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Hurricane Lisa

By Slickrock Adventures on November 4, 2022

Dear Slickrock Friends,We have had several enquiries the past couple of days, regarding the damage from Hurricane Lisa.“Batfish”, top right at Old Belize MarinaNEMO (National Emergency Management Organisation) declared a state of emergency for the Belize and Stann Creek districts from 3pm on Wednesday 2nd November.Philip Goldson International Airport(Photo Credit: San Pedro Sun)Only emergency and security agencies were allowed to be on the roads and streets during this period. NEMO’s “All Clear” was given that gave the all clear at 11am yesterday, Thursday 3rd November.Slickrock Belize City office (grey, with green roof) Whilst our Belize City office was two feet underwater, and Old Belize Marina where we keep our boat “Batfish” was battered by Hurricane Lisa, we’re happy to announce that the island was (luckily) unscathed from Lisa’s wrath, for Slickrock and our friends Off The Wall.The debris from seaweed, fallen coconuts and palm fronds will be tidied up within a week, so we’re very lucky indeed.Photo Credit: Kendra SchofieldDon’t rest on your laurelsOut by the coralsA hurricane, earthquake, or tsunamiNo longer alarm meFrom the sun in your eyesTo a storm in the skiesGood grief, it’s hotThe coral reef may notSurvive, island plight in sightIt’s a shameBut there’s no one to blameOne of those thingsThat nature bringsBatten down the hatchesLock all the latchesIt all goes awayIn a few hours, in a dayWe won’t wither, it’s become the normDespite the challenge, we’ll weather this stormPhoto Credit: Kendra SchofieldSlickrock is 100% open for business as usual from 18th November 2022, and we look forward to welcoming you back, or for the very first time.