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Illegal fishing activity at Glover’s Reef

By Slickrock Adventures on April 13, 2016

illegal fishing in Belize

It is a never ending battle to regulate the local fishermen in Belize, and as the fishing stock in Belize continues to decline it has become more of an issue not only for the fishing industry but also for the tourism industry. Belize has many protected areas and Marine Reserves, but the Fisheries Department has chronic financial issues and cannot field enough rangers to effectively control over-fishing. As a result, the fishermen know where they can and can’t get away with poaching, which has reached epidemic proportions in many areas. However, occasionally there is a major bust, which is encouraging. The following article is news about one such bust that recently occurred out at Glover’s Reef, where our island is located.

Coastguard and Fisheries Haul in Illegal Fishermen from Glovers Reef |