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Save on Belize trips when you choose all-inclusive travel

By Slickrock Adventures on August 30, 2016
All inclusive Belize travel

On our island everything is included: kayaks, paddleboards, instruction, lodging, meals, everything!

Trips to our island in Belize are all-inclusive. Just what does that mean? In the travel industry, there is no agreement, so when you buy an all-inclusive package, you need to closely look at what is included and what is not. Our trips include everything once you meet us (it does not include air to Belize, and actually I don’t know of any Belize resorts that do offer this service.) In fact, it’s easier to state what is NOT included on our island packages than what is included, because our inclusions are so comprehensive. Basically, you can put your wallet away during the trip!

When you do a comparison with other packages, you will see what a great deal our place is, and we have a private island too! We don’t even charge extra for that part!

To show you what I mean, here’s the complete list of what we include and what we don’t include with our packages:

Included Not included
Transport between hotel and dock Flights to and from Belize
Transport between Belize City and island Taxis between Belize Intl. Airport and hotel
First and last night in Belize City hotel, island accommodations each night, both booked double occupancy if possible  
Three meals a day from Day 1 dinner to last day’s lunch, includes all non-alcoholic beverages Dinner last night in Belize City
Beer on island Other alcoholic beverages
Complete access to gear for sea kayaking, beginning kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayak surfing, kayak fishing (kayaks only), paddleboarding, and board surfing Snorkeling gear, wetsuit or skin, booties, fishing tackle
Instruction and daily guided activities all day long including: sea kayaking, snorkeling, beginning kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayak surfing, paddleboarding, and board surfing Instruction and excursions for scuba diving and advanced kitesurfing
Glover’s park entrance fees Tips for staff
Fishing licenses  
All taxes and fees  
Slickrock t-shirt  

I wanted to do a comparison to show how great of a deal our all inclusive packages are, so I chose two popular destinations in Belize that could compare fairly with our packages. I chose one package deal in Hopkins, Belize, and one à la carte experience on Ambergris Caye. All prices below are per person, but with two people booking the package. Although we do not charge extra for singles, most other places do.

Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef First Half, Slickrock Adventures Hamanasi Resort Adventure package, Hopkins Belize Coco Beach Resort on Ambergris Caye with à la carte meals and activities (medium priced lodging for Ambergris Caye)
$1565 per person, 6 days, 6 nights, activities for 4 days $2282 per person, 7 days, 6 nights, activities for 4 days (cheapest room) $245 x 6 nights = $735 per person (cheapest room)
Taxis roundtrip to and from the airport: $25 per person Includes transfers from airport Food in restaurants: approx $40 per day x 6 = 240
Beer: included Beer: not included. Let’s say 4/day @ $5 each = $20/day x 6 = $120/person Beer: not included. Let’s say 4 beers/day @ $5 each = $20/day x 6 = $120/person
    Transfers: taxi to shuttle: 25 per person round trip, shuttle to island: 30 per person round trip = $55 per person
    Tours: between 75 and 250/day, so for an average of $160/person/day = $640
Total $1590 per person for 6 nights Total $2402 per person for 6 nights Total $1790 per person for 6 nights

So call us up and request more information on travel to our private island in Belize! We are waiting for your call: 800.390.5715.

[photo above by Jason Lee]