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Belize low tide walk

By Slickrock Adventures on December 27, 2016
Long Caye at low tide

That’s me walking out to see what I can see

[Sharon Columbus and her husband have joined us every single year since 2012. They are already scheduled for 2017. All photos are by Neil Columbus.]

One activity on Slickrock’s Belize island that you should not to miss is the Low Tide Walk. Now this activity isn’t like the adrenaline-pumping kayaking surfing offered on the island (especially if the wind is just right). Nor will you experience that heart-stopping feeling you get when you realize you just went zipping past the dive shop on your windsurf board and you have no idea how to tack back upwind to where you started, but it has its own excitement, albeit a bit more dignified.

Low tide at Glover's Reef

Low tide on Long Caye

It is easy to think of the coral shelf on the windward side as lifeless. There are no spectacular colors or coral heads with a plethora of fish around them, but it is indeed teeming with some rather interesting critters; all it takes to find them is to look and, at the same time, to believe that you will find something. You might see scorpion fish hunkering under the rocks, watch your step! They can inflict a nasty sting.

A Banded Spiny Sea Urchin

Some of the other things you could find include spiny urchins, sea centipedes, or a tiny decorator crab.

Decorator Crab

And if you are real lucky a “slow” octopus,

Caribbean Reef Octopus

Here is a guy with a different slant on “low tide walk”.

Little Green Heron

Most of these creatures found on the low tide walk are small, they aren’t going to stand out like an eagle ray or a barracuda so you must look carefully. Fortunately, Slickrock has, of course, thought of everything and have made some wonderful “glass” bottomed buckets that you can use to help see into the water when you turn over a rock. You have to be fast, but you will catch on. It is best to go out at least once with a guide. They know so much about the tidal pools and the denizens found there but you can take these buckets out any time when the tide is out (a tide chart can be found in the dining hall by the library) and you just want to putz about. Walk slow, (aren’t you glad you brought those booties Lucy suggested?) look down, enjoy and appreciate all that you see.

Group low tide walk