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April Update

By Slickrock Adventures on April 18, 2022
Dear Slickrock Friends,

We have a fire sale of 25% discounts for April 22nd, and April 29th (US$1,500 per person).

Due to increasing prices in fuel, inflation, third party hotel, and general running costs, we have raised the price to pre-Covid levels, of US$2,400 per person, which is just under the US$2,425 price when I took over in 2018.

The last two weeks of April are US$900 less than the new price, should a golden sunrise and sunset be the tonic you desire.

As we spring into the summer, and head towards the sunset of our season, thank you for following our journey, and even journeying to visit us.

The business has made it through the Covid storm, and we’ll make a concerted effort to grow the business later this year, back to pre-Covid numbers, hence recruiting new staff members as of late.
Day-to-day management will be Belizean, as was always planned for the past twelve years. I’m planning to step back somewhat, and become the glue, so to speak.

From founders, and owners, to mentors and friends, we owe an awful lot of gratitude to Cully and Lucy for helping to create Slickrock from absolutely nothing but a passionate idea in 1977 and 1986 respectively, as well as Charlie for the island’s infrastructure, and company’s management since 1999.

Charlie recently completed a seven week stint managing the island, and upgrading the island infrastructure, as well as mentoring Doreth and Magdaleno the ins and outs, for which I’m beyond grateful. 
As we head into the next chapter, and despite geopolitics currently playing out, my commitment to Belize, the business, and employees hasn’t waned, despite the strain of keeping the business and jobs soldiering on during the two-year Covid drought in bookings..

Mindfulness, to adventure sports, hammock sways, to sunshine rays. 
Freshly curated cuisine, to surf kayaking adrenaline.
We’re looking forward to welcoming you sometime.
Until next time,

+1 800-390-5715