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Leonado Dicaprio and Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on July 8, 2015
Artist's rendition of Dicaprio's "eco-resort"

Artist’s rendition of Dicaprio’s “eco-resort”

Leonado Dicaprio bought an island in Belize several years ago with the idea to eventually build an eco-resort on the property. A recent New York Times article describes the plan, and construction is slated to begin soon with a projected opening in 2018. Di Caprio’s idea is to make it a ‘true’ eco resort, not just in name but in practice with guests’ participation. For instance, guests will not be permitted to bring plastic water bottles onto the island. (Editor’s comment: Now that’s a true eco-resort if I ever saw one!) All non native vegetation will be removed, and natural mangrove forests re-constituted. He claims that the over-the-water cabins will not impact the island (what about the creatures in the water?), and will be designed to allow coral reefs to grow around them to encourage a new marine ecosystem to develop. This is just one more example of the many high-end developments that are moving into Belize that will claim anything to gain investors and visitors.