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Top 6 most recommended travel apps

By Slickrock Adventures on September 20, 2016

You’ll easily find a person that loves to travel, but it won’t be so easy to find a person who knows HOW to travel. We’re not saying that there’s a strict code of conduct, but people travel in different ways, and some are more convenient than others.


If you travel without any time limit and simply want to roam the world, then you don’t really need any particular pointers on how to do it. However, if you’re going on a week-long vacation or moving to a new country for a set period of time, you need a plan of action. Thankfully, the internet is full of tricks, tips, and cheats about every level of travel, from booking your tickets to packing you suitcase. However, when you arrive to your desired destination, you’re pretty much left to your own devices and you have to find your own way. This is where technology comes to play and where apps can make your life easier. We’ll talk about six of the most recommended travel apps and how you can benefit from them in your travels.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind, Use a Packing List App

packing-list-appPacking a suitcase has become a sort of an art with all the weight restrictions airlines impose on us, but what about the content of the suitcase? How many times have you taken your seat on the plane only to remember that you’ve forgotten something more or less important? Travel list apps are a life saver for all of us who get lost a bit in the whole packing process because we postpone it to the last minute. Even if you do manage your time well and get everything in order in time, there are still things that have to packed just before you leave and that leaves room for mistakes. When using this app, you can set alarms to remind you about what you should pack and when, and this is particularly handy. If you remember to put everything down on your travel list, chances are that you will remember bringing it with you as well.

Organize Your Schedule With Trip It

travel-apps-tripitIf you are going on longer travels, then you’ll probably have a lot of flights to juggle simultaneously, which is no small task, seeing that much can change while you’re getting from point A to point B. Trip It will help you organize your flights in no time and create a singular flight schedule that will timely notify you of your next flight and if there have been any changes about it. Especially if you’re not traveling alone and you have a few of your friends from different countries joining you along the way, this app will allow you to coordinate your flight details much easier. If you choose to use this app, once you install it, forward your flight confirmation details to the app and let it handle everything else for you.

Protect Your Digital Identity and Get a VPN

travel-apps-vpnToo many people don’t think about their internet security on the go, though it can be in great danger while you’re traveling. All you need to do is connect to a public Wi-Fi network and already you put your device, your sensitive information and your location in danger. Using a virtual private network will not only help you keep your data safe, thanks to the encrypted connection, but it will also allow you to bypass any geo-blocking you may encounter in foreign countries.

Navigate the Unknown With Citymapper

citymapper-appWe can all agree that the era of paper maps is over as the digital age takes over mapping and improves it in many ways. When it comes to Citymapper, you get all in one – an accurate map to lead you through fifteen different cities all around the globe and most current updates about what is happening in city transport and other hub spots. We chose this city guide because it has its funny side, so it’s not overly serious and tedious as other maps can be. Lord knows we all need a chuckle when we get lost in a new city and Citymapper is made to oblige in every way. Designers did excellent work with this app, because its interface is very intuitive and easy to use, and if you’re in need of public transport, Citymapper will provide you with exact real time schedule which is invaluable information for all the travelers that need to get somewhere quickly.

Talk Like a Local With Duolingo

travel-apps-duolingoDuolingo is currently among the most used language learning apps on the planet, which doesn’t surprise much, seeing that its design and variety of features really has a lot to give to its users. According to the latest count, over 70 million people in the world use this app, which recommends it better than we ever could. First and foremost, this is a language learning app, which means it will help you handle the basics of any language offered in the Duolingo base. However, it won’t provide you with any advanced knowledge of a certain language, it’s only there to point you in general direction and help you learn some key phrases and words. Naturally, you can always try talking in English first, but if nobody understands you, Duolingo might be of help.

Manage Your Budget With Mint

mint-appLet’s face it, we all get a bit reckless with money when we travel, especially when we’re on vacation. Mint is a handy app that comes to the rescue whenever you need to check your balance and bank accounts to be certain just how much money have you got left. With Mint, you can set your travel budget and keep close tabs on your spending and in a safe way, which is even more important. You don’t have to fret about the security of your sensitive financial details, because Mint is a read-only app, which can show you what’s the status of your finances, but it doesn’t allow you to transfer your money from one place to another.

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your life, but they can also be stressful and hard to handle. These recommended apps will make your life easier and help you become a professional traveler.

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