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Don’t remind me… (it’s Hurricane Season)

By Slickrock Adventures on June 7, 2017
2017 Hurricane Season

Where are hurricanes most likely to occur?

Today I received an email from our travel insurance company. When you sign up for a trip to Belize with us, you will hear our strong recommendation to acquire a travel insurance policy. We make this recommendation because we have seen so many things go so wrong for a bunch of people… if you are one of those unfortunate people, travel insurance is a lifesaver. Of course, like all insurance policies, you usually don’t end up using the protection. But you’ve got it if you need it! If you don’t buy a policy and you do have to cancel, you will suffer a loss on your vacation. Sometimes, it’s 100% of the cost (if you cancel 10 days or less prior to departure). And that’s a bummer.

So when we recommend you buy travel insurance, we do recommend where to get it, and that’s Travel Ex. We like this company, and we whole-heartedly recommend them. You are under no obligation to buy it from them, and we don’t really care, we just really want you to get some kind of protection. Because if you have a policy and you have to cancel, you call us up and say “Sorry, I have to cancel.” If you didn’t buy a policy and you have to cancel, you call us up and start screaming. We are selfish that way, we don’t like to be screamed at. This is why we make such a big deal about it when you sign up. We know you might need it.

So all of that is to explain why I received an email today from Travel Ex reminding me that Hurricane Season has started. Ugg. Now I get to worry from now until the end of October. There are negative sides to having an island, believe me.

Although we are closed during hurricane season, many people do travel to the tropics during this time of year. So Travel Ex wrote a great article about what to do if you do travel when hurricanes are a concern, and that’s what the email was about. If you are planning to go south for the summer, bookmark this article: It’s good advice.