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Outdoor adventures pre-kids

By Slickrock Adventures on January 18, 2017

starfish in Belize

Taryn McLean joined us on our Belize Adventure Week outdoor adventure trip followed by an extra half-week on the island way back in January of 2008. She just wrote us to let us know that she publishes a blog called Healthy Family Defined, and she recently recapped her favorite adventure travel vacations before they started their family. Guess what: we made her top ten list! Visit her blog to read Our Favorite Travel Destinations (Pre-Kids).

She includes their trips all over Colorado (they were living there are the time), honeymooning in Mexico, backpacking and kayaking in New Zealand, exploring the Exumas in the Bahamas and Acadia National Park in Maine, and several other adventures. I would say it’s pretty obvious that Taryn and Nathan love to explore.

From reading her blog, I think Taryn is having a little bit of wunderlust nostalgia, and as her kids are growing, she just might be planning to return to some of these places, WITH kids this time.

Thanks so much Taryn for including us in your impressive memory chain. We hope to see you and your kids out on the island soon!