caye, and many reefs are easily accessible from the island. However, many other tours and activities are available from the island, including excursions to the mainland to see the many Mayan ruins, caves, and river adventures that various outfitters offer.

Victoria House, Ambergris Caye
Lucy Wallingford