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Protect endangered coral by raising it yourself

By Slickrock Adventures on July 12, 2017

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to successfully raise coral and then “release” it into the wild? We just found out about a project that seeks to protect coral reefs by doing just that. Recently a good friend of ours, Jenette Settle, sent us a link to her friend Joanie Kleypas’ web page Raising Coral. In Jenette’s words:

protect coral reefs

“Joanie has been funding her own coral research for a long time. She won the Heinz award and with that money she started a full-on coral regeneration program. She has been regenerating coral for two years now in Costa Rica and making progress — her coral is growing!”

She works with a small team of scientists; their goal is to eventually scale their program up to speed up reef recovery. Their short term goal is to spend one more year on experimental research before they jump in with both feet, and for this they are seeking more funding.

We find this project inspiring and exciting, and hope you will join us in contributing to this worthy project. There is a link on their site to donate.