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Belize Adventure Sports

Belize Adventure Sports

Jungle & Island Activities

Slickrock offers winter island adventures Belize, the ultimate in sports vacation packages. Our private island is located at Glovers Reef, no other outdoor adventure travel opportunity offers this much variety in outdoor activities. Each sport also has its own web page to fully explain what we can offer; in the chart below click on the photo of the sport you are interested in.

When we say multi-sport, we mean it!

When we say multi-sport, we mean it! This is a typical day.
Lucy Wallingford

The Buddy System

We use the buddy system for all sports so that no guest is alone in the event of an accident on the water. Single travelers will have no trouble finding a buddy. Guides offer guided activities 2 – 4 times/day. If guests wish to kayak, paddle, surf, windsurf, or sail when it is not being offered as a group activity they may do any sport with a buddy, regardless of what the rest of the group is doing. This is allowed after guests have completed the required orientation for each sport providing they have checked with the trip leader for his or her approval. This is primarily a guided trip, and guides have the authority to veto any guest outing based on safety considerations.

When on an unguided activity, guests are financially responsible for the Slickrock gear they are using. The fee charged for damaging or losing sport gear is provided in the liability form every guest signs before the trip.

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All Inclusive Packages
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9 nights, $2425 US per person

6 nights, $1675 US per person

5 nights, $1525 US per person

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Kayak – Snorkel – Dive – Kiteboard – Windsurf – Fish – Paddle – Surf

Scuba Diving

scuba diving


Snorkeling at Glovers Reef

Belize Fly Fishing

Sport Fishing

Kayak Fishing

kayak fishing



Kayak Surfing


Sea Kayaking





Kayak Rolling

Cave Kayaking

cave kayaking

River Kayaking

river kayaking



Jungle Hiking

jungle hiking

Exploring Ruins

exploring ruins



Waterfall Rappelling

waterfall rappelling