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Why Belize Must be on Your Diving Bucket List

When it comes to picturesque locations for diving, Belize is right up there. It’s the second least populated nation in Central America, found between Mexico and Guatemala. This little place has everything for the diver and for anyone who’s looking for more than just adventure under the water. Full of exploration, adventure and relaxation, with its fair amount of romance above and below the wat

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The Different Styles of Kayaks

Over the past 4,000 years kayaks have continued to gain more and more popularity as they go. Kayaks were originally invented by the Aleut and Inuit Peoples who lived around the Arctic Ocean shores. The frames of the kayaks were originally composed of wood or the bones of whales and were covered in the waterproof skins of seals. Kayaks back then and even still to this day were used for hunting purp

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We Have to Return to the Island!

Carol Cashion and her family joined us on the island twice recently – in January of 2016 and then again a year later. Carol wrote this blog post for us about how great is it is return to the island for a second trip. All photos are by her, or by other members of her family. Thanks Carol! Top Ten Things We Loved about Going Back to the Island 1. We already had all the snorkeling gear. No shop

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What to Expect When Learning How to Kitesurf

If you’re looking for the next outdoor activity to get your blood racing and heart pounding, look no further than kitesurfing. Also referred to as kiteboarding, it harnesses the power of the elements as the wind pulls your kite, allowing you to power along the waves. Plus, there’s the added bonus of spending your resting time, sitting on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. It

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Island DownTime

Every once-in-awhile the island will be the host of what we will call “inclement” weather, somewhat beyond the type of weather that brings us excellent surf for kayak surfing… … or just the right wind for windsurfing. And since, for Slickrock, the number one priority on the island is safety, water activities could be canceled. If this happens, hopefully everyone has read the inform

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Belize low tide walk

[Sharon Columbus and her husband have joined us every single year since 2012. They are already scheduled for 2017. All photos are by Neil Columbus.] One activity on Slickrock’s Belize island that you should not to miss is the Low Tide Walk. Now this activity isn’t like the adrenaline-pumping kayaking surfing offered on the island (especially if the wind is just right). Nor will you experie

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Tips for enjoying the island – from a frequent guest

[Sharon Columbus and her husband have joined us every single year since 2012. They are already scheduled for 2017. She offers some great advice here for anyone thinking of spending a week out on Long Caye. All photos are by Neil Columbus.] Here are the two most helpful island tips for Long Caye in Belize. First and foremost pay very close attention to Lucy’s packing list. It is all true. You can

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Top 6 most recommended travel apps

You’ll easily find a person that loves to travel, but it won’t be so easy to find a person who knows HOW to travel. We’re not saying that there’s a strict code of conduct, but people travel in different ways, and some are more convenient than others. If you travel without any time limit and simply want to roam the world, then you don’t really need any particular pointers on how to do it.

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5 Reasons Why You’ll Never Want to Leave Belize

For adventure lovers, Belize still remains somewhat of an underrated destination. In 2009, only a surprising 231,249 travelers visited this tropical paradise. Competing with the other great adventure destinations, it’s easy to see why Belize can often be over looked. However, once you’ve experienced a taste of what this unique, vibrant and diverse culture, it’s guaranteed that you’ll never

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