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Kayak snorkeling BelizeThis Belizean sports trip is based out of one of the world's best snorkeling destinations. Our water sport center features the only surf spot in Belize, the only Vela kitesurf school in the country, as well as sea kayaking, diving, windsurfing, kayak surfing, fishing, and paddleboarding!

Island Sport Orientations

Your guide will first provide instruction in all sports before you try them. Each orientation takes between 30 min. - 4 hours. Regardless of your experience and ability level, attendance in these instructional sessions is required if you plan to participate in the activity, since your guide has no way of knowing your experience level.


Sea kayak instruction, Long Caye, BelizeGuests with extensive experience in a particular sport may receive a special, abbreviated orientation so they can get started earlier, but this is not always possible for every sport. Our guides are guiding the whole group, not just one person, and they must balance their time between everyone so that everyone is safe in the water. If you have only one sport you are interested in, our guides will do their best to get to the orientation as soon as possible, but it may not happen the first day you are on the island, or maybe not even the second day. Guides are responsible for everyone and can't guide more than one thing at a time.


Persons interested in only one sport will have to adjust their expectations as this is a multi-sport trip, not a single-sport trip, and all sports require a guide or buddy, especially when the conditions are extreme. We find that guests who show up thinking they will only do one sport quickly realize the beauty of this location is that you can try so many things. You'll want to do everything; there are few places on earth where you can experience this many sports in one week.


Attendance at the orientation in Belize City on the evening of Day 1 is also required, as there is not enough time to repeat everything multiple times. Friday night is the perfect time to get a lot of information imparted as we are all just waiting to go out to the island the next morning anyway. Please make your plans to include Friday night in Belize City.

Sport Orientations-Windsurf Lessons

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Learning to windsurf, Belize


Windsurfing instruction, Belize


Beginning windsurf lessons, Belize


Learn windsurfing in Belize


Learn to windsurfing


Windsurf instructions

Each sport has an orientation sesson where we introduce our gear to you. Once you have had the orientation session, you are free to use the gear anytime you like, as long as you have a buddy. The buddy system is different for each sport, and that's covered as well during the orientation. For example, a buddy while snorkeling is someone snorkeling with you, but a buddy while windsurfing is a person on shore paying attention to your location and notifying us if you need assistance. During scheduled activities, guides are on hand monitoring your progress and a buddy may not be necessary, since the guide is effectively your buddy.


For example, windsurfing is one of the sports in which we offer instruction each week. We have a fantastic system, and great beginner gear, so it's common to become successful on your very first lesson! If you are already an experienced board sailor, we just check you out on the gear and you can begin sailing almost right away. Here's how we teach windsurfing:

Initial instruction on land
Your first lesson is on our windsurf trainer. The guide stands right next to you and explains the various pieces of equipment, posture on the board, how to hold the sail, how to turn the board, steering with the sail, etc. While one person is on the trainer, others are listening and getting ready to try it themselves.

More instruction just off shore
You go right from the trainer to the water. Another guide holds the board for you while you get ready to go. He/she is giving last minute instructions while you balance yourself. You are then let go and you are on your own!

Our lagoon is a great place to learn
Once you take off, our guides are monitoring your position and progress. They will then paddle out to your position, continuing to give instruction. If you are having trouble, are getting too fatigued, or have drifted too far downwind, they simply trade with you and sail the board back while you paddle back in the kayak. In this way you can learn to windsurf in just a few sessions at your own speed.

The photos at left tell the story

Photo 1 Two guides are doing the orientation while you are on the trainer. One is giving verbal instruction, while the other is stabilizing the board with a rope. Other guests are waiting to take their turn on the trainer.

Photo 2 You stay with the trainer as long as you need to so that you understand just what you need to do when you get to the water.

Photo 3 The guest on the right is receiving last minute instructions, while the guest on the left is waiting for the launch spot and just about to uphaul their sail to receive their final instructions.

Photo 4 The guide is holding the board while you get your balance and get ready to go.

Photo 5 Both beginner sailors are now on their own, sailing on a broad reach away from the island.

Photo 6 Here you can see that four beginners are now in the water, learning to sail. Guides are in kayaks, offering instruction when needed, or offering to sail the boards back if someone needs a break.

Never go kayaking without your buddy!


The Buddy System

We use the buddy system for all sports so that no guest is alone in the event of an accident on the water. Single travelers will have no trouble finding a buddy. Guides offer guided activities 2 – 4 times/day. If guests wish to kayak, paddle, surf, windsurf, or sail when it is not being offered as a group activity they may do any sport with a buddy, regardless of what the rest of the group is doing. This is allowed after guests have completed the required orientation for each sport providing they have checked with the trip leader for his or her approval. This is primarily a guided trip, and guides have the authority to veto any guest outing based on safety considerations.


When on an unguided activity, guests are financially responsible for the Slickrock gear they are using. The fee charged for damaging or losing sport gear is provided in the liability form every guest signs before the trip.


Sea kayaking Belize at Glovers Reef Atoll.

Sea Kayaking Trip

The 80-degree waters of Belize create an unbeatable setting to enjoy the thrills of sea kayaking, and no prior experience is required. Our guides instruct a full range of kayaking techniques, including paddling strokes, rolling, and rescues. The premier Belize sea kayaking trip, we paddle every day to nearby islands, into the lagoon, or along the reef in search of new snorkeling locations. Skimming over the neon blue water, our boats dodge patch reefs and startle spotted eagle rays, barracuda, and bonefish.


We often see porpoise and sea turtles while paddling through the channels into the open sea, where we stop to snorkel from the boats. Because we base from our private island, always returning to the island after each excursion, you are assured of getting in as much or as little paddling as you desire.


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Send us an email: or call 800-390-5715.

Let us help you plan your Belize kayaking vacation!


Belize snorkeling tour


Snorkeling in Belize: Of all the highlights of your visit to Long Caye, exploring the underwater world may top the list. The pristine reefs of Belize are world-renowned, and those at Glover’s National Marine Reserve are the best in the country. In addition to 700+ patch reefs accessible by kayak, there is outstanding snorkeling on the reef wall just off our shore. The abundance and variety of sea life is astounding, and you could spend a lifetime exploring the coral formations at Glover’s Reef Belize. We snorkel every day! For more information on snorkeling in Belize, visit our snorkeling web page.



At Glovers Reef, Belize you can snorkel right off the shore.Bring your dive light for a night snorkel! Conditions don't permit this every trip, but what an amazing experience, to view the nocturnal creatures of the underwater world. Octopus, lobster, and basket starfish are often seen, not to mention the illusive Toad Fish, found only in Belizean waters!


Our blog has a post on how to buy your mask, fins, and snorkel.


Below are some fantastic shots taken while snorkeling on one of our trips in December of 2007. All snorkeling photos by Tom Holub.


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Juvenile bluehead wrasse Juvenile bluehead wrasse & pillar coral Trumpetfish Trumpetfish Yellow spotted stingray Yellow spotted stingray
Stoplight parrotfish Stoplight parrotfish French grunt French grunt Elkhorn coral Elkhorn coral
Blue tang Blue tang Southern stingray Southern stingray Midnight parrotfish Midnight parrotfish


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Request complete information on snorkeling-diving swimming distance from shore!


Our Belize dive shop offers complete PADI courses, from beginner to Dive Master.

Scuba Vacation

The remarkable clarity of the water at Glover’s makes this an ideal location for scuba, which is available from our associates at Long Caye Dive Shop. There are 54 miles of wall diving within a 12-mile radius of Long Caye. The top of the reef wall varies from 40 to 80 feet. It is not uncommon to encounter dolphins, sea turtles and as many as 50 species of creatures in one dive. Located just down the beach, the dive shop is a full-service PADI scuba facility. Guests often take time off from our activities to go diving. In addition to serving certified divers, they also provides scuba diving training that permit novices to train and continue to dive for the remainder of the week.


All guests must be physically fit to dive. Areas of concern for diving fitness include respiratory conditions (such as asthma); circulatory conditions (such as heart trouble); diabetes; and recent major surgery. Please visit our Belize dive resorts page for more information on the required medical release for diving.


Windsurfing Belize

Windsurfing Instruction

We offer beginning-advanced with sailed rigged to go and a land trainer. Our lagoon is an ideal place to learn and experts use our short boards for the surf. Steady winds are almost always present, and the 80-degree water means you windsurf in your bathing suit! Our windsurfing page has a complete list of our gear.


To read more about how we teach windsurfing to beginners, see the Windsurf Lessons section on the Adventure Island page.








Kiteboarding lessons, Belize





Kite Boarding

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Bring your kiteboard to our island and experience perfect conditions, or take introductory kiteboarding lessons with our trainer kites. The flat water of the atoll, near constant winds (10 mph 95% of the time) and the 80 degree waters of the Caribbean all add up to a kiteboarder’s dream!


Belize atoll kiteboardingAdvanced kiteboarding lessons are now available December - March only through our Belize Kiteboard School. Take professional lessons from a full-time instructor!











Bone fishing at Glover's Reef, Belize

Sport Fishing

Although Slickrock’s program focuses on kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and windsurfing, fishermen will not be disappointed! There is no need to hire a private guide, you just wade in. The fishing (catch-and-release only) is excellent just off our island; in fact local fishing guides regularly bring their guests over 35 miles by boat just to fish a few feet from our shore. It is common to pull in several bonefish per session. Many fishermen also spin-cast off of our dock, as permit, jack, and barracuda also provide a great deal of excitement. Fishermen can fish any time they like, if you get up early or fish late in the day you won’t even miss any of the other activities. And we pay for your fishing license so you can begin to fish right away! See our Belize sport fishing page for information on what gear to bring.


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We have the only fully-rigged fishing kayaks in the country of Belize!

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fly-fishing is the hot new sport for dedicated anglers. People who yearn to fish at Glover’s Reef can now use our top-of-the-line fishing kayaks as an alternative to wading in from shore or fishing off of our dock. The kayaks greatly extends your range of possibilities for tracking our resident bonefish.


Paddling a fishing kayak is easier than you might think, and we include this instruction. Fishing kayaks are wider than regular kayaks to prevent them from tipping over while casting, and they also use anchors and pontoons to stabilize the craft when fishing. Completely outfitted with rod holders and other necessities for fishing, you won't even want to come into shore for your next meal.Surfing off Long Caye, Belize.


We have the #1 surfable break in Belize! Board surfing at Long Caye is great for intermediate and advanced surfers. Experienced surfers love our wave! If you want world-class, immaculately groomed long fetch overhead barrels - you should consider a destination such as Tavarua or the Mentawais. However, if you're a surfer planning to go to Glover's for the reefs and kayaking, windsurfing, etc. - you also might be rewarded with some very fun, VERY uncrowded tropical surf. There's no line on our break, and you'll have a very appreciative audience. Although our wave is excellent for beginning surf kayakers, our break is not ideal for beginning board surfers. You can read more about this on the Belize surfing page. Surfing kayaking just off our shore, we have a right-point wave, perfect for beginning kayak surfing

Kayak Surfing

When we say "Kayak Belize" we don't just mean sea kayaking! The eastern shore of Long Caye is exposed to the prevailing trade winds, which create ideal conditions for surf. The waves break on shoals of coral rubble, which generate a perfect "point" break and a great ride for our surf kayaks. Even if you have never surfed before you will be carving it up after your 45 minute surf kayaking introduction. Watching the action from the beach is a sport in itself as the surfers provide hours of entertainment for those who choose to relax with a cold soda or beer.


Belize paddleboarding


Stand-up paddle surfing has exploded in popularity in just the past few years to become the fastest growing new water sport in the US. "SUP" entails standing on a longboard and propelling yourself with an extra-long, single-bladed, 5-6’ paddle. Our sheltered lagoon is a perfect place to try out this new sport, and our surf break allows experienced surfers to try out the SUP board on our surf break. SUP boards work equally well in waves and on flat water, so everyone can enjoy this fantastic new sport.




We also have a fleet of ‘cruiser’ paddleboards. This sup-snorkel-belizestyle is designed for longer paddling tours to cover more distance efficiently. Our newest activity is to paddle downwind to neighboring islands. We will then be picked up by our motor skiff for the ride back to Long Caye.


We also use our paddleboards to access nearby snorkeling spots. We paddle everyday to nearby coral patch reef, some use sea kayaks and some paddle an SUP to go snorkeling.


Visit our SUP Belize page for more.

Learning to roll a kayak in Belize

Kayak Rolling

Our island is the perfect place to learn the kayak eskimo roll. In addition to all of the other sports we offer, our staff can teach you to roll easily with the perfect conditions we have on the island. In addition to 80 degree water, we teach rolling while you wear your snorkel mask. Then you can see your paddle position, and no more water up in your nose! Easy!


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Island volleyball, Belize


Our court is the site of intensive action every afternoon!














Osprey nest on our island at Glover's Reef.




Many birds make their home on Long Caye, including osprey, frigate birds, pelicans, ruddy turnstones, terns, plovers, herons, and falcons. At certain times of the year, Long Caye also plays host to a multitude of migrating birds. In April, you may see more than 40 species, including summer tanager, chestnut-sided warbler, rose-breasted grosbeak, yellow-billed cuckoo, indigo bunting, and Baltimore oriole.





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When the Sun Goes Down

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Hermit crabs on our Belize island


We receive rave reviews about our menu. Our Belizean cooks specialize in seafood feasts, such as Fish Tacos, Horseradish Grouper Fillets, and Shrimp Shish-Ka-Bobs. Nighttime activities vary from informative talks by staff to hermit crab races on the beach to our own special verion of "island croquet". At left is a sunset party on our iMat (a floating, inflatable dock). Please visit our Glover's Reef menu page. Kids especially love our family beach vacations.


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Request more information on our multisport trips and on Belize!


Sign up for this trip now on our secure form



Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Sports Equipment

The quality of your experience rests on quality equipment

Island Sports Equipment

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Our private beach on Long Caye.


We have the only fleet of fishing kayaks in the country of Belize!


Surf skis are great for not only surfing, but they are very easy to get into and out of for snorkeling.


Belize surfboards


Belize paddleboard equipment


We have a large fleet of surf kayaks.


We have 6 complete windsurf righs available at all times.


Kayak kite sail


We update our kitesurf gear regularly




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Our new children’s windsurfing rig


Sea Kayaks:
Sea Lion, Eclipse and Shadow 14.0 (for small women) by Perception
Looksha-14, Looksha-17, Looksha IV, Elaho and Eskia (for tall men) by Necky
Tsunami and Sealution II XL by Wilderness Systems
Whistler and Squall GTS by Current Design

Doubles: Amaruk by Necky

For more info on our single sea kayaks, visit our Belize Sea Kayaking page

Sit-On-Top Sea Kayaks:
Peekaboo by Ocean Kayak (kayak with window in hull)
Tarpon 160 by Wilderness Systems

Fishing Kayaks:
Tarpon 160i and Ride 135 by Wilderness Systems

Kaos by Dagger

Surf Skis:
Malibu Kayak 4.4

Surf Boards:
6’10” Epoxy Fish by Yancy Spencer
6’10” & 7’10” Funboards by Blue Surfboards
7’6” MBB Thruster by Channel Islands
9’0” & 9’2” Performance Epoxy Longboards by Colbalt

10', 11', and 12' Bic Soft Tops
10' Whopper ASAP by Starboard
9’2", 10', and 10’6", custom boards
Versa by Liquid Logic
10' Mana by Naish

Cruisers (touring paddleboards):
12’6” Pau Hana Crossfit
12’ Bombora by Jimmy Lewis
12'6" Glide AST by Naish
11' Wing by Bic

SUP Paddles:

Windsurf Boards:
Start by Starboard

140 L and 180 L by JP Funster
150 L and 170 L Go by Starboard
133 L Starboard
105 L Flow by Mistral

2012 120 L X-Cite Ride by JP
2012 140 L Fun Ride by JP
2012 85 L Freestyle Wave by JP
2012 102 L Freestyle Wave by JP
2010 105 L by Exocet
2010 84 L by Exocet

Windsurf Sails:
Full range from 3.0 to 7.0: Ezzy, Naish, Sailworks, Northsails

Advanced sails:
All by Neil Pryde:
2016 Alpha 5.8
2016 Firefly 4.1, 4.5, and 4.9
2016 Zone 5.0
2015 Fusion 6.1
2015 Hellcat 6.2 and 7.2
2015 Fusion 6.7

Kid's Windsurf Gear:
board and1.5, and 1.8 sails by Ezzy

Windsurf Dry Land Trainer

Kitesurf Kites:
2 meter trainers by Ocean Rodeo 2015
4, 7, 9, 12, 14, 15 meter kites by Cabrinha 2015-2016

Surf (directional) by Cabrinha:
2010 5’ 7” S-Quad
2010 6’ 3” Thruster

Twin tips, by Cabrinha:
2010 130x40, Caliber
2011 136, 144 Prodigy
2012 135, 145 Rival
2014 165 Spectrum
2016 141 Tronic

Twin tips, by Open Ocean
2014 140    Mako

Da Kine chest and seat harnesses; expert sailors should bring their own


Werner by NW Design

Kayak Helmets: