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Next Season

By Slickrock Adventures on May 17, 2022
Dear Slickrock Friends,

Thank you for following us, visiting us, or contemplating a visit to us.

Next season is proving to be extremely popular, and we may well be in a position of turning people away on some weeks.

Neri Chi with guests for a night snorkel week before last

The business has never been pretentious, in fact, quite the opposite. Less is more, and the rustic cabanas, with a relaxed vibe is rare these days, in the plethora of options a mouse click away.

Humble beginnings (around 1988) on the beach we used to rent in Placencia, Belize

From a truck with kayaks in Moab, Utah, founded by Cully Erdman in 1977, to today’s private island in Belize, those very humble beginnings are still within the soul of the business. The largest array of sports equipment, a scenic environment, sustainability, and an immersive cultural experience are the nucleus of the ethos past, present, and future.

New equipment will finally be imported from the US, after a two-year blip, due to the borders being closed down. Neri has been doing this annual road trip for over a decade, which Cully did from 1977. Eight days from Moab to Belize City, via Mexico is how every single kayak, SUP, windsurf, truck, van, and trailer has made it to Belize since 1986. In the previous years, road trips were to Chiapas, Mexico.

Cabana thatching and repairs will be undertaken in October, once the hurricane season whittles down.

Waves crashing
Pelicans splashing

Sun, you see
Blue, the sea

Hermit crabs
No bar tabs

Palm trees sway
Hammock breeze sway

Belly full, excess

Stars at night
Moon in sight

Kayak, or snorkel
Windsurf, or a book full

Switch off the mind
But not these memories, behind

We’d love to welcome you next season.

Slickrock Adventures
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