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Amazing photos – Glover’s Reef Belize from space!

By Slickrock Adventures on February 10, 2016

In looking back through some old pictures from our archives, Lucy came across some awesome shots of Glover’s Atoll taken by satellite, including some of the Yucatan peninsula from some different angles which highlight just how beautiful Belize’s barrier reef and atolls are from space. The spectacular color of the water inside the atolls are caused by the sand bottom of the shallow areas which are composed of bright white coral sand. The clear water then allows a deep penetration of sunlight which reflects back, much as sun does on snow.

One can also notice how the barrier reef and atolls are located in line with each other, which is due to their location on under-sea ridges that are parallel to the coast. Although these atolls are magnificent when you visit them, they are equally stunning when seen from space!