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True love found at Glover’s Reef

By Slickrock Adventures on January 20, 2016

Belize love

One of the great things about having a business like this is you become a part of people’s lives in unexpected ways. My partner Cully is just back from Belize and is opening his mail which goes back to November when he left for his winter stint on the island. One of the things in his huge pile is a Christmas card from Adrianne Yamaki. To quote her:

“Cully, We met 13 years ago on one of your Slickrock trips, and are now a family of 5! We wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for you! Love, Adrianne”

Aaaaahhh. That is so sweet!

She also enclosed a printout from our website where her husband, Rick, is quoted. When our guests return from our vacations they often write us glowing emails about how much fun they have. Here is what Rick said way back in 2002:

“Let me give my overall review of my trip in Belize: BEST VACATION OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I just can believe how well you guys do things – your operation is first-rate in every respect.”

Yes, he met his future wife on the island, I guess that DID exceed his expectations in every way 😉

So all you single people out there, come join us in Belize this winter, you just might become a family of 5 if you aren’t careful!