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Do you ever wonder what it’s like to work for us?

By Slickrock Adventures on June 14, 2017
kitesurf instructor in Belize

Laia, Jasmine Ardeshiri (kitesurf instructor), Emily Casaretto (kayak instructor)

Laia Lanaquera Donet was one of our kitesurf instructors in Belize 3 years ago. Instructing on our private island at Glover’s Reef, at times she was our only instructor and was responsible for our entire kitesurfing program. She only worked for us for one year unfortunately, because after working for us one winter, she got a permanent position as a school teacher in Spain, where she lives. We still miss her! She was incredibly popular with our staff, not to mention our guests. Especially our Belizean staff still talks about her because, coming from Spain, she speaks fluent Spanish, which is the first language of our guides and both of our groundskeeping staff. So she fit right in.

She recently published a blog post detailing what it’s like to work for Slickrock Adventures in Belize. It will answer all of your questions about working on a private island in Belize.