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Happy New Year!

By Slickrock Adventures on January 2, 2022
Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and may your 2022 be a good one.

As we reflect on the past year, which actually goes back two years to the Covid situation that started to impact the business, I would like to reassure you that we are still here, despite bruises caused by Covid’s wrath.

I have some very basic goals that I am 110% focused on. They are giving the Belizean team financial stability long-term, making Cully and Lucy proud, and growing their very special operation into it’s new chapter.

After a nigh on two-year hiatus, Cully came back to help out as island manager for a month, which I am very grateful for.

He founded Slickrock from absolutely nothing back in 1977, and has created a business, and a family culture, which is still around 45 years later, which in itself is a huge feat.

From the US to Mexico, Honduras to Guatemala, to of course, Belize, the journey has seen numerous challenges over that period. Hurricane Mitch wiping out the island in 1998, recessions, 9/11, but the current Covid situation has been the biggest challenge of all.

Charlie Woodward is also coming back to help mentor the team and manage the island for January and February, once Cully leaves. He is the man who can. Charlie designed, maintained, and improved the entire infrastructure, from solar panels to battery storage, water collection to wind turbines. The salt spray out on the Cayes is corrosive beyond words, with even a bike from the mainland (island taxi) becoming rust and dust within less than six months. His knowledge and love for the island, is again, something I am very grateful for. By mentoring the team, even a few drops of his knowledge will put us in good stead for many moons to come. Charlie managed the island, alongside Cully and Lucy from 1999 to 2020 (Covid-related, only).

As many of you may know, I prefer the Belizean team to be in the spotlight. I see my role as empowering, not overpowering them. With guidance from Cully, Lucy, and Charlie, as well as mingling that with my slightly different direction, we will come out the other side of Covid more experienced, battle-hardened, and ready to improve your island experience in future years.

The jungle trips and half-week trips will continue to be discontinued, with just the nine-night package being offered for the foreseeable future. Mothballing the Mayan ruins, river kayaking, and such, allows us to focus on the island bubble whilst Covid is here.

When the resort closes for the hurricane season, my goal has always been to plug that six-month void with the eco-products by the sister companies, to provide that continuous employment to the team. We are very close with that, just the pause button of Covid delaying orders longer than planned.

I will share more details off-season. For now, I am looking to re-grow Slickrock to a pre-Covid level, and get the business back onto a stable footing.

The island has such a unique aura, which is hard to describe, until you experience it in person. The beaming sun at sunrise on our (new) surf dock, to the hushing waves as white noise whilst you sleep, the hermit crab tracks, to the Slickrock family becoming friends, there is so much more to us than being a resort, we’re a home-from-home, albeit on a remote tropical island.

There are spaces from 14th January to June 2022, and would be more than happy to welcome you back, or for the first time.

We are offering a 10% last minute discount for January 28th – 6th February, and February 4th – 13th. You can have sand in your feet, and sun in your sight for US$1,800 per person.In the meantime, may your year ahead be as bright as the Belizean sun.

Happy New Year,

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