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SUP in Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on February 13, 2020

What better way to have fun in Belize under the bright, beautiful sun then by SUP? Stand up paddling (SUP) is easy and it feels great spending time floating on the water, soaking up the suns rich vitamin D and exploring the reef underneath. Some love the benefits of getting that sun kissed glow on their skin, others crave the low impact exercise, almost everyone simply enjoys the experience.

At our location you can paddle from caye (island) to caye or you can just stay and play in our friendly surfspot. Stand up paddling is the best way to explore the inside of Glover’s Atoll and glide over its marine rich patch reefs.

Try out different models of SUP boards. There is great variety in the types and styles of stand up paddle boards. People enjoy a range of SUP depending on what they are out to do. Some participate in racing them, some surf them, some practice yoga on them while others prefer to keep things simple and just enjoy a nice cruise around. After all, variety is the “spice of life”.

Stand Up Paddling is a great excuse to see the best of beautiful Belize. Stand up paddling gives everyone a good excuse to travel and as a basis for exploring and enjoying different locations. Plus, it is easy to learn. Many people of all ages are looking for exercise that is fun and fulfilling without much strain and impact on their bodies. SUP provides exactly that, a low impact cardio workout with incredible benefits for the core, back, arms and legs. For so many people who are trying to get fit in our world today, this really is it.

Any age can enjoy SUP. There is opportunity to simply paddle for recreation and use it as a chance to explore and enjoy nature, or it can be a highly competitive and aggressive sport with fierce racing and surfing competitions. There seems to be something for everyone and at the end of the day, you’ll be smiling from the stoke. Age is no deterrent, from babies to 100 years old, it has been done. It is never to late to get out and stand up.

It is a wonderful family activity. Many people are looking for new ways to have fun together and this is something everyone can do. Stand up Paddleboarding is perfect for bringing people together and who wouldn’t want to feel like they walk on water if given the opportunity?

Stand up Paddlers in general are a conglomerate of good people from all walks of life who through paddling together share in their love of wild places, new friendships, good health and overall wellness. Book now and come share the SUP stoke in Belize!