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Unexpected and delightful surprises of Belize travel – a photo gallery

By Slickrock Adventures on March 15, 2017

When you decide to join us on one of our Belize adventure packages at our island or on the Belize mainland, you do show up with some expectations. Our guests expect the weather to be wonderful, the guides to be qualified and fun, the food to be fantastic, their cabana to be super cool, and the caves to be exciting; and our guests are not disappointed. Each week I receive emails from guests re-entering their lives after their time with us, telling me that we exceeded all expectations. Even if the weather isn’t hot and dry, it’s still wonderful. A private island in the Caribbean… what’s not to like?

Last season I invited my BFF Kathe O’Donnelly to the island, and afterwards we traveled together to inland Belize for a week or so. Looking at her photos this many months later, I see things I don’t usually notice… I’ve spent years in Belize, and I take many of these wonderful sights for granted. It is so refreshing to see the country through her eyes.

Because now I see that there are a lot of other wonderful things about traveling in Belize that can take you by surprise. I see these “bonuses” in Kathe’s photos. Paying attention to unexpected views can make your trip even more memorable. Click each photo below to see how well she captured these amazing vignettes.

It starts on the plane flying down. When you are almost to Belize City, the views out of the plane can be stunning!

Mainland hotels and restaurants have some wonderful sculpture. Of course you can find galleries where this stuff is for sale, but it would be a project to get them home. But it’s easy enough to export pictures, I love all of these modern-Mayan artworks.

When you get to the island, you are expecting the underwater creatures to be astounding, because Glover’s Reef is a world-famous Marine Reserve. But you aren’t expecting the land animals to be so much fun. For example, have you ever seen a hermit crab shell exchange?

And did you know we have two super-cute bunnies on the island?

If you also go inland you will find a whole bunch of surprising bits and pieces all over the country. For example, they have wonderful cemeteries!

And tons of groovy little hole-in-the-wall diners.

And tropical flowers EVERYWHERE.

And one of the most surprising of all, lots of wonderful architectural details!

[all photos by Kathe O’Donnelly]