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Windsurf lessons on land

By Slickrock Adventures on March 23, 2016

Windsurf lessons in belize

We have been teaching windsurfing at our Belize island for well over 20 years. Next to kayaking and snorkeling, this is the sport we have been teaching the longest. Both Cully and I were windsurfers from a young age, and it was natural for us to add this sport to our program.

Learning to windsurf is much easier than it used to be… the beginner boards are much wider, allowing the student to NOT have to master the balance necessary while learning to steer the board, control the sail, etc. Another challenge is teaching the sport in wind (which is, of course, the natural way to do it!) You have to yell at the student to be heard over the wind, and the student keeps blowing away!

So years ago we realized if we could mount a board on a Lazy Susan on shore, that would take care of these challenges. We can calmly explain how to steer the board and how to control the sail, and we don’t have to yell to be heard. After demonstrating, the student tries it themselves, and they don’t blow away! It’s magic!

Then when they get on the board in the water, they are way ahead of the game.

[photo by Meg Griffiths]