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Belize Howler Monkey Preserve

By Slickrock Adventures on March 16, 2016


Every year we receive a Christmas card from Community Conservation, whose headquarters are located in Wisconsin, but they are a non-profit conservation organization with projects all over the world. In addition to helping start the Community Baboon Sanctuary of Belize, they also operate in India, Peru, Ghana, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Madagascar, among a host of other countries.

Believing that local people are the best stewards of their lands, Community Conservation has helped organize and provided subsequent support for community-based organizations world-wide. Their efforts represent 25 projects in 14 countries. These projects have helped to protect almost 1.5 million acres along with numerous endangered species, including primates, cranes, tigers, and turtles.

What got my attention was this great Christmas card! How do you think they got the howler monkeys to line up like that?