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Belize Adventure Week is our most active of our adventure tours


Full Week First Half of Week Second Half of Week
8 nights, $2595 US pp 4 nights, $1395 US pp 5 nights, $1395 US pp

Sat pm - Sat pm

(leave Belize Sun)

Jungle and Island


Dates on sale

Sat pm - Wed am

(leave Belize Wed)

Jungle only


Dates on sale

Tue pm - Sat pm

(leave Belize Sun)

Island only


Dates on sale


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Full Week / Saturday - Saturday / 8 nights

First Half / Saturday - Wednesday / 4 nights

Second Half / Tuesday-Saturday / 5 nights


To see examples of longer trips, visit our Suggested Belize Itineraries page.


Full Week and First Half Jungle Expedition:Flying into Dangriga

Saturday, Day 1




Fly into BZE, then continue on a local flight to Dangriga (guest responsibility, see Domestic Flight Reservations).


Landing in Dangriga, if you can carry your luggage about the length of a football field, simply walk directly toward the sea and you are there. If you have too much to carry, catch a cab one block to Pelican Beach Hotel. Note: your international flight should land in Belize no later than 4:00 pm to ensure you will be able to catch the last flight to Dangriga; be sure to check local flights before confirming international flights. If you land later you will have to use a cab to catch up with the group. (If you must arrive later request the Belize Adventure Week information sheet for If Late or Delayed for more info on catching up with the group).Antelope Falls Trail


We meet for orientation, dinner, and overnight at Pelican Beach Resort at 6:00 p.m. We cover all hotels, meals, and transport once meeting you. Our guide will wait for everyone before starting the orientation, and attendance this evening is required.

Sunday, Day 2


Although this is an accurate description of the Belize Adventure Week itinerary, it is subject to change. Belize weather, river levels, wind speed, and road conditions can cause delays and substitution of activities. We sell a Belize map that will help you to better visualize all of the terrain we cover in one week.





After a sunrise awakening we drive to Bocawina Rainforest Resort (45 min) for breakfast, then prepare for the waterfall rappell. The hike is about 600’ up a steep jungle trail, where a view to the sea and refreshing pool reward our effort. The guides train everyone on rappelling, and one by one each person descends through the waterfalls. Guests can hike back down to opt out of this event if they choose, the pool is definitely worth the hike. This is a thrilling morning!

After lunch we go ziplining! Bocawina guides set everyone up with harnesses and give thorough instruction on the zipline technique. Any guests feeling uncertain of their ability can ride tandem with a guide. This is the longest zipline in Central America, the longest run of the seven stages is 2300 feet! Antelope Falls, Belize pool

In the early afternoon we drive the sylvan Hummingbird Highway to our next destination, Windy Hill Resort near San Ignacio (2 hrs). The drive takes us past citrus orchards and villages and miles of jungle; you get a good feel for this area of Belize on this lovely drive..


Passing through the regional center of San Ignacio, we check into our lodging at Windy Hill on the outskirts of town. We stay here for the next two nights.


For more information on Windy Hill, visit our Other Things to Do in Belize page.





Antelope Falls waterfall rappell in Belize.



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Bocawina zipline in Belize





















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Mopan River Belize

Monday, Day 3




After breakfast we embark on a kayak run down the Mopan River. We use sit-on-top kayaks for this adventure, which are stable and easy to paddle. A land training session is followed with further instruction as we travel downstream. The beginner-level rapids are quite exciting! You will learn to surf waves, dodge rocks, and plunge off small drops. We enjoy lunch at a riverside cafe. Xunantunich Mayan ruin





That afternoon we climb The Castillo pyramid at Xunantunich Ruins, where our guide (a Mayan himself) interprets the ruins and Mayan culture. We return to Windy Hill.








The Portage on the Caves Branch River.

Tuesday, Day 4




We pack up early and drive to the Caves Branch River. After a short orientation we launch on our underground journey in hardshell kayaks, navigating by headlamp. This unique trip combines caving with river running. Everyone must negotiate a quarter-mile portage on a jungle trail during this five-mile run. This is arguably the best one-day adventure in the country!Entering one of the caves on the Caves Branch, Belize


In the late afternoon we drive to the Belize Biltmore Plaza hotel in Belize City where we are joined by others on the Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef Second Half package.


After checking into the Biltmore, First Half guests are on their own for dinner and breakfast the next day, although your hotel is covered this night. Full Week and Second Half guests have an island orientation followed by dinner at the hotel.


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Questions? Send us an email: or call 800-390-5715.

We will love to help you plan your trip to Belize!



Second Half Island Expedition:

Snorkeling at Glover's Reef, Belize.



On Tuesday Second Half guests fly to Belize City and taxi to the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel for a 5:30 p.m. orientation, dinner, and lodging. Our guide will wait for everyone before starting the orientation, and attendance this evening is required.


Wednesday, Day 5


The island itinerary is flexible and completely dependent on the weather. This is an accurate description of how the rest of the week will unfold, however the exact day-by-day activity schedule may vary from week to week.




After breakfast at the hotel we walk two blocks to our dock (luggage is driven). The boat leaves around 8 or 9 a.m., arriving at the island just before lunch. It takes 3 - 3.5 hours to get to Long Caye (65 miles), crossing the Belize Barrier Reef just south of Tobacco Caye. For more about the boat ride, please see the Glover's Reef Additional Information page.


Once on the island we begin with an complete tour of our facility. Lunch is waiting for us, and afterwards you settle into your cabana. By 1:30 or 2:00 we are meeting for our first sport orientation: snorkeling! Everyone participates in this session, as well as the sea kayak orientation the next morning. We only offer these sessions once.


We start with a review of gear and snorkel safety specific to our area. We then break into smaller groups, each with their own guide, and swim to our closest snorkel spot for your first snorkel at Glover's Reef.


From now on everyone can snorkel as much as they like, as long as you run your snorkel plan by us and have a buddy to join you. Group snorkel excursions are scheduled throughout the week, usually daily. Visit our snorkeling page for more underwater images and a list of creatures we often see. You can also find a map of our Belize snorkeling sites on the same page.


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Belize kayak lesson


Thursday, Day 6




This morning we conduct the sea kayak orientation, which starts off on the beach, followed by a practice session in the water. We cover paddle strokes, entering and exiting the kayak (so you can snorkel out of the kayaks), and rescue techniques. At left the guides are demonstrating the T-rescue, which everyone practices in the water right after this beach session.


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Ready for the first kayak snorkel expedition!



The sea kayak orientation session is the last mandatory activity. From now on you can pick and choose, and if you don't want to do a sport, you simply choose something else when that orientation session is offered.


After lunch, one guide takes a group paddling to a nearby patch reef to snorkel from the kayaks, while another guide offers windsurfing instruction.


Certified divers may also begin diving this afternoon, and fishermen can fish anytime. In fact, we pay for your fishing license so you can begin fishing right away.




Belize windsurfing

Friday, Day 7




Our final full day is always the best. Get in more diving, snorkeling, paddling, or surfing. Our Belizean cooks prepare fantastic feasts for us, which we enjoy in between this wide array of activities. Visit our menu page.


Other options not yet mentioned include windsurfing, kayak rolling, paddleboarding, surfing, kitesurfing, kayak surfing, a downwind paddleboard trip to Southwest Caye 6 miles away, night snorkeling, full-moon paddling, and beginners learn kiteboarding basics on our trainer kites.


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Saturday, Day 8




After an early morning paddleboard session before breakfast, we snorkel to “Lobster Rocks”, a nearby, shallow patch reef. After lunch we return to Belize City.


Our arrival time cannot be predicted since it depends on factors we cannot control. Therefore, guests should not make other plans for Saturday night, and our last night’s lodging is included in the trip price. You will not get back in time to catch an international flight. After checking into the Biltmore, guests are on their own for dinner.

Sunday, Day 9

Earliest day to fly home.





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