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Do you have problems while snorkeling?

By Slickrock Adventures on December 16, 2015

snorkel Belize

I have been teaching snorkeling for years now. And when I first started going to Belize in 1986, I wasn’t even a strong swimmer. Belize is the perfect place to learn because the water is warm and clear and there are small tides and few currents. However, some people still experience fear and have many problems feeling comfortable under the water breathing through a tube.

We teach beginners to snorkel, and will work one on one with you if necessary. But there is a new product out there I just found out about that might be the answer to your problem. This is a full face snorkel mask where you don’t have to breathe through a tube. It’s called an Easy Breathe Snorkel Mask. I have not tried it myself so I cannot give it a personal recommendation, but it’s a very ingenious design and I imagine it will be the answer for many people.

full face snorkel mask

If you do buy one and try it out, would you send me an email and let me know how it goes? slickrock@localhost