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What do Belize and California have in common?

By Slickrock Adventures on September 30, 2015

We have already commented in a previous blog post about the developing El Nino weather pattern that is affecting the climate patterns across the Caribbean. The primary effect El Nino is having is to alter the upper level wind strength and that has been suppressing hurricane development in the Caribbean. So far there has not been a single hurricane in the entire Caribbean, which is very unusual since we are currently at the peak of the storm season.

Although this is good news for us at Slickrock and others with island properties in Belize, the El Nino has also been responsible for a devastating drought that has covered almost all of Central America, including Belize. The storm season is also the rainy season, and the rains have also been suppressed by the same weather phenomenon that has reduced the hurricane threat. Sept, Oct, and Nov. are actually the peak of the rainy season, but so far only meager amounts of precipitation have fallen.

Belize drought

The agriculture industry of Belize has been severely affected by the drought, as can be read about in this recent Channel 5 Belize article.