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Island DownTime

By Slickrock Adventures on January 10, 2017

Every once-in-awhile the island will be the host of what we will call “inclement” weather, somewhat beyond the type of weather that brings us excellent surf for kayak surfing…

surf kayaking in belize

… or just the right wind for windsurfing.

Windsurfing on Long Caye

And since, for Slickrock, the number one priority on the island is safety, water activities could be canceled.

If this happens, hopefully everyone has read the information provided, and brought something to entertain themselves. A good book will come in handy, if you haven’t brought one, there is a fairly good library in the kitchen area to peruse.

There are also a number of board games in the dining hall. If the idea of sedentary activities causes you to despair, or you can only take so much “sitting around”, don’t worry, be happy, your hosts will organize something!

You can play island croquet …

or volley ball …

Island volleyball in Belize

… or my favorite, a scavenger hunt.

Several years ago we found ourselves in this situation. Our trip manager announced that we could participate in an island scavenger hunt of sorts and the person with the most interesting find (as judged by all island inhabitants) will win a prize. The judging and award party would take place at the end of the week. Luckily we weren’t wind-bound for the entire week but this would give us time to do a thorough search and have something to do when (or if) we got tired of hammock surfing.

Glovers Reef hammock surfing

Like all islands and coastal areas worldwide, there is a fair amount of flotsam and jetsam to be found and the idea was to walk around the island looking closely in all the nooks and crannies for interesting items. I am an avid beachcomber and “treasure” hunter and spend not small amount of time looking down for things so this was right up my alley.

Belize beachcombing

My husband and I had already been around the island many times and he had noticed the unusual numbers of tooth brushes scattered around on the shorelines and in the mangrove roots, so he decided to do a “study”. Over the next few days we collected all the toothbrushes we could find. I believe we found 30 or so then he spent some time sorting them out into different categories (color, brand, etc.) and drew up a chart of sorts of statistics about them.

Island flotsam

The percentage of certain colors and specific brands, etc. and came to a “conclusion” about the Belizean’s brushing habits based on his study. Many people participated in the hunt and a few came up with very unique and interesting finds. My husband won the grand prize with his presentation (see it pays to keep looking down) It was all great fun, and gave people something different to do during down time. It also acted as a bit of a segue to talk about something that no one wants to talk about but everyone notices and that is the flotsam and jetsam found all around the island. Not all debris (and certainly not all toothbrushes) comes from Belize and keeping it off or away from the island is an impossible task.

In conclusion if you find yourself looking for something to do, you can; 1. Organize a scavenger hunt or 2. Grab yourself a bag and pick up some of the refuse. You never know what you might find, maybe even a Valentine message for your sweetie.

Found Valentine

[Sharon Columbus and her husband have joined us every single year since 2012. They are already scheduled for 2017. All photos are by Neil Columbus.]