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Merry Christmas – December 2020

By Slickrock Adventures on May 9, 2021

We wish you a very Merry Christmas

Dear Slickrock Friends,

From the Slickrock team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all enjoy the holidays, and get to relax and unwind, after the crazy year we’ve all had.

I want to reassure you that we have and will navigate the Covid storm in high spirits and make it out the other side.

Personal remuneration has never been what makes me tick, even when I set up my own zoo at 19. I put every penny (including salary) earned back into the business(es) and have always burnt the candle at both ends for 17 years and counting.

My three priorities since 2010 when I first began discussions with Cully, were to make him and Lucy proud by carrying on the Slickrock baton, providing guests with an amazing holiday, and empower the team to be part of the profit share long-term.

I have always looked up to the Slickrock team, and am building the sister businesses around them. They are the core of the concept, which will be year-round financial security, rather than the usual five month tourism season.

I actually managed to secure long-term contracts for our eco-products mid-Pandemic, but then furloughing and lockdowns were left, right, and centre in Europe, combined with organic certification not being possible whilst Belize had closed the borders and all flights.

We will get there, and there’s never a high without a low. You will see our range of products on Amazon in 2021 for under US$10, which will benefit the Slickrock team and more. In fact, we are still aiming to provide in excess of 1,000 jobs from 2021 and will be planting 50,000 trees per annum as part of our environmental commitment. Fund a Forest is what I set up aged 23 when I first visited Belize, so it has come full circle from whacky idea to reality. Each tree planted (fruit and nut trees) will provide jobs through selling the produce, with carbon offsetting simply being a by-product. Eco-tourism to Belize and exporting eco-products from Belize is, and always had been the plan.

I know a lot of you will be a tad upset about not being able to visit Slickrock. The decision to only open for private charters for most weeks wasn’t taken lightly.

I’m a realist, rather than a pessimist, and didn’t envision great demand for tourism as a whole. To keep the lights on and make it through, that was one of the things that had to happen.

To make up for it, we have opened up February 12th 2021 for Valentine’s and March 19th 2021 for anyone, and plan to postpone and extend the season until August 2021, when life gets more normal-ish.

We offer scuba diving in-house and will welcome extra members to the team in the following months, so onwards and upwards.

Have a great day, and enjoy a tipple.

Phil Dowsett
CEO – Slickrock Adventures
+1 800-390-5715

Thanks for your support in the past, present, or future.

For just a US$500 deposit per person, we can reserve your exclusive private charter of the island to isolate from isolation this season.

If you would like to book a trip under the stars, or charter the island for 15 (minimum) friends and family in 2021, you know where we are.

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy Amendment

If you are unable to travel due to restrictions placed on your home country or Belize by the government(s) or airlines, or if the resort is unable to open due to government restrictions, any paid bookings are eligible for rebooking for future dates of up to a year from your original check-in date. Guests will receive full credit for the amount paid to apply to the future rebooking dates, subject to availability.

On behalf of the Slickrock family, we look forward to welcoming you to the island this season.