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Merry Christmas

By Slickrock Adventures | December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas Slickrock friends, one and all Winter is here, sprung has spring, summer, and fall Have a nice time Presents, mulled wine Lights on Christmas trees Maybe next year, a trip to Belize Island sun Kayaking fun Snorkel the reef Christmas dinner, vegetarian, or beef Whatever you’re doing, have a nice day Just close those eyes, and picture a hammock sway Happy holidays, Phil and the

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10% Discount 17th December 2021

By Slickrock Adventures | November 22, 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends, We have some good news, as of last Friday (19th November 2021). Alaskan Airlines have commenced flights to Belize from Los Angeles and Seattle, with flights parallel with our package start and finish dates. Tickets can be purchased at for flights twice per week for Seattle and four times per week for Los Angeles. As we close in on 2021, it looks like the w

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November Update

By Slickrock Adventures |

Dear Slickrock Friends, We’re a hop, skip, and jump away from opening, and it would be great to welcome you to our island this winter. We are running trips with a very minimum of 15 guests, and have more than enough space for you to feel a calming sense of mind that you’re likely in the safest of places to go on holiday (or vacation, my North American friends). Just close your eyes and

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October 2021 Update

By Slickrock Adventures | October 6, 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends, As we get within a whisker of opening for the season, we’re hopeful the world, indeed tourism, will get back to some sort of normality from November. To give you absolute peace of mind, we are continuing to implement safety protocols to keep you within a protective bubble. From the moment you exit the airport, to the moment you check in for your onward departure at

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September 21st – Happy 40th Belize

By Slickrock Adventures | September 21, 2021

Happy 40th Independence Day Belize Photo Credit: My Beautiful Belize Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. Monday, September 21st, 1981 was when the Union Jack was lowered and the Belizean Flag rose, officially ending British colonialism, having been a British Crown Colony since 1862. However, the first British permanent settlement in nowadays Belize was founded in t

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Happy Birthday Lucy – August Update

By Slickrock Adventures | August 2, 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. I would like to wish Lucy Wallingford a very Happy Birthday today. She joined Cully’s journey way back in 1986, until retiring in 2018, although she is still a very valued member of the Slickrock family. Growing up in Austin, Texas, but residing in Moab, Utah, she was absolutely instrumental in Slickrock’s growth from

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July Update

By Slickrock Adventures | August 1, 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. As normality returns to normal(ish), we are concreting plans for next season. In the ten years, I’ve been involved with Slickrock, I have only ever seen dolphins twice before. Both times were in a smallish boat and in The Blue (2,500+ ft), which is between the Barrier Reef and Glover’s Reef Atoll. The very last trip o

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June 2021

By Slickrock Adventures | June 25, 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. As the rainy season officially begins, we’re looking to navigate our way through the biggest crisis most of us have experienced in our lifetimes and Slickrock’s biggest challenge since it was established way back in 1977. My two biggest priorities are to look after the Slickrock family now and in the long term, as w

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May 2021 Update

By Slickrock Adventures | June 4, 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. As mentioned in previous updates, I have spent 17 years developing an eco-friendly business plan, rather than the dream of having an island. The group of extremely decent people at Slickrock had a spark that I had a very good gut feeling about when I first met them face-to-face way back in 2011. Not only were they highly experien

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