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Controlling the Belize lionfish invasion

By Slickrock Adventures on October 4, 2016

Belize lionfish invasion

The Belize Lionfish invasion actually encompasses the entire Caribbean and Atlantic marine ecosystems. This crisis has been in the news for several years now, and we write about the Belize Lionfish epidemic frequently. These invasive fish, which have no natural enemies, have disrupted coral reef ecosystems and are threatening to wipe out many indigenous species.

We recently found a new article that introduces a Lionfish robot that will kill the fish at depth, without a person needing to be present. This might solve one of the bigger problems with Lionfish control, the fact that they often hang out much deeper than people can go to spearfish them. And that is the only way to kill Lionfish, one individual at a time.

Lionfish are voracious predators of juvenile fish, which is one of the reasons they cause such havoc in other fish populations. Many ideas have been brought forth on how to control the exploding populations of Lionfish, but none has been very successful, and the fish continue to increase in numbers. But new ideas continue to be implemented, and this is one of the wilder proposals we have seen presented. Who knows if it would work, but it is nonetheless encouraging that so many people are taking up the issue of how to control these fish!

[photo by Rick Pratt]