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When you have an island in Belize, you have a lot of maintenance projects

By Slickrock Adventures on December 23, 2015

island maintenance

Out at our island we often have to make repairs to our infrastructure using the tools and materials we have on hand. One of the most challenging maintenance jobs is keeping our docks in working order. Cully sent me these photos from earlier last month during our work pre-season. We lost a post on our surf dock which extends into rough water off the front of the island. We use a water pump to sink the posts, hooking up the discharge hose to a PVC pipe which reduces the flow and increases its pressure. After walking the new post out to position in the water and standing it up, we take the high pressure hose and place it at the base of the post. The water blasting put the end of the pipe removes the sand and rock under the post, which then sinks into the bottom. We commonly sink our posts 4′ into the bottom using this method. Then we had to jack up the dock, drill through the post, and bolt the dock back into position. After trimming off the post, our repair is completed. We replace or repair 4-5 dock posts per season this way.

Belize island projects