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Learn to kayak in Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on October 7, 2015

learn to kayak in Belize

On our island in Belize we have all of the sport toys you can imagine: sea kayaks, surf kayaks, surf paddleboards, long distance paddleboards, beginner, intermediate and advanced windsurfers, fishing kayaks, surf boards, rolling kayaks, and kitesurf gear. It’s hard to say which sport is the favorite, but it might be sea kayaking. We use the kayaks to access snorkeling spots, and sea kayaks are very stable and do not tip over easily. Plus the water is 80 degrees. This is the perfect place to learn to kayak.

When you arrive on the island you get complete instruction in all sports. The sea kayaking orientation is the most comprehensive. We cover fitting the kayak to your body, operating the rudder, where to stow your snorkel gear on the deck of the boat, how to hold the paddle, forward, reverse, and turning strokes, getting in and out of the kayak for snorkeling, and rescuing your buddy if they in fact do tip over. This takes one full morning, and once you have completed this session, you and your buddy can paddle anytime you like as long as we give you the OK (occasionally we veto a plan if we feel it isn’t safe in current conditions).

Many of our guests try out many of our kayaks, we have 11 different types of boats, and report back to us that they went home and bought a kayak! Add sea kayaking to your sport repertoire this winter! This is the perfect place to learn sea kayaking.