Ziplining in Belize

Bocawina National Park

The best place to go ziplining in Belize is at Bocawina National Park. Slickrock combines this with waterfall rappelling and includes this great one-day event in our Belize Adventure Week package.

Zipline at Bocawina National Park, Belize

Zipline at Bocawina National Park, Belize
Max Nohel

Bocawina National Park

Bocawina National Park has a multitude of opportunities in a small area. Ziplining, hiking, rappelling, birding, and Mayan ruins can all be found within close proximity to Bocawina Rainforest Resort. The park is home to the longest zipline in Central America with a seven stage course. It starts at the back of the resort and ends with the final line passing close to the restaurant up front. In addition to 9 stages of zipline, the course includes a short rappel and a swinging bridge through the canopy. Safety is paramount with redundant safety features and expert guides. Platforms have solid railings for leisurely “catch your breath” breaks while taking in the incredible views. You can get going about 50 mph!

Bocawina guides give thorough instruction on the zipline technique. Any guests feeling uncertain of their ability can ride tandem with a guide. The longest run of the the seven stages is 2300 feet!

Bocawina is 4.5 miles down a good gravel road about halfway between Hopkins and Dangriga, to the west of the main road. There is a restaurant at the resort. This is a highly recommended destination!

[photo credit at top of page: Max Nohel]

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The longest zipline in Central America

“I recommend the trip because it is special to have your own sea kayaking island, plus kayaking on the Mopan, ziplining through the jungle canopy, and the Caves Branch is unique for paddlers! I used to guide paddling trips and this was on my bucket list I am so glad that I got to do this trip with my husband and son.”

Julie Francis, Colorado Springs, CO

Belize Adventure Week, December 2015