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October 2021 Update

By Slickrock Adventures on October 6, 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends,

As we get within a whisker of opening for the season, we’re hopeful the world, indeed tourism, will get back to some sort of normality from November.

To give you absolute peace of mind, we are continuing to implement safety protocols to keep you within a protective bubble. From the moment you exit the airport, to the moment you check in for your onward departure at the airport, you’re under our duty of care, which we take extremely seriously.

Rest assured, you are more than a guest, you’ll be part of the Slickrock family for every minute of your trip. For 44 years, we have worked our best to improve year-on-year, and Covid has us hyper-focused on your safety, even more so.

Our jungle trips (Adventure Week) have been discontinued, although we can offer day trips for any days you’d like to add before or after your trip with us.

We ended our half-week trips when we closed in March 2020, as it feels much more responsible having the same group for the entire week-long escapade. With the fresh, salty air, and natural social distancing on our private island, we’re able to offer the ideal place to isolate from isolation, in paradise, no less.

As there are 700 patch reefs to navigate within Glover’s Reef Atoll, it being a UNESCO World Heritage site, and protected marine reserve, we are a safety and environmentally conscious company. For nigh on 30 years, we’ve sandwiched our trips within a stay in Belize City on the first and last night. The main reason being the safety of you, our respected guests, as well as avoiding any damage to the coral.

Since 1986 when we first started tours in Belize, as well as relocating to Glover’s Reef in 1991, we have always planned the trips entirely around safety protocols first and foremost. We have worked with Best Western for over 20 years, which ties in neatly with an orientation, meeting fellow guests, then a stress-free transfer to the marina for the island adventure.

As many flights arrive in the afternoon, and we’re around three hours from Belize City, there has always been s a high chance of daylight being the wrong side of delayed flights, luggage claims, customs etc. We work hard behind the scenes to make your holiday as smooth as possible, so apart from your flights and insurance, there’s nothing to do, apart from relax and enjoy the moment.

When we say we’re out in the sticks, that is no exaggeration. Roughly 65 miles each way between Belize City and Long Caye, Glover’s Reef. That in itself is pretty adventurous, with flying fish and pods of dolphins sometimes alongside our 41 foot shuttle boat, Batfish.

Two hours are within, and alongside the barrier reef, which is the second largest on the planet, after Australia. Charles Darwin described it as “the most remarkable reef in the West Indies” in 1842.

Then we cross The Blue for just under an hour, which is a dark, navy blue in colour, and 2,500+ feet deep.

It really is better to see in person, as words do Glover’s Reef no justice. When I visited off-season in 2011, I was just blown away, and that passion has never simmered down. Like a mirage in the desert, out of the blue (no pun intended), bright turquoise, and azures, with tiny islands dotted from right to left suddenly appear as the boat slows down, to navigate and avoid hitting the coral.

Glover’s Reef is amongst the best places in all of Belize to dive, even Jacques Cousteau rated it as one of his favourite dives. He didn’t say that for no reason, it is a magical oasis, and where we’ve called home since 1991, exactly three decades ago this winter.

Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve was established as a national protected area in 1993 under the Fisheries Act, then in 1996, it was designated by UNESCO as one of seven protected areas that together form the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.

The Fisheries Department invited me to serve as a member of the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve Advisory Committee in 2020, and on behalf of Slickrock, I am looking forward to actively assisting in-situ conservation with other stakeholders.

We have several hawksbill and green turtles that use (mainly) between cabanas five and six every year for nesting.

Planting coral, collecting waste, including micro-plastics, and analysing the data via waste-collecting drones, as well as converting them into biofuel are a few things on my to-do list.

We are continuing to keep the vibes of yester-year, with just the odd nip-and-tuck here and there. We used a hit-and-miss phone back in the day to call out the weekly shopping list with the Belize City office. Even though we have a better satellite phone these days, we are rustic, with no Wi-Fi, or air conditioning, where you have the Caribbean Sea’s natural breeze, and can truly get away from the doom and gloom news on repeat 24/7.

Scuba dive, snorkel, sea kayak, surf kayak, stand-up paddleboard, even hammock surf with an ice-cold beer, after our hand-made, hand-served, buffet-style meals.

December 3rd, 10th, and 17th still have spaces available.

Unplug and recharge, in the most pristine environment you could imagine this winter.

Our island awaits.

Phil Dowsett

CEO – Slickrock Adventures
+1 800-390-5715

For new bookings, we have reduced our pre-Covid price by 18%, and have included airport shuttles, dinner, breakfast, and accommodation on both the Friday night and Saturday night stays at Best Western. It used to exclude the shuttles, dinner, and breakfast on Saturday night.

As part of the recovery from a 95% drop in business since March 2020, the only changes going forward are discontinuing the 10% discount for repeat guests, and child rates due to the extra costs incurred. We will be keeping this price for all of 2021 and 2022.

We will honour the 10% discount on private charters exceeding 20 guests, only.

We look forward to welcoming you back, or for the first time.

Whether the island was a fond memory, or on your bucket list, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have.

If there are any questions you may have, please don’t think “what if”. We’re here to help, and Marcy or Jose would be more than happy to go through anything that comes to mind.

The head office is open 9 am – 5 pm (Belize time) between Monday and Friday.

Thanks for your support in the past, present, or future.

Covid-19 Travel Update

With regards to Covid-19, we became a government-approved Gold Standard Hotel (Long Caye Adventure Camp), and Gold Standard Tour Operator (Slickrock Adventures), implementing extra sanitisation and safety measures, which won’t dampen the experience. Prevention and minimising risks, even without Covid-19 on the scene has been our priority. This is for your peace of mind, as well as our Slickrock team.

The Belize government’s requirement at this moment in time is simply a negative Rapid Antigen test 48 hours before arrival, or a negative PCR test 96 hours before arrival, as well as downloading the travel app:

As of 5th August 2021, you will still require a Covid test to enter Belize, even if you have had both vaccinations, and bring proof of this upon entry.

In accordance with CDC to re-enter the States, we have arranged a Rapid Antigen test for US$75 per person. They will come to Best Western as you arrive back from the island and you’ll get results within 30 minutes.

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to travel due to restrictions placed on your home country or Belize by the government(s) or airlines, or if the resort is unable to open due to government restrictions, any paid bookings are eligible for rebooking for future dates of up to a year from your original check-in date. Guests will receive full credit for the amount paid to apply to the future rebooking dates, subject to availability.

As with previous terms, all cancellations are subject to a minimum US$100 administration fee, if not re-booked for an alternative date.