We are fortunate to have a very special place on Glovers Atoll and with our remote location we offer a unique opportunity for our guests to experience and learn how to Kitesurf. 

The steady winds and protected inner atoll water make it an ideal place to learn this thrilling sport which improves overall coordination, balance and concentration. It also trains reflexes, reactions and strengthens the whole body. Kiteboarding is like learning two sports at the same time, board riding and kite flying.

If you have watched the colorful sails and kiteboarders ripping around the water before, your curiosity is probably already piqued.  Now is the perfect time to kitesurf. The consistently good March winds are here and the conditions are excellent.

We are the only Vela Kitesurf Resort in the country, and Slickrock has the only kitesurf center on Glovers Atoll in Belize! Lessons are available December – March, but you can kitesurf through April with your own gear. You’ll need to be a guest of ours to take advantage of the specials we offer on kitesurf instruction.

During any of our all-inclusive adventures you will see some of our team score spectacular rides as they rip across the turquoise waters but more than likely, you will want to try it for yourself.  Adults, especially older ones keen on windsports, already have what it takes and after a few lessons, will be Kiteboarding quickly. Kids also take to it naturally. We require anyone taking kitesurf lessons be at least a reasonable size, weight, and strength to manage the powerful equipment and to be able to stand in one spot without floating away. Our minimum age for kitesurfing is 12 years old.

If you aren’t into windsports yet but are reasonably athletic, its not hard to learn. Our instructors touch on the many aspects of kiteboarding, from setting up your gear, getting into the water, getting up on your board, staying upwind, relaunching your kite, jumping, landing your kite as well as, after riding.

As you make progress and once you get behind a real traction kite for the first time and you make those first power strokes, you’ll soon realize that this sport is fantastic and will offer you a lifetime of pleasure; and life is better when you do sports.