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Entry Requirements

By Slickrock Adventures on July 13, 2022

To Belize? Or not to Belize? That is the question.

Dear Slickrock Friends,

We get a lot of enquiries about Belize in general, in addition to our actual island.

To give you a more personal outlook on travel to Belize, and the highlights of what we offer, we are always an email or phone call away.

The elephant in the room is entry requirements. If fully vaccinated and providing proof, no Covid tests are required. If not vaccinated, a negative PCR Covid test is required 72 hours prior to arrival, or a negative Rapid test is required 48 hours prior to arrival.

The Belize government also introduced a mandatory travel insurance that covers medical and cancellations, for a mere US$18 per person. Hopefully this gives tourists a peace of mind, given the hammer blow the economy had due to Covid. Shall I? Shan’t I? For US$18 insurance, and a changing landscape for international travel after a two year blip, the climate for travelling beyond the “staycations” is definitely picking up.

Why visit Slickock?

Founded in 1977 in Moab, Utah, we’re a company with a rich history.

Paddlers of the Century (2000)
Cully Erdman
While founding Slickrock Adventures in 1977, Moab, Utah’s Cully Erdman, 48, was also busy opening up Mexico to paddling by exploring and kayaking more than a dozen runs throughout the country, including the postcard-perfect Agua Azul and Jatate. A veteran river explorer who has participated in films for National Geographic Explorer and American Sportsman, one of Erdman’s crowning moments came in 1979 with a first descent of Nepal’s Arun River, again for American Sportsman. “Although the sport’s changed entirely, there are still people doing exploratory river runs,” he says. “That’s my favorite part of the sport.”

Cully Erdman created Slickrock, then a small kayak school on the Colorado River. After exploring the region while assisting with adventure television shows, Cully expanded to Mexico and Central America.

In the early 1980s he expanded to Mexico, Belize in the late 1980s, then Guatemala and Honduras in the mid 1990s. In 1986, Lucy Wallingford joined on as a partner, and together they developed the Belize itinerary that we offer today.

1977 Slickrock Adventures founded by Cully Erdman in Moab, Utah
1977-1997 Kayak school and river company operating in Colorado, Utah and Idaho
1981-1994 River trips in Chiapas, Mexico – first kayak descent of Agua Azul
1986 Lucy Wallingford joins company as Vice President
1986 Belize – Slickrock becomes the first sea kayak outfitter in the country
1991 Leased North East Caye, Glover’s Reef Atoll
1996 Leased Long Caye, Glover’s Reef Atoll
1996-1999 Bay Islands of Honduras added as a destination
1997-2013 Tikal, Guatemala added as a destination
2011 Kiteboard school added
2018 Cully and Lucy Retire

We will be sharing video content in the next few months, to show you the island, the wildlife, and the people behind Slickrock. From the humble roots created by Cully, to the tree it became under Cully and Lucy’s watch, the Belizean team are going to be the ones to make the tree blossom again, and we’d love you to be part of that journey.

Hopefully see you in sunny Belize.

We’d love to welcome you next season.