Do I Qualify for a Deal?

Returning guests

Each returning guest receives a 10% discount on any trip, including holiday dates. Persons joining a return guest, but visiting us for the first time, do not qualify for this special rate.

Kid’s discounts

Kids 11 and under qualify for special prices. However, kids receiving these discounts do not count toward the size of the group. In certain cases it may insure a better rate to count the kid as an adult to increase the size of the group in order to receive a group discount. We are happy to help you figure out the best rate for your group, give us a call: 800-390-5715.

Discount deals for Extended Stays

If you book two trips back-to-back (trips with overlapping overnight accommodations with Slickrock), you will receive additional discounts. Discounts are even higher for return guests, kids 11 and under, and groups of 4+ who book extended stays. Visit our Discount Travel Deals page for full information. These discounts are not available for those booking through an agent eligible for commissions, only for those booking directly, and also not available in addition to any other discount.

We do not give double discounts

For example: If you are part of a group of 4 eligible for a 10% discount, and a returning guest eligible for a 10% discount, your discount is still 10% off the retail cost of the trip. Likewise, if you book a date that has been put on sale, group rates do not apply.

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